Girlboss (“The Hern”)

Season 1, Episode 2
Date of release: April 21, 2017 (Netflix)

And as soon as she figured out life, life was a bitch to her. It’s quite a genius message for an episode of television, especially when the main character of the show is a dick like Sophia. Her various meltdowns over the course of the episode were as close to actual mental meltdowns as I could have seen them, making her a character who really needs a break in her life right about now, before it breaks her. And when you think of it, it would be her own fault when she breaks down crying and screaming. Always having been lazy, never took care of herself, never figured out what she wanted from life until now… I kind of get that feeling. I liked that Sophia still had a hill to climb before finding out if her newest dream of life was actually approachable and realistic for her, and she did in fact acknowledge that life hasn’t been friendly towards her, and probably will never be, although you could ask yourself if life wasn’t fair to Sophia, because she has been a dick. That makes GIRLBOSS less a show about a new business and how Sophia becomes a rich woman, but a show about how complex and difficult life can be, and that making lemonade out of lemons is actually super freaking hard. I’m in my early 30s, as I am writing this wall of text, and I surely haven’t figured out life. And even I believe that as soon as I do, it will fuck me over royally.

This episode was pretty solid. It tried to be humorous with the “Fuck me in the dick!” lines and the reaction to Sophia’s hernia, and it tried to be close to real-life idiocy, when she was feeling the rage and madness after seeing the “Help Wanted” sign and her car blocked in, because San Francisco is still a shithole for Sophia. The episode also tried to be emotional by having Sophia deal with her own fallacy and failure of living at the end, as well as the fact that she is living life rock-bottom, having no health insurance, because of no job (didn’t she have health insurance when she worked at the shoe store?). I was all in for Sophia crashing and burning while putting up a business in record time, but it became a little too much to handle, when the show also tried to be a character study and a comedy at the same time. Kind of like how life is difficult to handle when Sophia wants to have it happen to her all at once. That’s an interesting way to approach the writing of the character, and put a mirror between this character and real-life expectations versus reality.

San Francisco is filled with women who can’t button up their pants.

At least Sophia didn’t have to wait long for the lightbulb in her head to shine brightly. She figured out her idea in the beginning of the episode, and knowing how she can make a quick buck, she worked on getting more stuff to sell on eBay. It’s like he second chapter in the Nasty Gal saga, almost guaranteeing me that each episode will be another picture of how Sophia’s business idea came to be, depicting her rise step by step, and having to solve business problems on the go, since she isn’t patient enough to actually learn how to start a business (I mean, she doesn’t even have the time to get a job, so she can pay for the “Business for Dummies” book). By the way, I didn’t even know you can get cheap stuff during estate sales, let alone find out when and where those sales are being held. That almost gives me the idea to just go one of them and see if I can find some old comics people leave behind, because they don’t know the worth of it (okay, comics are mainstream, so people probably know what they are worth). hat’s an interesting way to portray Sophia’s business journey, as she can’t just continue to hop into every second-hand store and look for valuables. Sometimes those are being found in the most unexpected corners of he world.

Meanwhile, consider me surprised that Shane is still a guy in Sophia’s life, and showed up at her doorstep by the end of the episode. First of all, why? Secondly, why would you show up at a woman’s place who didn’t give you the time of day, let alone her booty to you, and think that this is a relationship worth chasing? Besides that, Shane isn’t much of a character two episodes in. No character depth, no back story. He only thing I know about him is that he is a drummer. Half of San Francisco plays in a band, so that’s nothing new. Yet Shane could show that Sophia might have a little more than just daddy issues. She might in fact have men trouble in general.

When the rain has come, the world is dark and emotional.

Best part of the episode: It feels like real San Francisco, when Sophia learns she has a bit of a medical problem, but doesn’t give enough of a shit to take care of it. That’s the life of a millennial!
Worst part of the episode: Maybe Sophia flipping the bird to a “Help Wanted” sign was a little too much for my taste. If this were real life, and I would be witnessing such an event, I would go on the other side of the street and stay as far away from that woman as possible. It’s about time for Sophia to find a little luck, so that this asshole attitude gets locked into the story closet quickly.
Weirdest part of the episode: So, no one gets bothered by a young woman showing her snatch to people, and running through San Francisco with her pants unbuttoned?
Player of the episode: By the way, respect to Sophia’s pants for not falling down during her run from the book store security guy. Those pants must have been sitting straight and properly. I salute the pants makers for making proper pants. Where can I get those in my size?

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