Girlboss (“Five Percent”)

Season 1, Episode 6
Date of release: April 21, 2017 (Netflix)

Another very solid episode, and I’m starting to get a little sad that Netflix never renewed GIRLBOSS for another season. The episodic nature of this character comedy drama is very appealing to me, especially since it only focuses on Sophia from the first to the last second, and all the other characters are just parts of her complex, yet easy life, even if her character happened to have a complex personality, difficult to understand. Complex, because of all the emotional issues she has with each character (especially her father), and easy, because she only has one goal, she is focused on doing just one thing, and it’s what makes the show so fascinating right now.

I did love that the relationship between Sophia and Rick was a great one, and that the premise of her loving him so much as her boss continued, even though I was a bit weirded out by the fact that he had a huge crush on her. But hey, Sophia didn’t mind, and Rick was nice enough not to be a creep, although I was wondering how great he can be as a boss, if he has such an easy no-care attitude with his employees. Yes, being the security manager at an arts college must be an “easy money” position, but still… It’s a shame that this was Norm McDonald’s last episode (well, most likely at least), because I loved his teenage weirdness in an adult body, and I actually would have been interested to see where a probable relationship between Sophia and Rick would have gone, even if it was just on a friendship basis. Rick, the college security manager, and Sophia, who should be in college herself — there is definitely a dynamic here. But oh well, the job at the arts college was just a chapter in Sophia’s life, and now that she decided to focus on her business, future episodes could get into the fashion side of things. And that’s about time, even if I still don’t care about fashion.

Having sex on money is the whitest thing rich people can do.

Sophia’s hernia is history as well, making this a longer chapter than Rick was. When she broke down after punching the wall, I knew it was because of the hernia, but I wasn’t expecting the moment of puke shooting out of her mouth, making the situation a little more serious than it might have been. Her trip to and stay in the hospital reminded me of Cynthia Nixon’s stay in an episode of ER, when she was still thinking normally after having had a stroke, and it was kind of hilarious that your mind was up to speed with your thoughts, while your mouth and rest of the brain wasn’t. It also reminded me of the “not that stupid” moment in SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, in which the brain wasn’t quick enough to catch up on Miles’ thoughts either. And while Sophia was in a much easier and less dangerous medical situation, I kinda loved her inner thoughts, and how she really tried her best to not fuck up, but still did at the end. She wanted to take control over the situation, but those drugs, man, they make you do anything you don’t want to do. Sophia making fun of the doctor with the huge eyebrows brought a laugh out of me though, especially when that doctor saw Sophia and quickly walked away again.

The episode went down the emotional character arc rabbit hole by having Jay deliver some exposition. It was touching, and it’s what I meant when I said I adore the episodic nature of the show. Sophia’s daddy issues aren’t in every episode (in fact, this is the second time the daddy issues are explicitly depicted, and the third time they are part of Sophia’s story, and this is just the sixth episode), and by sparingly using Jay in Sophia’s life, the story gets more emotional every time he shows up and sees the life he never wanted for his daughter, or hopes that it can only get better from here on. It will most likely make the change of his heart a little more romantic, since he will get to see how Sophia gets her life around and runs a successful (a question mark might be appropriate here) business, finally living a life, and one at least she definitely wanted. And if Jay never wanted that kind of life for Sophia, those daddy issues could even be evolving.

It’s the story of a red thread.

Best part of the episode: There was this shot of Sophia getting out of bed while Annie was right behind her. Sophia was slowly moving forward, Annie slowly following her, and the background of the set became a little more distant. I don’t know why, but I loved that show, mostly due to the slowness of the camera movement, thanks to Sophia’s slow movement. Is there a name for this cinematic shot or camera movement? It almost had something zombie-like.
Worst part of the episode: I don’t understand why Sophia was hung up on that one dress which wouldn’t sell. She couldn’t have tried selling multiple dresses at once, essentially making the non-sell of that one dress forgettable?
Weirdest part of the episode: The American employer-based healthcare system is kind of weird. You are employed for an amount of time, get health insurance, you immediately quit, but the insurance is still good for three months? If that is in fact how healthcare works in the United States, no wonder it’s messed up.
Player of the episode: Annie, again, for mentioning how much she likes salt and pepper ballsacks. She is obviously horny for aged men, but she is having sexual relations with a black dude her age. Someone please explain.

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