Girlboss (“Long-Ass Pants”)

Season 1, Episode 7
Date of release: April 21, 2017 (Netflix)

This was an entertaining episode. I loved how focused the show is when it comes to the stories, but how unimportant the show is, when it comes to all the other things. In a way, GIRLBOSS is the perfect show to watch when you’re bored — it has its qualities, the cast is great, and sometimes it is actually laugh-out-loud funny. Sometimes though, absolutely nothing happens in this show, and all you watch is two people touring San Francisco on a non-date date, or two women talk about their lives, and what they see when they see a vintage dress while window-shopping. But now I can understand why Netflix cancelled the show after its first season, and why I never saw anything special about the show on my social media feeds. At the end of the day, GIRLBOSS is not a unique show and instead serves as something that can be considered fast-food television, so you could easily decide to skip it and forget all about it, but when you do east that fast-food in the restaurant and decide to take time and enjoy the meal, you actually get to see the beauty behind it and maybe even figure out the recipe. The last time I felt about a TV show like that was during the first season of UGLY BETTY. I liked watching the show, but it wasn’t impressive enough for me to consider watching more – I saw it as fast food. GIRLBOSS on the other hand finds itself being watched in the restaurant, although I do get the sense of it turning into UGLY BETTY at times, because the only reason I want to watch the next episode is because of Britt Robertson. There is no other reason that her to even consider watching GIRLBOSS.

Sophia’s first big meal in a while consists of bad reviews.

Gail might have been the cliched weird character in the hipster comedy drama television show, but I nonetheless liked her. I loved how she came strolling into Sophia’s apartment with a harsh agenda, but became a friend and close confidante of Sophia’s, and not turn into the competition trying to teach the newcomer a lesson (or figure out a plan to destroy the newcomer). I was also impressed that Sophia even cared enough about Gail to show her who her clients are (and should be), and have a dancing drink with her in the club, let alone have the clothing store opened for her, just so Gail can buy a dress. But I saw it coming that Gail would be back to her roots by the end of the episode, disappointed by Sophia not having learned a single lesson (although what was Gail expecting would happen?). You couldn’t expect that Gail would change her way of looking at fashion, just because she spent a night with Sophia and sort of learned that fashion is something else than just part of the collector’s idem craze. You couldn’t expect that Gail would be impressed by what Sophia did with the dress, although maybe, just for the sake of happiness and acceptance, Gail could have not said anything and instead just looked at that dress in a shocked way. Nevertheless, I laughed at the “You fucking bitch” bit. Now I’m wondering if Sophia gets bombarded by the vintage fashion sellers, because apparently there can’t be a good-running business, when you don’t have fierce competition. And considering how great and awesome Sophia’s life must have been in the beginning of the episode, facing fierce competition is only the next best step in her business adventure.

Flashing back to a time where that homecoming dress would have looked great on her.

Meanwhile, Mobias made sure that he will never have a woman in bed ever again. Oh boy, Gail was politely asking if he was available for some quick “butt stuff,” but he had to say no, which even shocked me. Granted, I thought that Mobias was gay, but you don’t say no to someone like Melanie Lynskey, even when she looked like she was on her way to become a single mother in her forties, trying to battle a midlife crisis after her ex-husband left her for another woman who might be the sexy secretary, or a much older woman than she is. The joke scenes with the dogs were a bit ridiculous though. Gail went all in and creeped me out just a little bit (I’m surprised the dog owner wasn’t saying anything, let alone run away), and Sophia tried hard to be as awkward as possible to the tiny dog at the end of the episode. What those scene made me ask though: Do dog owners in San Francisco let their dogs really be petted like this by strangers? What kind of awesome city is this San Francisco? Should I move there and cure my depression this way, because maybe it’s not such a bad idea to just constantly walk through town and pet dogs at every street corner?

Best part of the episode: The story of the homecoming dress all neatly packed into a black-and-white short film was pretty cool. Even more so when Sophia’s version of that story had the young woman burn her bedroom. That’s one of those unpredictable laugh-out-loud moments of GIRLBOSS that make the show more enjoyable than it has any right to be.
Worst part of the episode: Dog owners should really not let random strangers pet their dogs. Those dog owners did not care at all about their dogs.
Weirdest part of the episode: Seriously, did Gail not think that Sophia would turn the dress into something more modern, when she decided to leave the dress for Sophia? I ask again: What did she expect would happen?
Player of the episode: Mobias wins points for explaining his sexuality and being open about self-pleasure, which might mean he is too shy or anxious around women. That would make Mobias like me. I also sometimes like the touch of a woman, but do prefer my own touch.

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