The Bachelorette (Episode 15.02)

Season 15, Episode 2
Date of airing: May 20, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: TBD

In which Matteo ate bugs for Hannah, because Colton from her THE BACHELOR season wasn’t into eating bugs. It’s probably a good thing that this was just the comedic credits sequence, as well as a good thing for Matteo, because he lives on to be part of the next episode of THE BACHELORETTE. So many things have happened for the guys to force themselves to be bold and courageous, and for some reason they all paid out in this episode, and all the bold men have gotten their roses to get carried to the next round of the game. In a way, this was an episode about being bold.

Besides Matteo being the bold guy in the credits scene, the most boldest of all were two other contestants, proving that the franchise is all about gaming the other contestants and winning over the heart of the eponymous character by simply being able to break some of the unwritten rules of the game and showcasing that they can play outside the gaming hours. Luke P. managed to be bold by telling Hannah in front of a live audience that he is falling in love with her, ensuing a discussion among the men whether it’s even realistic for a guy to fall in love with a woman 48 hours after meeting her. Cam also decided he did not want to play according to the rules, so he interrupted a couple of one-on-one conversations between Hanna and the guys, and even barged into the second group night date, proving that neither ABC nor the producers of THE BACHELORETTE are interested in following procedure of the game. Both Luke P. and Cam got roses during the rose ceremony, and while the rest of the guys were impressed (by Luke’s physique) and frightened and angered (by Cam’s boldness to crash date night, when he wasn’t invited to begin with), Hannah seemed very much into all of it, and that might be the message and morale of the season here: Be bold, and maybe you will win the woman’s heart. The CW once had the network tagline of “Be Bold,” when they fired up their DC television universe with ARROW, and it turns out the network is currently one of the better ones of the American television market, because they decided to not play by the rules, to redefine themselves. Luke P. and Cam, while not entirely comparable with a broadcast network, are kind of similar in approach here, as they started to redefine the show’s unwritten rules and teach future contestants that being different is what gets you points.

If this doesn’t work out, Luke can audition to be the next Terminator.

It’s also positive that Cam wasn’t super annoying while interrupting one-on-ones, and that Luke P. is freaking hot like he was just made out of clay. Cam managed to be friendly and honest, when he showed up at the group date he wasn’t invited to, and it’s not like he stuck around for forever and stole the time of the other guys. Luke P. managed to learn a little from Cam’s methods and decided to be extra sneaky about his game moves, hence him joining Hannah for a make-out session after the rose ceremony. Because really, who is gonna interrupt them, since they basically have the entire night for themselves? In fact, I am stunned that Cam didn’t barge in again and interrupted that one-on-one as well.

All this made for a fascinating episode of THE BACHELORETTE. The contestants come to realize that the game has to be played differently, and that can make for a suspenseful season. Will Luke P. continue to be ballsy and make moves before and after the official game gets on the way? Will Cam continue to be bold and deliver his message while someone else has a one-on-one with Hannah? And how well will the two fare during their individual date with the woman of their dreams, if they ever get this far?

She likes it when men crush to the ground before her feet.

Before this entire review turns into a Luke P. and Cam story though, let’s have a few words about all the other stuff that happened in this episode. The group dates certainly seemed interesting — the Mr. Right pageant was a nice way to bring some guys out of their shirts and in front of the cameras (and the female audience) with their abs, while the roller derby expectedly caused a few accidents on the way and almost made Dustin pay without his participation for the rest of the season, but he used the time with Hannah to not only nurse his injured ankle, but also tell her about his shyness and quietness (hey, a guy just like me!), which ultimately led him to receive the rose during date night. Jed also made use of his character traits during the first group date, and his special abilities of sing and guitar playing brought him a rose as well. And all this after Luke P. confessed his love for Hannah straight into a microphone (which led him to win the Mr. Right pageant). The one-on-one date was spent with Tyler G., who according to Hanna was the most perfect man to spend her first individual date with. Also, note that she showed up in all-white to a date that was supposed to “get messy,” which essentially means something is about to happen that will get you dirty. Just in case you go on a date, and your date appears in all-white clothes: Either prepare for madness, or run away quickly.

There should be more two-on-one dates on the show.

Best part of the episode: Hannah and Tyler G.’s date on the hills after the dirt riding seemed kind of romantic, and I got a bit jealous just looking at that. My always lonely heart is gonna break when another one of those perfect daytime dates come up during the run of the season.
Worst part of the episode: It almost seemed like a genre cliche, when all the group night guys came to interrupt Cam’s candid camera moment (after he barged into their date with Hannah) and had something to say to the guy. The security guys behind the cameras might have been waiting on edge during these scenes, but the other thing it showed was that the guys who did come out to talk to Cam were very much predictable.
Weirdest part of the episode: I also felt weird for Jed having to look at Hannah helping Luke P. to get his shirt off. Hannah’s following moments of cursing the hell out of the editor who had to put bleeps under her breaths also made this whole thing looked like she just cheated on 22 guys with Luke P.
Kisses of the episode: Hannah got the taste of the guys on numerous occasions. Luke P. was smootching with her four times — during the Mr. Right pageant, during the group date night, during cocktail night, and after the rose ceremony. Jed was lucky to lock lips with her during group date night and during cocktail night, his rose making him look like a winner. Tyler G. won contact with Hannah’s lips after their one-on-one date, Dustin was scoring a kiss after their group date night, when he told her about his shyness and quietness (also, his ankle injury might have helped). Cam surprisingly got a kiss from her after he barged in on the second group date night, although he only had contact with her lips, and tongue was nowhere to be found. During the cocktail party, Connor S. and Tyler C. were able to win a few private moments with the Bachelorette, upping the number of kisses in this episode to eleven.
Contestant of the episode: Cam managed to be bold, his opponents were angry, but Hannah still gave him a rose during the rose ceremony. That means his tactic is working, and in the process he riles up some of the guys, which could mean they make a few more mistakes on the way, and Cam has less to do to win Hannah’s heart. But will he ever get past the boss villain with the body of a Greek, Luke P.?

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