General Hospital (Episode 14247)

Season 56, Episode 222
Date of airing: February 22, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.258 million viewers, 1.63 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.431 million viewers, 1.77/6 in Households, 0.372 million viewers with Women 18-49, 0.57/5 with Women 18-49, 0.089 million viewers with Women 18-34, 0.26 rating with Women 18-34, 0.508 million viewers with Women 25-54, 0.83 rating with Women 25-54

Well, damn. This is a cliffhanger I wasn’t expecting at all. It wasn’t even just one cliffhanger, it’s about four cliffhangers rolled into one, making this one of the best endings of 38 episodes of GENERAL HOSPITAL episodes I have seen, and that could mean a lot, because I cannot imagine that the show will be able to repeat that cliffhanger onslaught — at least not for a little while. So, let’s count the cliffhangers. Number one and two are Drew and Jason’s sudden blindness, although I have no idea why Jason is going blind, since I don’t think he has a twin brother (or his Drew his twin brother and the producers just recast one of them before I started watching?). I know of Drew’s twin brother back story, and I must say I have never even thought of Drew never having been a victim of the sudden blindness ever since it affected Anna and Ryan, but why Jason is one of the victims kind of needs to be answered to me in the next episode. Cliffhanger three belongs to Jordan and what her fate is going to be after she got hit by Drew’s car. I’m pretty sure Franco is gonna be a little screwed in extension as well, because he won’t be able to communicate with Jordan for a little while. And cliffhanger number four is the fact that Sam and Shiloh found Jason with them, which means he was following them, which also means Shiloh might figure out that Sam is playing a game with him. It’s probably a good thing for Jason that Shiloh already knew that Jason was investigating him (and only Jason, with a friend probably hired by Jason), so his presence might just mean that Jason was simply following Shiloh and it has not much to do with Sam.

Lots of cliffhangers, and lots of excitement. This episode kind of made me glad that I have decided to grab GENERAL HOSPITAL and watch it, because at the moment it’s a fun and exciting show to follow, even if I can’t share that excitement with anyone but the non-existent readers of this blog. If I going to visit a soap opera-focused blog to talk about what I just saw on GENERAL HOSPITAL, I will get spoiled with three months’ worth of storylines and I don’t want that to happen right now. This episode also made me remember that I told myself if I liked GENERAL HOSPITAL enough, I might even take on another one of the current four soap operas, although maybe that might just be a bit too much in hindsight.

The best time to cry is in the parking garage, right before your shift starts.

After the arraignment came the worry, and Elizabeth was mostly busy crying her heart and soul out and talking to Terry about everything that involved Franco’s guilty plea, which Terry obviously did not know about, even though the guilty plea was all over the news and social media, according to the previous episode or the one before. It’s nice to see Terry again, this time way outside of any story involving Oscar and his parents, almost making me wonder she could be regular character potential, although Cassandra James acting has been a little wooden, which means there is no chance she is getting that contract with the show. On the other side of Elizabeth’s story was Franco, who really wanted to talk to her about what is going to happen, but because Jordan is a clever police commissioner she blocked the phone and she let Franco have it, with no guarantee of even coming back and giving him a fully charged phone, in case the one Franco has empties its batteries quicker than expected (it’s a burner phone — burners are cheap and their battery lives are not that rosy). I’m still excited about the prospect of Franco giving that exclusive interview, even if the writers might have killed that story already with Jordan’s accident. She will survive it, no questions asked about that, but the mystery is whether Jordan will be out of the murder investigation for only a few episodes or a few weeks. Only a few episodes means the chance for Franco’s exclusive are still high. A few weeks, and Franco might be stuck at Ferncliffe for a little while.

The only one who could save Franco and beat Ryan happens to be Anna now. She was already talking about how Kevin’s story might be useless, since Ryan died 25 years ago, so the twin study and tests might have happened 25 years ago, but when Cabot says that those experiments have been ongoing, and the “mind swap” happened only a few years ago, Anna and Hamilton could deduct that Kevin’s twin is still alive, which means they could be the first to realize Ryan Chamberlain is back. The rest of Anna’s story was a bit weird though, especially the ending, when she realized there were two more unwilling test subjects. First of all, how did she know that? Secondly, why would she not think that the virus has already taken effect on those two unsuspecting test subjects, at the same time she and Ryan went blind? And thirdly, whatever happened to Alex? Since Anna was blinded by the virus, it means Alex was, too, but Anna doesn’t seem to be very interested in finding out what Alex has been up to, let alone if she is still blind. And because Anna has not been asking that question, there could be a chance that Alex is behind it all and she is the ultimate villain in the story.

Stepping up to meet danger.

But then again, I still believe that everything is connected. Drew’s Afghanistan back story, the fact that his memory was swapped with those of his twin, the emergence of Dawn of Day and their potential to brainwash a few people (as well as Shiloh’s Afghanistan back story which he apparently shares with Drew), and finally Cabot’s twin study that could lead to mind and memory swapping and could be used to smuggle villains among heroes to take down a government or something. All this could be the same story, and if it’s indeed the same story, I can’t wait for the man or woman behind the curtain to be revealed. If I had been a new writer on GENERAL HOSPITAL, I would have pushed for all of those stories to be connected, and to take another year, maybe two, to play it all out and bring it to a huge explosion at the conclusion.

Best part of the episode: For once Anna loses her cool a little bit and becomes desperate. It makes for an interesting character this way, and I would almost approve for Finnola Hughes to also be playing her evil twin, since she obviously has the acting chops.
Worst part of the episode: Ryan gets back to the Ferncliffe basement just to get Laura’s signature on the divorce papers. That shows he is more than just a terrible villain who doesn’t know what he is doing, because he could have easily sliced and diced both Laura and Kevin after Ryan got the signature. There is no reason for them to be still alive. There is no reason for Ryan to be that stupid and not kill them. UGH!
Weirdest part of the episode: So much talk about Dante and I have no clue who this guy is. A character who exited Port Charles because the actor left? Is it just a temporary leave? Why does Sonny care so much about the return of his son, when ante is obviously working hard to break up a … what exactly is Dante doing undercover?
Player of the episode: Rebecca Herbst wins this award for her emotional performance as Elizabeth Webber sitting in her car and crying her soul out.

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