Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“Bombad Jedi”)

Season 1, Episode 8
Date of airing: November 21, 2008 (Cartoon Network)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.775 million viewers

I guess this episode was okay, even with Jar Jar Binks being his usual annoying self who might not have brought my eyes to escape out of the back of my head during Episode I, but was definitely created to be entertaining for kids especially in this episode. The battle of Jar Jar and C-3PO against the battle droids was one of the more ridiculous things about the show eight episodes in, and I really wouldn’t mind if I have to watch crap like this ever again. I know that STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS is also a show for kids, as it aired on a kids network during kids TV time hours, and that Jar Jar is the perfect character for a kids show, but damn was he an idiot throughout the episode. He can certainly speak about luck when he realized that the underwater slug monsters were actually friendly and ready to eat some Separatist scum. At least the episode showed that Jar Jar can also be a hero, and while that is eyesroll-worthy as well, it does prove he is not always an idiot and he can be a good character. And if he actually shuts up for once, he will be a good character. Remember that memorial scene in Episode III? Jar Jar said not a single word and it was fantastic.

It’s not that hard to break out of a cell run by battle droids.

And the episode could have been awesome with everyone confusing Jar Jar for a Jedi. Who knows, maybe even Jar Jar could have realized that he could do something good as a fake Jedi, even though everyone else knew already that nothing would come out of it. If you don’t have the Force with you, it doesn’t help you when you’re seen as Jedi, since you should be dead quickly. Thank the heavens that the droids were unable to hit their target in this episode, or Jar jar’s unintended ploy could have backfired quickly. What a shame that Jar Jar didn’t even realize what he was able to do by being confused for a Jedi. Yeah, he might not have had the talent to fight or scheme his way to Senator Amidala to save her, but Jar Jar could have used the confusion to his advantage somehow. This episode could have shown Jar Jar with a thinking mind, with a plan in his back pocket. Yet he was just blowing by his unintended idea, and Padme still had to rescue herself. Not that I minded seeing Padmer get out of her own mess, but getting help from the most unlikeliest of places would have been a nice plot twist.

Padme as a hostage and future dead Senator was a nice little story, though I can already see it will be part of her character forever now. Trying to make peace, getting in a hot situation, taken prisoner, but at the end she fights her way out, because she is Lara freaking Croft. Except of course Anakin is close-by, then Padme will be the damsel in distress and she can’t do anything to defend herself. But I do like Padme with a gun in her hand. At least she is able to hit something (and with only one shot, too — she delivered some brutal headshots to the battle droids), and she always knows what she is doing. Okay, she saved Jar Jar’s life, so she doesn’t know what she is doing, but her action pieces were nicely done and they saved this episode above average and from becoming a total Jar Jar piece. She better gets more episodes, in which she is taken prisoner and then frees herself and takes out all the bad guys. I wish she would be taken prisoner on purpose, just so she can defeat the bad guys. Hey, I just realized a funny premise for a future episode. Disney+, are you interested?

Monster loves spaceship.

Best part of the episode: Padme showed us all how unreliable the battle droids are (can’t figure out that Padme is playing them, can’t find the alarm button, can’t hit their targets), making them useless villains in the show. Oh I wish that Count Dooku would have witnessed this episode, just so he would stop making more battle droids and instead send real-life soldiers into battle. Padme is a great anti salesperson.
Worst part of the episode: The battle droids still can’t hit a target with their laser guns. C-3PO was lying on the ground, unable to move, yet none of the droids could hit him. The Star Wars universe is filled with untalented figures who couldn’t survive a single second in a real-life war. If the battle droids had ever been part of World War II, the Allies would have eradicated them within days.
Weirdest part of the episode: Onaconda Farr was a bit schizophrenic with his opinion about what really mattered. He needed the Separatists for supplies, but at the end he accepted Padme and the Republic, not knowing that Palpatine would send reinforcements later. Convenient character is convenient.

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