Abby’s (“Backup”)

Season 1, Episode 8
Date of airing: May 30, 2019 (NBC)
Nielsen ratings information: 1.550 million viewers, 1.1/2 in Households, 0.4/2 with Adults 18-49, 0.1/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.5/2 with Adults 25-54

Yes please, this show about a bar needs more scenes in which the hostess is mixing up some drinks every once in a while. Abby mixing up the Mojito with her bandaged hands was one of the funniest things I have seen so far in 2019, although that doesn’t really mean a lot. For one, the amount of funny things I watch is in the lower regions of numbers, and for two, it doesn’t really mean that ABBY’S is suddenly a funny and laugh-out-loud show. It certainly becomes more enjoyable, now that I have watched more than half a dozen episodes of it — the characters become more likable, I start to remember them, and I am getting used to the premise of the show, making it easier to accept whatever is happening. I still don’t care that the show has been cancelled by NBC though, even if I’m getting just a tad bit sad that Natalie Morales will have to look for a new show to star in. Or maybe I could just rewatch THE MIDDLEMAN. I can barely remember that show anyway.

Abby’s is like a brutal prison: Death by interpretive shivs every time.

So, Bill came in to help Abby out like she is the damsel in distress, and both people decided to behave like dicks throughout most of the episode. They really can’t accept that they were wrong or had to apologize or needed help, so they decided to keep their mouth shut and just continue on like nothing happened, like they had to prove something to each other. In a way that was a great morale of the episode, although it did turn out to be a bit of a boring story midway through, thanks to the fact that Abby and Bill behaved like characters who suddenly left the show and were replaced by comedians wanting to upstage each other — with the difference that whoever took Bill’s spot was not talented enough to be a comedian. But in sitcoms it’s not rare when characters act unnaturally and only get to the point of the scene for the sake of the comedy. Now, if Abby would always be this stubborn when it comes to help, and if Bill could always be the know-it-all annoying everyone in the room, that would be wonderful, because it’s actually a great way to establish character flaws, but now that there are only five episodes left, I guess I don’t have to worry about that any longer and just wait for the next joke that might come close to Abby making the Mojito.

The B story of James dropping Beth’s Reno mug and fearing her wrath was okay in the meantime. It wasn’t really much of a story, and the only thing it sought out to do was to tell the audience that, even though Beth and James don’t have anything in common, they could still be best friend by simply hanging out together and drinking in their favorite bar. I wish that part of the narrative would have been front and center, but I guess with being a B story, there wasn’t a lot of time to have the conclusion to the story be in the spotlight of said story. Besides that, consider me curious why no one noticed a mug drop and shatter into pieces — it’s a loud sound, and it’s usually the first sign of potential trouble in a bar. Yet in Abby’s, no one noticed. You could drop the entire grill apparently, and no one will be the wiser as to who is the culprit.

Everyone is a better bartender without hands.

On the other hand, Dan’s trial was hilarious, and I loved that he was sitting on the sprinkler chair in the background of some scenes, waiting to get wet. If I had written this episode, I would not have made it a frontline joke and instead just had the sprinkler go on during a random moment in which Dan was sitting there in the background, while the foreground was dealign with the A story. But then again, we wouldn’t have had Abby’s kickass moment of dropping Bill on the ground like a wrestler, if Dan would have gotten wet at the same time.

Best part of the episode: As I have already mentioned, it’s the Mojito mixing scene. If I were to make lists at the end of a year about favorite so-and-so’s, this scene might be a contender in some category I would have to make up for it to be a contender in.
Worst part of the episode: The loud dudes at the beginning really thought they were cool. Thank the heavens they were just a plot device to lead into the A story.
Weirdest part of the episode: Beth’s back story is getting more curious with each episode. At this point I am starting to believe she hates her kids, because they interrupted her trip to Reno.
Player of the episode: James realized he could have robbed the entire bar. He drops Beth’s mug, no one notices or hears, which means James could have taken all the booze with him, without anyone realizing. Respect of him not to do that.

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