Blood & Treasure (“The Secret of Macho Grande”)

Season 1, Episode 4
Date of airing: June 4, 2019 (CBS)
Nielsen ratings information: 4.301 million viewers, 2.8/6 in Households, 0.5/3 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/2 with Adults 18-34, 0.8/3 with Adults 25-54

There is a chance that the previous episode was just a slip and the writers didn’t really know what to make of the premise after the action adventure that twas the two-hour pilot. Because this episode was enjoyable and fun, and it was helped along by the fact that it didn’t have a multitude of characters to deal with. Now, if only Simon Hardwick could be a character that never exists on the show, and BLOOD & TREASURE might be even more streamlined and entertaining. Shed all the dead weight from the pilot and just have Danny and Lexi go in a multi-episode hunt of a terrorist and Cleopatra in a sarcophagus, and maybe then I could consider this show one of my summer favorites. The way this hour focused on Danny and Lexi’s trip to Bavaria, their sexual energy, as well as their back story which Chuck apparently loves the hell out of and would like to see adapted in a 50 Shades of Grey kinda novel, intrigued me, and if it hadn’t been for Simon’s story in this episode, there would not have been a single second of boredom in these 40 minutes. This episode already got rid of Shaw (good!), and Gwen and her investigative staff in Rome was given a minimum of screentime (also good!), because according to the pilot this show is supposed to be about Lexi and Danny’s Europe vacation while on the lookout for a 2000-year-old dead woman.

You only need fingers to unlock this door.

And I didn’t even mind that the trip to Bavaria came up short at the end, let lone didn’t have a lot of German or Bavarian cliches in it. No beers, no tents, no words about German football, let alone characters who speak German badly, because for some reason the producers couldn’t find any actors with German as their native tongue. Well, at least the English accents sounded German, so that was a slight improvement, but this episode made me realize that the show doesn’t really employ local and international cliches of the countries it visits within the plot. Maybe that’s a good thing (so to not anger potential international audiences by making fun of them), but maybe it’s also a missed chance at great comedy. Chuck really tries hard to put up the level of comedy, but the whole show can’t just be carried by his jokes and love for Nicolas Cage movies. Also, the show can’t be carried by Lexi and Danny’s sexual tension — as evident in this episode, the writers weren’t interested going for it anyway, as the two had double the chances to hook up, and twice they decided not to go for it and instead remove the cop-out (the first time around it was the map, the second time around it was Lexi’s gun). Four hours in and the writers were already a big fan of the will-they-won’t-they. Ugh.

Flashbacks seem important for the life of a former Cylon supporter.

The hunt for Cleopatra was solid. A trip to Bavaria, a tour through the underground of a castle, another secret brotherhood with secret agents among the Nazis, a clue to the next place Cleopatra might have been, and a solid cliffhanger that sort of reminded me of that time Sydney Bristow fell into the dark hole of an Argentinean underground place where the journal of a Nostradamus-like figure was hidden. At least we saw that Danny actually survived the fall before the episode ended, but it was still a neat cliffhanger, and with Danny and Lexi separated — one who’s trapped in a tomb with apparently no way out, and the other one who’s kidnapped by the main antagonist of the show — there even is a chance for an entertaining follow-up episode, as I can’t imagine that the two lovebirds will find each other ten minutes into the next episode. It’s time to find out what Danny can do without Lexi’s input, and Farouk could get some character development himself, now that he has Lexi with him. Maybe then it will become obvious that Farouk isn’t really the big villain of the game and that there is an even sinister person above him who wants to end the world, and Farouk is only evil so he can stop the world from ending. The show is thirteen hours long, that twist has to come at some point.

Never turn your back against the villain.

Best part of the episode: Again, Chuck is trying to bring the funny to the show. It kind fo works for me, even though the even bestest thing about the episode would be if the writers found a more appropriate way for Chuck to be awesome in the show.
Worst part of the episode: Farouk’s guys couldn’t even figure out where the castle was and had to ask one of the people in the photograph, but Danny only had to look up castles on the internet and find it immediately. Maybe Farouk should spend some of his money on a researcher and archeologist. Maybe Farouk should have kidnapped Danny instead. Dumb terrorist leader is dumb.
Weirdest part of the episode: Whoa, what a way to just glance over the fact that the Nazis made gold bars out of the jewellery of those who went to the camps. A huge back story killed with a line of dialogue, because it was also a dramatic and dark back story.
Player of the episode: Once more, Chuck is really trying. And he loves the NATIONAL TREASURE films, so that’s a plus.

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