Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“I Hope Josh Comes to My Party!”)

Season 1, Episode 3
Date of airing: October 26, 2015 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.666 million viewers, 0.5/1 in Households, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34,0.3/1 with Adults 25-54

Three episodes in, and Rachel Bloom might have been the most busiest person on television at that time. Headlining the show, co-creating the show, co-writing every episode, co-writing the songs – I haven’t checked the credits beforehand, but if this continues with every episode, I must salute to this woman, because not just is she bringing literally 400 percent on the table, but previously I have thought that Aaron Sorkin, J. Michael Straczynski or Chuck Lorre are (or were) the most busiest people on television, but right now Rachel Bloom is sweeping the floor with these guys. She has all my respect. By the way, not because she is a woman, but because she is literally bringing 400 percent. Besides being totally awesome as Rebecca Bunch, it might be a reason she got the Golden Globe for CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND. In a way, it might not be because her character is the bet, or she is a great actress, but because she manages to run the entire show both before and behind the camera, completely neglecting all the other people who made the show happen.

Anyway, this episode was great. I’m surprised CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is so straight-forward with everything, when I was expecting the polar opposite of the show. But at the end Rebecca is just trying to be a normal person in an anything but normal situation, and has to fight against the usual troubles a new person has to fight against, when in a new environment. Rebecca just wanted to throw a party, and she kind of failed doing so, making her more human than before, and therefore more likable. In addition, I loved that she didn’t just want to throw a party, so that she can hang out with Josh. She wanted to throw the party to get over her fears of rejection, which brings me to realize that all her obsessions are not entirely about Josh, and that the show has so much freedom with stories that have absolutely nothing to do with Josh. It is refreshing that he is not the only problem Rebecca has to deal with, and instead lives a life like everyone else. Just with a whole lot of extra baggage that might kill her sooner than later. In a way, the show might have begun with Josh, but like Rebecca says, Josh isn’t the reason she moved to West Covina, and Josh certainly isn’t the reason why this show exists. Although I do think that the writers still had to figure out how to not completely dwell into the Josh thing too much and give time to the other characters.

Obligatory White Josh shirtless scene.

I was also glad to see that Paula got a story in this episode. It was already teased during the last episode, so it wasn’t much of a surprise, but I can see where the drama of the show is going, when Rebecca isn’t in the spotlight of all the attention. And I can already say for certain that CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND will have a spin-off soon titled “We Need To Talk About Brendan.” How this guy loved his katana during the non-dinner scene was just creepy, and I’m already waiting for the news, in which it’s described how he massacred his school friends and came out of the school building not only drenched in blood of his school mates, but also with a smile on his face as he is getting arrested. Also, what a way to tease upcoming emotional troubles in Paula’s life at home. I was thinking about the possibility that Rebecca’s back story might not have been just her very own back story, but also foreshadows Paula’s trouble with life, when her husband “suddenly” vanishing like Rebecca’s father did when she was still a kid, leaving Paula flabbergasted about what just happened, like Rebecca back in the day. Besides that, I must say how surprisingly emotional and dark Rebecca’s flashback was – I was almost about to shed a tear myself, because it was simply just a heartbreaking scene, especially since it wasn’t pushing to be edgy and funny. It was almost like a recount of something that had happened to someone for real. An account of actual drama for a show that wants to parodize the musical genre and be darkly comical with all the rest that is happening.

In the meantime, Josh had his first musical moment, and I have to say I was unable to focus on it entirely, because I was laughing all the way throughout. First of all, the thought of Josh in a boyband is hilarious, because he definitely looks like the adonis hunk of a boyband, who would get all the women with his smile, but when I saw four different Joshs making up the boyband, I couldn’t keep myself together, and I entirely lost it, when the song turned into real comedy (“We’re also a team of nationally recognized mental health professionals, trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, with specialties in personality and sleep disorders.”), but not without losing the sense of what it’s really about in and with Rebecca. “A Boy Band Made of Four Joshes” pretty much showed what CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is all about when it comes to Rebecca and how she has to deal with her mental problems. But yeah, I still have to say that it helps the show a lot when Josh remains so positive about the entire situation (or is unable to realize what’s really going on with Rebecca), making him more relatable. As long as he continues to be so up-beat and so not down to Earth (like the show in general), CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND never has to fight about being silly or being real and honest for a second. This way, it can always be a little silly, but in a smart way.

Par-tay time!

And finally, I also have to say I liked the “before-credit scene that should actually be the after-credit scene” conversation between Rebecca and little Rebecca. I totally get why little Rebecca wanted to know everything about the boobs she’ll be getting at age 14. Back then, everything is better when you know you will live the swimsuit season with a body that will definitely strike out all the 14-year-old horny boys in school. Because I believe that’s an issue young teen girls are definitely dealing with. I might be watching Disney Channel shows, where this is so not an issue, and it’s making me crazy, because these shows are anything but realistic, because of that. I’m happy CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND made at least a throwaway scene out of that. By the way: Much love to the throwaway scenes at the very end. It’s like the episode still has one joke to offer, before the curtains close for the week.

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