Abby’s (“Rosie’s Band”)

Season 1, Episode 9
Date of airing: May 30, 2019 (NBC)
Nielsen ratings information: 1.456 million viewers, 1.0/2 in Households, 0.3/2 with Adults 18-49, 0.1/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.5/2 with Adults 25-54

Concetta Tomei was in this episode as Abby’s rival bar owner, and it made me realize that I should start watching CHINA BEACH again, which I stopped watching midway through season three because my laptop was thinking about frying up on me and I lost the episodes (which I have rediscovered since then). Besides that, the introduction of Nemo and I assume her husband could have led to some interesting comedy in later episodes, but alas, the writers failed in creating a good comedy that captures an audience, and voila, NBC cancelled it after ten episodes. I would say it’s a shame that cast members are being wasted for a show that never managed to be exciting enough because the writers couldn’t think of better storytelling, but I do believe that would be a little harsh. I am however wondering if the show could have been better if the writers had used some of the materials they have created for this season and made either a running joke out of it, or continued with the material in following episodes. Nemo could have bee such an element. The rivalry with another bar could have been a great opportunity to bring some comedy into ABBY’S, which already had it difficult to be funny.

“Look at this guy, he just made a joke!”

The episode was okay. I was glad that this was Rosie’s story and some of her character traits were being out front and center, but of course we have never heard before that she was in a band and of course we have never heard before that she was even the slightest bit interested in music, or was in med school, or actually was at the same job with Abby once and left there JERRY MAGUIRE-style before opening up the backyard bar. All those points of information could have been pretty useful early on in the show when it should have been necessary to introduce the characters with back stories, but I guess no one who was involved in the show cared about that. So here we are, Rosie gets a pretty huge back story, but it’s being wasted in an A plot serving for some minor and soft laughs, and like all the other moments that could have been seen as character-developing, they will be forgotten like it’s a forgotten fact that Abby is bisexual. And I really would have loved it if Rosie had become a more useful character in the show with her med school background and her inability to play great live music.

At least the companion story with Nemo levelled up the episode once or twice, as I liked Abby’s efforts to get a weekly gig for Rosie, just to keep her spirits up. Making backyard deals with the competing bar sounded like an interesting premise, and for a second it even looked like an interesting and serious story, but even if the show would not have been cancelled after ten episodes, I would have known by now that each of the episodes don’t lead to the next and that the status quo of all of them is being reset by the beginning of it. Which means the deal between Nemo and Abby would have been useless for the long run. Abby and Rosie’s talk after would have been useless for their friendship. Our knowledge of Rosie having been a med student and being in a band would have been useless after the end of this episode.

Cops just want to drink a beer, too.

The story with Clark was okay. The way Fred and James were “befriending” this stranger made it a little predictable that he would turn out to be the guy from the police chase, but at least I was slightly amused by James being both intrigued and scared by Clark and his stories. I was also happy that one of Bill’s ideas paid out at the end and the police believed they were walking in and out of a backyard wedding reception. I’m almost sure that Bill felt extra smart and happy that his idea paid off and that he can continue to be a silent co-partner of this very illegal bar (by the way, have we forgotten by now that Bill is Abby’s co-partner?). One can only hope the bar patrons will be thanking him later, because if it hadn’t been for Bill’s idea to turn this bar into a wedding reception, the patrons would have been forced to get back to Nemo’s.

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