Veronica Mars (“Chino and the Man”)

Season 4, Episode 2
Date of release: July 19, 2019 (Hulu)

In which Logan turned out to be an action hero of sorts, smashing up a bunch of hillbillies and getting a job in the process, because there is nothing more awesome than being the head of security for a future Senator. And with it, the writers pretty much paused the character stuff between Logan and Veronica, and started focusing on the premise of the season, which is both a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because this episode managed to focus a lot more on the bombing than the season premiere did, and with Logan involved he won’t feel like he was uselessly dropped into the show and only being used as Veronica’s long-term love interest. And it’s bad because the writers won’t be able to focus on Logan and Veronica’s relationship, now that Logan will be a little too busy being the “spy” for Mars Investigations, let alone saving the Congressman’s life every once in a while. Which he will hopefully do, because I loved that brawl in the Neptune Grand hotel suite.

This episode was quite solid, making me wonder why the season premiere wasn’t able to do some of the stuff this episode did. Matty was given a lot more attention in this hour and suddenly I understood what Veronica meant during her voiceover comments at the end of the previous episode, let alone give Matty the necessary amount of depth to make her look like Veronica when she started off the show. And now that Matty and Veronica have something of a connection, a beautiful friendship can blossom out of it, or maybe Matty will turn into her own private investigator, wanting to find the killer of her father and getting into some serious trouble doing so. Or maybe Matty will actually prove she has the same amount of wit as Veronica did in 2004, proving herself as a potential successor to Veronica Mars, as she can’t be the heroine of her hometown all the time. Besides that, Matty’s search for the one who most likely planted the bomb in the snack machine led to Liam Fitzpatrick, who made a glorious return to Neptune – and this after I mentioned his ass in the previous episode review. So, Liam Fitzpatrick was able to return to Neptune, but Mac is nowhere to be found?

Mexicans don’t like sexy American sports like beach volleyball.

I also started understanding what Clifton Collins Jr.’s character, whose name I cannot recall or has never been mentioned, is up to, and it really looks like he is just a villain who happens to be working on the same case as Veronica and Keith are. At one point these characters have to cross or merge their efforts and I am already excited to know what will happen when it happens. Will the cartel members continue to be villains, doing their own thing, hacking off a few more heads and therefore creating a sense of danger in Neptune, which increases police presence left and right? Or will they reluctantly work with the Mars investigators, just so the guys can use the private dicks to get to the real killer, and for once in their lifetimes, Veronica and Keith are actually being deceived, and successfully so. Oe can only hope the cartel members and the Mars investigators won’t take long for their paths to cross — this shouldn’t be a season of STRANGER THINGS in which the team-ups take three quarters of the season to join forces against the monster.

The episode also did well in making sure that the town of Neptune, California is still rich with characters in this shortened season. Dick is back to bring us all the joy of his asshole attitude, and with him his father comes back (I love the nickname this season has given him: Big Dick), which means he must not have spent more than ten years in jail for the embezzlement he was blown up for by his youngest son back in the day. Both didn’t feel like they were going to be important characters and were only in this episode to introduce us to Clyde who may or may not be a villain in this show (VERONICA MARS is known for revealing the villain, who has been a recurring character all along, at the end of a story arc). I might not have cared about the way he got introduced, but consider me intrigued that Veronica blew him off and decided not to take him on as a client, because the woman in his life has pretty much told him with no words at all that he shall not be involved in her life. That scene not only showed Veronica’s directness, but that she also has a sense of respect and realism for life in Neptune – she isn’t just gonna take clients to get paid at the end, she realizes the decision people have made and she honors them. Does that make her the least corrupt person in Neptune and a potential candidate for Sheriff? By the way, what happened with the Sheriff department in Balboa County? Are we only focusing on the police department this time around?

For this season, Veronica is armed and wittingly dangerous.

And finally, that scene that made all the Logan/Veronica shippers crazy again: There was another sex scene, albeit a brief one, and this time around the two love birds kept their clothes on. You can make all the sense you want of Veronica being more attracted to “green guy” Logan than “Bruce Banner” Logan, and while that potentially toxic relationship could either make or break them, it kind of feels out of place for this show. Then again, hardcore relationships between two people isn’t really something television does often and maybe there is a good idea behind the depiction of a more violent relationship, in which the violence is key for the functionality of said relationship. Veronica obviously does not have interest in calm and sound Logan, while storming all over him after he punched a hole into the cabinet, which could either mean Veronica likes it rough in the sheets, or she was just defined as a character by all the darkness and corruption and violence in Neptune, as well as her life. She was raped by Beaver, the police didn’t care about said rape, she almost got killed by Aaron, then she almost got suffocated by Liam, then she almost got killed by Beaver, then she almost got raped again. That should give her one of the hardest cores to crack in town, which begs the question if someone actually manages to do it this season.

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