Veronica Mars (“Entering a World of Pain”)

Season 4, Episode 6
Date of release: July 19, 2019 (Hulu)

Did we really need Clarence Wiedman to return, who was one of Veronica’s part-time nemeses over the course of the series? We really did not, but it was still good to see him, because he has sort of been a good guy to you, as long as you don’t stab him in the back. Jake Kane certainly trusted Wiedman enough to have him employed for a long time, and even Duncan trusted the guy enough to also function as an assassin at one point. But then again, Wiedman is also a shady guy, which makes me wonder how Logan came into contact with him (probably never lost contact, since Logan may have known Wiedman since his high school years, as he was probably going around Kane Software every once in a while, being Duncan’s buddy and all). But whatever, the writers brought back another character and now we can pretty much guess with one of the once recurring or regular characters of VERONICA MARS may die this season, because it has to happen here, right? So far, the show has always made its main characters, who are also not villains, survive the seasons, and only had the villains die (okay, Beaver was the only villain of the show who was also considered a regular character), which means the show is already past the time of necessity for having one of its regulars die. If not the regulars, then maybe one of the recurring characters.

Mars vs. Navarro.

The episode was okay. The only thing I was interested at was that Veronica recognized Alonzo (he has finally gotten a name I can remember, which is a good thing), connecting the story of the Mexican cartel with the Mars Investigations investigation into the bombings. Consider me even more intrigued that Claudia told Alonzo and Weevil about Veronica’s presence at the hotel, which could tick off both Alonzo and Weevil in different ways. Alonzo probably found another obstacle course to kill, so he can continue his mission for his cartel leader, but Weevil also knows why Veronica does the things she does, which means he might realize that Veronica has a real reason for snooping around Alonzo’s hotel room, and that could lead to Weevil smelling danger for himself and his family, and if he warns Veronica about Alonzo, there may even be a shot at redemption for the two. Or the writers could go the complete opposite direction and have it be the story that turns Weevil into a bona fide villain in VERONICA MARS. Will he be on Alonzo’s side and actually make a move to get rid of Veronica to protect his own criminal interest? The show was never able to even think about asking that question, since Veronica was still a teenager and Weevil wasn’t a complete villain just yet (thanks to the fact that he lost the leadership position of the PCHers to Thumper and then was on probation for a while — if that hadn’t happened during the second season, Weevil might be a cartel leader himself right about now), but fifteen years later and the gauntlet has been thrown.

The bombing case didn’t really develop at all in this episode. Keith only had a few questions for Big Dick and Clyde, and while this episode managed to tell the viewers that the two were indeed involved in the first bombing, it doesn’t mean they are also responsible of the other bombings. I mean, they knew that Perry Walsh was known as the bomber of the motel by the police, which is why the guy got killed, but a second bomb still blew and I cannot imagine that Big Dick and Clyde were responsible for it — they wouldn’t be this stupid and continue their bombing spree, knowing that the police already “captured” the first bomber? Besides that, when the roofie kid got his head blown off at the beach, it felt more like a personal vendetta, which is close to impossible to pin on Big Dick. That pretty much means there are multiple suspects and multiple crimes happening in Neptune, California and it makes me question if the characters even realized it at this point. Have the writers?

The surprise, when you realize that your bodyguard understood all of your Arabic.

Logan disappearing into active duty was a nice move to get rid of the character for the remainder of the series, if he in fact does not show up for the final two episodes of the series. It’s a great way to disconnect Veronica from the elements that give her safe space in Neptune and have her be alone before she faces the ultimate evil of the season. With Logan gone for now and Keith in a medical predicament, there is certainly something to lose for Veronica, even if it’s just her sanity, because she has no one to offer a shoulder for her to cry on if something bad is happening and she needs to talk about it (Wallace is sort of the distant 09er friend with a real life now, Mac is out of the country, who knows where Piz is, and I don’t think she sees Leo as someone she can trust with her emotions). It would in fact make fora great character arc if that actually happens for Veronica – her hardcore nut is being cracked by a villain for once and she has no one in town to fall back on for help and safety, like she has when Keith saved her from Aaron, or when Logan showed up with a gun while Liam was strangling her, or when Logan showed up when Beaver was threatening her on the roof of the Neptune Grand, or when Logan showed up right before Veronica was taken to get raped – I see a pattern here.

And finally, whatever Penn is up to. He is still the useless annoying character, who has been perfectly cast with Patton Oswalt who can do a perfect annoying character, but Penn’s involvement in the story feels like it could have been cut out of the narrative of the season, without anything getting lost. While I appreciate that he is getting annoyed by the asshole that is Don when it comes to his murderheads band of crime solvers, it’s the story that is waiting for something important to happen, yet nothing important happens. I didn’t even bother to care about the story of the dead duck in Penn’s bed (in retrospect, Clyde and Big Dick couldn’t have been better cockblockers, which by itself is freaking hilarious), which means Penn’s story is useless. Maybe he should be a victim next, because maybe then Veronica and Keith would realize that Penn was up to something and needed to be shut up. By the way, my theory of the Congressman wanting to “shut up” Penn went nowhere. Dammit, and I was so happy that it came to mind — it certainly would have brought Penn some attention as a character.

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