Veronica Mars (“Gods of War”)

Season 4, Episode 7
Date of release: July 19, 2019 (Hulu)

The plot starts to thicken and people are about to be in danger again. Penn has finally been thrusted into the story, and now it looks like one of his murder heads is actually the bomber, although I would love to get a motive out of that suspect if he or she will be revealed. Considering how some of the evidence was found in Penn’s apartment, one might think that Carol is the suspect waiting to be revealed, since she could have easily gotten into a relationship with Penn to make him the suspect and then the bomber. VERONICA MARS never had a woman villain before, so making Carol the bomber would be a nice way to showcase that Neptune, California also has women who are evil. That Penn would not be the bomber was a little predictable though, even after Veronica and Mars figured that he is indeed the bomber — the character is too weird and way into criminal investigations to also be guilty of murdering people. If Penn had been the bomber, there would have been schizophrenia involved in that story, because the Penn we have gotten to see over these seven episodes is too awkward to hatch out a plan that would bring down the Spring Break culture in Neptune. And with Carol being a potential suspect, the sexual violence back story could still come to fruition, because who knows, maybe Carol was once sexually assaulted by a spring breaker, and this is her revenge. Maybe it was also her revenge three spring breaks ago.

The high school girl is being gifted a new car, as long as she sells her property.

I did love how the characters were positioned into danger. While I wasn’t expecting for the Mexicans to attack the Mars investigators until the season finale, the shootout between them was thrilling and all kinds of tense, thanks to the decision not to include a soundtrack to that scene (action scenes like that deserve to not be distracted by pompous action music, because the sound of the shootout itself is good enough to raise the tension of the scene). Besides that, I truly believed that either Veronica or Keith, and maybe even Penn, would succumb during the gunfight, or at least get a bullet in their body. Side note: Carol was completely absent from that scene, making me believe even more that she is the final boss of the season and that the finale hinges on her decisions to either bomb some more places or go at it in a more personal fashion. Anyway, VERONICA MARS just delivered its first great shootout scene of the show’s run, and I would almost hope it’s the only one, simply because not every detective story needs a thrilling shootout scene. But when Mexican cartel members are involved, I guess there will always be a shootout. Remember the BREAKING BAD episode “One Minute?”

I still believe that the Mexicans are still gonna be interested in taking out Veronica and Keith, and that even Weevil might be in danger after pulling out the two assassins from doing their thing. Weevil essentially ran against the boyfriend of his sister in that story, which shouldn’t sit well for Alonzo, which means that Weevil’s days might be numbered (and considering how useless the character has been since his arrest during high school graduation, his death has always been coming since then). I addition, Alonzo won’t even have a reason to get rid of Veronica and Keith, since the two Mexicans aren’t at all in the eyes of the police when it comes to the investigation of the bombings. Sure, Mars Investigations might have their names, but it’s not like they have been picked up by police or something, let alone are they persons of interest. If they get Big Dick, they have no reason to stay in Neptune any longer, and I don’t even believe they will stay longer just for vacation, and with vacation I mean “cutting off loose ends in the form of Mars Investigations.”

Matty is also back in danger after she kept herself very much low over the course of the past few episodes. But now that the Mexicans are out to kill Big Dick, they are probably on their way to his place, which is currently being ransacked by Matty, and that would make her collateral damage — which is a horrible way to get killed off in a television show, besides being a lazy way to get killed off in a television show. First of all, I don’t want Matty to get killed off, because that spin-off idea of mine is a solid one and I want to have the chance to see it one day. Secondly, killing off Matty in an accidental and random fashion would probably not sit well with me in general, because I am starting to dislike how women characters are treated on TV shows these days, especially when it comes to scenes of violence and sex. Also, Veronica’s voiceover from the last seconds of the season premiere would turn Matty’s potential death into a plot device for Veronica’s very own emotions, and that simply means Matty was never anything more than a foil for Veronica’s own emotional well-being, making Matty essentially a plot device as a whole.

The decision to quit a job is made easier in front of a variety of snack offerings.

At least it almost looks like Keith is about to survive the season, considering his decision to hang up the private eye business and retire within the police force of a retirement neighborhood (so… Florida?). Writing out a central character of the show like this is the better idea in any face-off the writers could have thought about in the writers room, and if VERONICA MARS gets to see a fifth season (I really wouldn’t mind), it would be interesting to see how Veronica is doing business without being backed by her father. It would be something new in the narrative of the show, as she always had the backing of her father (maybe not in the 2014 movie, since he was cut out of it with a car crash halfway through), but would have to work all on her own now. The story would also work if Keith gets murdered in the next episode, but who really needs Veronica’s distraught mind in a potential fifth season, working on a big case while also grieving over her dead father?

And finally, I was surprised that Logan already returned. I was expecting him to be absent from this episode and the next, but I guess the Logan/Veronica shippers needed one more thing to smile about. Besides that, with his return, the writers brought in yet another regular character who might die in the season finale. Because really, someone close to Veronica has to die in the next episode, right? It’s the fourth season, it’s on a streaming network, and the writers finally got the opportunity to get all sexy and violent on the viewers, so why not using that opportunity to also get dark with a main character’s death? It’s almost extremely obvious at this point and I would be surprised if no one dies.

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