Alias (“Page 47”)

Season 1, Episode 15
Date of airing: March 3, 2002 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 10.4 million viewers, 6.6/10 in Households

Can this episode be considered a game changer? Page 47 becomes an item – THE item — and suddenly Sydney becomes the next chapter of the whole Rambaldi mythology, making things more complicated in the process, because how convenient can this new addition into the Rambaldi mythology be, and how much will it employ the writers of the show to either go deeper into that mythology or make Sydney just a pawn of someone else’s game? The writers made sure that the show continues to be about Rambaldi, and the show just undertook one major step into a direction that made the mythology either more interesting or extremely ridiculous. This episode was still pretty good though, and the writers are finally starting to make the missions count, even if all of the SD-6 mission are practically a continuation of the Rambaldi scavenger hunt (and even the CIA is kind of forced to play the game as well, when they probably would have loved to get some actual intel that could blow up SD-6), and Sydney had to acquire the journal for a second time this season. At least the mission in Tunisia was hot and steamy and even a little evil, when you look at how Sydney was making out with an unconscious villain, just so she can continue carry her cover and use her knockout spray one more time. Do you remember that Marshall needed to create a pill to knock out two guys in “So It Begins,” when the spray has been doing it perfectly in this episode? Did Marshall put his blue pill into liquid sprayable perfection? If so, why wasn’t Marshall able to create the spray about six months ago, when it counted?

Obligatory screenshot of Sarah Shahi in a bed.

I noticed that I always say something or criticize an element of a particular show, hope that something would happen in the next episode or in the following ones. And that is because I noticed something during this episode. It seems like ALIAS is another one of those shows listening to me in hindsight, watching me from the future, and this time around it’s a little more creepy. I already know this show, having watched it multiple times, but Will meeting Sloane in this episode is a story that seems to be forgotten every timeI watch this season, which means every time Will and Sloane shake hands here, the moment captures me by surprise. I knew about the page switch, but it was just a little too long ago that I saw this season, and Will in Sloane’s house simply slipped my mind. So, when I said in last episode’s review that Will’s story is completely separated from the rest of the series, that he doesn’t meet other characters than just Sydney or Francie… Well, here he goes into the house of the greatest antagonist of the show, they are shaking hands, and Sloane can finally look his potential troublemaker right into the eye. It’s always fascinating how my brain works when I watch television. The whole dinner story at Sloane’s house was tense, and I loved almost every second of it — maybe not Emily recapping what Will’s award-winning story was about, which by the way is not just a story that fits perfectly into 2019’s American politics, but is also a mirror story of what Sydney’s relationship with Sloane is all about. Sloane’s first real-life glance on Will, Will being the unsuspecting plus one, being eyed by the villain, and the page switch (probably one of the few most tense scenes of the season, maybe the whole series). It was quite an impressive story. And in the meantime the writers even managed to introduce Emily Sloane to the viewers. Who is not only another character in the pool, but instead the other side of Sloane’s character. His good kind, if he happens to have one. The one he cares about other people, if he can even do that.

Sydney is even ore beautiful on the page.

Meanwhile, Will’s story was generally on a roll in this episode. I would have liked this story to pan out at the end and see him realize what SD-6 really is, but Jack risking his own reputation to throw Will off the story (again) was kind of awesome. Will’s kidnapping, Will realizing that he’s being threatened, and Jack even using Sydney as a threat… Yeah, I was about to drop my chin during that scene and see it as a potential to really screw withWill’s mind, even if I didn’t like the fact that Will is yet freaking again thrown off the SD-6 story (I lost count how many times that has happened). But one thing is interesting, and might have been a thing to follow up on: Will had contact with people who wanted him to follow up on the story. Now he just met people who don’t want him to do the story. There is a bit of a difference here, especially since Will doesn’t even know anything about SD-6, while SD-6 doesn’t even know how Will even got this deep into the story in the first place. Let’s not forget that Will was contacted by a Deep Throat-kinda person, and that this part of the story has been kind of forgotten lately. Just imagine how the fire is gonna burn, when Will hasn’t listened to his kidnappers and goes back to his original source, or his original source comes to light to push Will back onto the story — quite the pull Will is in the middle of.

And finally, rest in story heaven, Jenny. It’s a shame that the relationship between her and Will didn’t work out. I didn’t care much for it, when I saw the season for the first time, but now I just think about two words: Sarah freaking Shahi. She is a very attractive lady, and definitely the only reason I ever considered watching FAIRLY LEGAL. I only made it through two episodes, but I’m still thinking about watching the show, and I know how terrible that show was. Well, at least there is THE L WORD, which maybe I should give another shot again, as well as LIFE, which has been waiting for a rewatch for a while now.

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