Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“All Signs Point to Josh… Or Is It Josh’s Friend?”)

Season 2, Episode 3
Date of airing: November 4, 2016 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.539 million viewers, 0.3/1 in Households, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.1/1 with Adults 18-34,0.3/1 with Adults 25-54

Hm. “Period Sex,” as short as the song was for this episode, is not to be found on the official soundtrack for the second season, making me wonder why. Especially why this short song needed three writers. And I really would have loved a song about period sex, considering this episode also dealt with the period cycles of two women, synced up so well that one believed she was pregnant because the other got her period. That story did remind me about how only women can write period-related stories like this. There is no way a bunch of white men would have even considered writing about periods like it was part of the conversation in this episode, and in addition, those men would have never known about the cycle, how it can be an app on the phone, and how women react to each other if their cycles happen to be in sync. Hell, even I don’t understand part of it, which is why I would never write about it. CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is such a great example of how a show written by women and about women can go into topics men don’t even have a clue about. We usually don’t get the lesson about female menstruation cycles like this in high school. We would have to be taught by the women themselves.

She screams for her love that is walking out the door.

This episode was solid enough. I wasn’t quite able to connect with it all the way through, because Rebecca happened to be a bit annoying throughout the episode. She believed she was pregnant and without doing a test first, she couldn’t wait to buy prenatal vitamins and tell Josh about having a kid, essentially ruining all the good shots she had with the guy, because even I thought Rebecca telling Josh about the pregnancy was one hell of a weird thing to come at him with. In my mind I was yelling at Josh to get the hell out of that apartment, and thankfully he did, because if he would have stuck around, he would have been in crazy hell with Rebecca, who cannot wait to bind Josh on her for the rest of their lives. It’s kind of intriguing though how Josh is able to quickly escape the forever life with Rebecca, while he could not do the same thing when he was dating Valencia. Rebecca just tried to hook him in all the time, but her hooks were apparently not strong enough to keep him trapped in her life, in spite of the gaslighting she was doing on him at the beginning of the season premiere. On the other hand, Valencia manipulated Josh into sticking around, and she managed to get him all around her fingers. She groomed him to be the perfect guy for her, to always listen to her and do what she is saying. Rebecca seemed to have been the best antidote for that kinda relationship, and now Josh managed to get out of that, too. In retrospect he should be happy that Rebecca came into his life that way, because if that had not happened, he would still be stuck with Valencia, being his unhappy self.

But yeah, Rebecca was really awful in this episode. The only good moment she had was when she had a conversation with Greg that was not interrupted by any weirdness or craziness — until he had to get in for a kiss and swirl around Rebecca’s head a few more times and getting her back into Crazyland. If that would not have happened, Greg would have had a great exit from the show and he wouldn’t have had to deal with Rebecca’s craziness one ore time, although I do get the feeling that dealing with her and making the decision not to be with her was the ultimate decision maker of him leaving in the first place. Rebecca continued to be awful when she was trying to gaslight Josh into believing that having a kid is great and that the two might already have a kid. Damn, I was so happy when he walked out on her and her heart was broken all over again, even though it didn’t quite look like her world was shaken. Considering why she moved to West Covina, one would think that her world has just been nuked after Josh called it quits. But who knows, maybe that world will be nuked when Greg leaves for real and he has said his goodbyes to her, which means she will be all alone after. Time to get depressed again, I guess.

Greg still liked one thing about being drunk with Rebecca’s affection.

Meanwhile, the synced period cycle did lead to a great story for Pula, who feared of becoming pregnant right as her life was changing for the better. I was loving the way the pregnancy was depicted as troublesome and problematic for Paula, who was not only ever counting on getting pregnant again, but she really hates the notion of becoming a mother once more, dealing with shit diapers and a crying baby for eighteen years, all while the money is and will forever be tight. I can imagine what a woman who is close to her menopause would think when faced with a possible pregnancy in a situation like Paula’s, and it’s a wonderful story for a show like CRZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, especially since I have been waiting for a more dramatic story since the show premiered. Is it that? Will I finally get my wish?

And finally, the story that is Greg leaving. It’s almost like he has made the decision of his life, as finally great things are happening for him, even if those great things were quite convenient. All of a sudden his father is selling the house for ten times more money (in that market? In this economy? Are you freaking kidding me?) and giving Greg some of it to continue schooling far away from West Covina, California, and it’s being used to chase Greg the hell out of town like this? I can only hope the writers will be using this as a plot device to really have Rebecca at it with that broken heart she will probably get, but I also have to say it’s sort of a happy end for Greg, which bodes well for the rest of the show. If he can manage to get out of West Covina to live a proper life, maybe some of his friends will do the same. Rebecca moved to West Covina to find happiness. Greg has to leave West Covina to find it. It’s kind of a great morale of the story, if you think about it.

By the way, I found “Period Sex” on the soundtrack now. Why is it number 32 in the playlist? Shouldn’t it be higher up? Or will the complete version of the song play later in the show? Will period sex indeed be a story later this season?

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