Lost in Space (“Danger, Will Robinson”)

Season 1, Episode 10
Date of release: April 13, 2019 (Netflix)

There has been some lazy convenience in this show. Beginning with how the robot decided to be friends with Will again; going over to how John and Don were able to survive the way they did; continuing with June, for no reason at all other than screwing with our minds, shooting the harpoon again; and we’re not stopping with the Resolute waiting for the Robinsons, even though they really had no reason to wait (besides, why was Victor taking over command of the Resolute, when the spaceship should probably have been captioned by someone who wasn’t voted into the colony representative position?); and finally ending with my realization that everyone else forgot that the mini engine was on the Jupiter 2. Granted, the characters could have missed that something fell off the Chariot, and that something was a blue-shining egg the robots were about to grab, but I thought it highly convenient that this huge piece of alien tech was on board the Jupiter 2 and no one either bothered to notice or mention it, let alone ask what the thing is, especially since Judy and Penny were almost blasted out of the Chariot for it. Maureen saw what the engine looked like, and she even should have felt the electromagnetic energy all around her (the other characters also should have felt something going on), since the engine was right beside them. Yet nothing. While I found it cool that the engine connected to the Jupiter 2 (in fact, that might serve well in a potential second season, since being on an alien ship can fill your mind with so many stories to write down), the fact that it happened without anyone’s knowledge is… Ah, whatever, it served well as a season cliffhanger. At least now the Jupiter 2 is able to open wormholes and jump from one galaxy to another. In case the writers want to remake the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode “33” at one point. Because it’s clear the robots still want their engine back.

It’s a perfect boxing match-up: Robot/Smith versus Unbreakable Glass.

I’m actually glad the Robinsons went off the planet quickly and the climax was happening in the orbit of the planet, even if I was not that excited about June’s involvement here. Damn, she didn’t even have time to be a villain in this episode, because all she did was reading the manual and screw with our minds, while her robot was doing the big job for her. Great, now we have a villain who reads a manual for a change, but that doesn’t mean she suddenly got a whole lot more interesting. The way the show has been set up now for future seasons, and the Robinsons being on their own for real, with June in captivity and Don finally having tome to get closer to Judy might have been pretty cool in hindsight (so, the entire season was just a prequel of real LOST IN SPACE-y things to come?), but the whole thing didn’t help making me warm up to June as a villain. Like I said before, she started off in an intriguing fashion, but now she is just boring. Logically speaking, she doesn’t even have a reason to be evil any longer. All she wanted was to get on the Resolute with her evil robot, but now the Resolute and the robot are gone, so all June can do now is … be more friendly to the Robinsons? Maybe even help them to survive out in this new universe they were transported to?

I mostly didn’t care for John and Don in this episode, since they were talking, moving wires, and crying all episode long, and maybe even saving a kid’s life somewhere at the end, but it was nice to see that Don can also be a character for a change, and doesn’t just have to be an asshole to be intriguing as the current Don West of the franchise. What I noticed the writers did during this episode though is making sure that John and Maureen are full-on together again. They were kissing each other when trapped in the tar, they were making out in fear of not seeing each other ever again, before John lifted off from the planet, and now they embraced each other after falling in each other’s arms. Kids, the separation is a thing of the past now, which is kind of a shame, because the separation has been an interesting aspect of the Robinson family dynamic. Now the kids can’t be indifferent about it any longer. They probably don’t have time to be indifferent about it, considering how much danger awaits them where they are now. And damn, where they are now, it looks like an unhealthy binary star system. Or those are literally just hot gas planets having stopped crashing into each other, which happen to function as stars for the five planets (or moons) around it. Oh well, it looked cool, and the only thing I can hope is that LOST IN SPACE season two will come quickly, so that I can know what this is all about, and if the show really goes down the route of the Robinsons lost in space, and forgets all about the Resolute. Even if it would mean that the show only has half a dozen (plus one) characters.

Literally lost in literal space.

The action in this episode was solid. Maureen smashing the robot with another robot was pretty awesome to look at, besides metaphorical of things that were literally happening on screen, and the robot versus robot fight to save Will and his family looked golden, too, even if there maybe were a little too many molten blood thingy moments happening, reminding me of the Terminator franchise at times and making me wonder why none of the Jupiter 2 was damaged because of the bloody stuff the evil robot lost during the battle. I have no clue of the other robot was in fact bleeding, or what the blood even was, because it looked like it should have burned a whole in the ground of the Jupiter’s basement. Remember though that the robot sacrificed itself to save Will. And as long as the writers don’t pull the move James Cameron did in ALIENS, there is no way the robot will ever return, and the rest of the show will go on without Will’s new old friend. Except of course the writers will pull the ALIENS move, and the robot was somehow clinging onto the Jupiter 2 after throwing itself out, getting into the ship unnoticed, about to surprise everyone in the second season premiere. Me included, even after writing it down like this. It would be one hell of an idiotic twist.

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