Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Josh Is Irrelevant”)

Season 3, Episode 6
Date of airing: November 17, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.657 million viewers, 0.4/1 in Households, 0.21/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.2/1 with Adults 25-54

This is a musical comedy drama which almost made me cry multiple times during this episode. It’s a first for CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, and it must be proof that I have finally connected with the characters of the show, I feel for them and what they go through, and maybe the stories have gotten a lot more realistic and grounded, now that Rebecca is officially and certified crazy. In fact, Rebecca has not been this uptight and awful during these past two episodes, but only because she was busy thinking about killing herself, and being scared that she will end up on a hospital bed again, because the doctors have described even more medication this time around. Now that she has her diagnosis and she knows it’s the real diagnosis, things can only get better from here on, right? Therapy sessions, Rebecca realizing that she is doing that borderline thing again and stopping herself from going too far next time, her friends reacting much more differently around her now, and Rebecca finally doing something to get better… Do things not only get better, but do they also change? CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND has a certified crazy woman front and center, so the premise has kind of changed.

Crazy people are always buried in drugs.

In a way, Rebecca was in-between stages of life throughout this episode. She came back from almost having died in the beginning of the episode, she was angry and crazy about the diagnosis she didn’t want, she came to the realization that she has always been like that, and at the end of the hour she actually got excited about therapy. At least I think she did — who knows, maybe she will get a few more new friends in therapy, as it has to be part of the season’s narrative now, or otherwise the whole deal about Rebecca’s borderline personality disorder diagnosis that has been finding its way into the show for the past five episodes, would be kind of a waste. I would have liked to know how the season had looked like when Rebecca didn’t get the diagnosis immediately and she had to actually wait to get that label on her pill bottle, she had to go through a few more conversations with her doctor first, maybe one or two therapy sessions, for everyone to learn that she has BPD. Then again, there probably would not have been this kind of episode then, in which Rebecca went through the many stages of someone who was just diagnosed with a mental illness, which wasn’t just easily fixable with a few pills here and there. Are there something like the five stages of grief, but for mental patients right after their diagnosis?

With Rebecca having realized that her diagnosis is real, that Josh may not even have been a factor in it, and the potential desire to get better, it essentially changes the show’s premise. She might not even be interested in romantic relationships any longer, and that may kill about 50 percent of the show right here, considering Rebecca was all about getting love and affection from the men in her life. Paula and Rebecca’s friendship may also slightly change, now that the former really is a mother figure to the latter and could spend more time with Rebecca, simply just to keep her grounded and calm when the time calls for it. Instead of pushing Rebecca to her dream scenario with a man, Paula is now a mother, a nurse and a therapist for Rebecca, which could collide with her duties back at home. Then there are Valencia and Heather, who were somewhat involved in this whole mess, but they didn’t really look like they were purposefully put into Rebecca’s story. Valencia was only part of her joke story of constipation, and Heather has been somewhat useless lately, which the writers obviously realized as well or they wouldn’t have coupled her up with Hector. The question remains how Josh plays into all of this: Is he going to keep his distance to not ruin Rebecca’s path to health and wellness, or is he actually going to be happy (or even disappointed?) that he was not responsible for Rebecca’s suicide attempt?

It’s a rather emotional family meeting.

I also loved that a suicide attempt was depicted from the opposite point of view, from the friend or family member who may have lost someone because of it. That Nathaniel had this kind of back story was a complete surprise, and it may have been dropped into this episode for convenience, but the scene with his parents, and his pleas for them to speak truth about what happened when he was ten years old, was a powerful scene. Not unlike the actual suicide attempt at the end of the previous episode, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND became a serious drama show again, taking its characters for real, as if they just jumped out of a HBO drama series. It was also a story making Nathaniel a real character for once. I’ve had my difficulties liking the guy through his season-two appearances, but now he has gotten depth and suddenly I’m kind of shipping him and Rebecca getting together, even though I would prefer there to be no romance at all, simply just the writers could focus on the mental illness part of Rebecca’s currently complex life and not get rid of it again in the next episode by having her hook up with whomever.

So, lives are about to change now, right? Rebecca is working on getting better, while the lives of her friends may go sideways. White Josh and Darryl are at risk of breaking up, Heather is trying to find out what the life of an adult is like, now that she is not a student any longer, and like I said, Paula is about to distance herself from her family. Again.

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