Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Getting Over Jeff”)

Season 3, Episode 7
Date of airing: December 8, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.629 million viewers, 0.4/1 in Households, 0.24/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.3/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.2/1 with Adults 25-054

In which Rebecca started navigating life after her diagnosis, and trying to find what kind of life she wants to live with a bipolar personality disorder. It’s great to see that Rebecca is still allowed to be crazy even after the diagnosis and that she ins’t being trapped into a world in which she can’t be herself, let alone make a ton of mistakes on her road to self-loving and wellbeing. I would consider her trip to Buffalo as something no one in therapy should do, because I can imagine that drinking and being friends with someone who likes to point loaded shotguns on people is one of the bad things to do while in therapy, but for some reason it helped Rebecca realize an important lesson about living life. Meanwhile, she also realized what I have realized about a year ago when it comes to blonde USA Miss Pageant winners on conservative news networks. Someone needs to do a study on this topic, because I do believe that it’s part of the problem with conservative news networks and the fact that they are never really interested in doing real journalism. But that’s topic for a political blog.

This was a solid episode, although the writers were somewhat stuck in-between premises, like Rebecca was living in that in-between space, with could either be a meta reference to how this episode was broken in the writers room, or the writers really did not know how to gracefully get into the post-diagnosis episodes of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND and reshuffle all the characters and premises to make the show work as well as it did when Rebecca wasn’t diagnosed, still in love with Josh, and working at the law firm. I guess the writers were still reshuffling a few things, since this in-between episode with the in-between character was giving me in-between feelings.

Let’s shoot this crazy old man making out with his daughter and her BFF!

Still, the trip to Buffalo worked for me. Seeing Rebecca happy without the potential of her heart getting broken was great, and I really loved that cliches were circumvented by not making Rebecca a sloppy or slutty drunk after all the vodka shots she took with Bob. Sure, she couldn’t throw darts (I can’t either), but the entire trip was good for her and there was not one single instant of an emotional problem during these few days. Hell, even Paula used this opportunity to bump into Jeff, rekindle whatever they had in the past and get over it the way Rebecca should have gotten over Josh in the second episode of the show (but then we wouldn’t have had CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND). Rebecca had fun with Paula’s father, and Paula had fun chasing this life she could have had, only to realize that she is the complete opposite of her best friend, which is a realization that may have been necessary for Paula, even if it’s just to get her back home and tell her husband that she loves him. And here I was, thinking that Paula taking care of Rebecca would distance her from Scott and her two kids again, but now it looks like that ain’t happening — another crisis averted, another cliche circumvented.

Meanwhile, Josh is in-between two different lives as well, which gives this episode a strong theme that I wasn’t really able to care for, despite the fact that I am living an in-between life as well (I guess this in-between life is actually my life now? I think I need therapy myself to find out what I am actually doing right now). Anyway, Josh has a new job and with it he is hopefully deciding to grow up a little and be more than the big boy he was screaming to be while emulating Tom Cruise from COCKTAIL. It was a super fun story for the episode, albeit partially disgusting with the ooze form the pimple landing in a cocktail glass like it was cum that couldn’t fly straight through the room after ejaculation. The reaction from the bar patrons was especially hilarious — not only was I impressed that everybody was following Josh’s moves, but that they were also heavily invested in what is going to happen with the pimple, and if Dr. Pimple Popper is’t gonna show up by surprise, because CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND does like to do the cameo thing every once in a while. But yeah, I’m seriously hoping that Josh and Rebecca won’t be in this in-between phase for long. I also hope that the new character dynamic between Josh and heather as co-workers is useful for the narrative of the show, especially when it means Heather is getting some meaningful screentime in the new future.

It’s the sauce of dead life popping right out of your skin.

And finally, it’s all over for White Josh and Darryl (rest in peace, romance), which I am sad about. Hats off to Madison arranging this break-up scenery, because she couldn’t stand that these two adults were so childish about their failing relationship. The fact that White Josh and Darryl were still hanging after their break-up and witnessing the doom that was Josh’s pimple means there is a chance for the two to get back together after a while. All White Josh needs is a character arc, during which he comes to the realization that he really wants kids, and all Darryl needs is a partner who really wants kids with him. Darryl is almost there already, but White Josh has a bit of a way to go, and that could be a solid storyline. Then again, it could have been a storyline ever since Darryl realized he wanted another kid, and White Josh hasn’t changed at all in that time.

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