General Hospital (Episode 14289)

Season 57, Episode 18
Date of airing: April 25, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.337 million viewers, 1.74 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.340 million viewers, 1.73/6 in Households, 0.367 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.57/6), 0.078 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.22 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

There is a new Quartermaine in town and he won’t make it for long because he is about to die. I have no idea what it means to be a Quartermaine, since I haven’t been watching GENERAL HOSPITAL for long, but I guess in this series universe it means something to be a Quartermaine, and as long as you carry the name you are guaranteed a legacy. All this made me wonder though who actually is a Quartermaine in the show (knowing that the Quartermaine family has always been the center of the show’s run since its inception) and why Oscar deserved to carry the name. I guess Drew is part of the Quartermaine family, since Oscar had to mention that it’s not against his own mother that he decided to take the Quartermaine name. Then again, I have no idea what Oscar’s connection with the Quartermaines is and where in the family tree he is. In GENERAL HOSPITAL, everyone is related to each other somehow, or has been in a romantic relationship at one point, but almost four months into me watching the show and I still haven’t gotten the overview as to who is with whom, and what their biological relations are.

I did like Oscar’s story. He is clearly driving towards the end of his life, and he is spending his final episodes with happiness and around family, which is usually a sign of a deserved and proper death and not a sudden one, like it could have been the case while being trapped in the catacombs a few months ago. I was almost happy for him, his friends and his family to have spent a happy and great day together, and the final poker game showcased that they have each other’s back, and in this particular case they have Oscar’s back. Sometimes this kind of happiness and solid way of living with family makes me envious and while it doesn’t make for a thrilling or dramatic narrative, it’s at least a chance to witness the character have a good life for one. Yeah, Oscar is dying, but everyone seems delighted and happy about the day — that doesn’t happen often.

Can’t even stay away from the phone while hugging a best friend…

Elsewhere, Carly is starting to get worried about her unborn baby’s health, and the writers could have used this episode to either begin the story of a troubling pregnancy over the next few months, which could end in a happy end or not (I wouldn’t mind seeing a stillbirth storyline a la John Carter and Kem losing Joshua in season eleven of ER, but it sounds like Carly and Sonny have already gone through that with Morgan). It’s a great way to remind the audience about her pregnancy though, as well as give the characters and the viewers an opportunity to learn about CVS testing, as well as genetic vulnerabilities for a child during development, in case the parents had some genetic defects or illnesses they fought against. For one, I didn’t even know that Sonny is bipolar, since that never showed in his characterization, although maybe that is the reason for Maurice Bernard’s sometimes weird acting, where he hangs his lead low and to the side and gets the words out one group at a time. The whole thing with Carly wasn’t much of a story though, as it all looked like it was dropped into the story for preparation. Maybe the pregnancy will start bringing trouble to Carly from here on, or maybe this episode was just half a public service announcement — who knows at this point?

On the other side of town, Anna is bathing in her victory of being Robin’s mother, and all she can do is smile about it and be happy and constantly mention it, while forgetting that the memory transfer back story should still be a thing and it’s still a threat, if Alex has even told the truth about all of it. In retrospect, it is absolutely ridiculous that the writers wasted weeks on the story, by teasing that Alex really transferred some of her memories to Anna, and that those memories involved Robin. So, are we done with the story now, or is there a chance that Alex will return to cause more trouble for her good twin sister in the future? Is there another sudden thought in Anna’s mind that makes her think the memory transfer happened and something else about her life was planted into her head? If it’s not a specific mission or her daughter, what could it be? Was this story only here to reconnect Anna with Robert, so that Finn won’t ever have the chance to marry his girlfriend? Was the entire story just here to break up Anna and Finn?

Smile for what will probably be the last picture of father and son together.

Finally, the Avengers have banded together and are about to start executing their “get Ryan out of hiding” plan. I kinda love it that more people than just Kevin and Ava are involved in the plan. It’s almost like if something goes wrong with the two, Mac, Felicia and Laura will have their backs, and if things really go haywire and the team is suddenly facing the law, there is a good chance that one part of the team will help out the other part of the team getting out of legal trouble. Besides that, with Mac and Felicia involved in the plan, I’m hoping the two will get a bit more screentime in the new future. I might be indifferent about Mac, but I like Felicia as a character, especially when it concerns her back story. Ava and Kevin may have current reason to exact revenge on Ryan, but Felicia is also one of his victims and she might not be done either.

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