General Hospital (Episode 14291)

Season 57, Episode 20
Date of airing: April 29, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.381 million viewers, 1.72 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.262 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.341 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.53/5), 0.058 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.17 rating), 0.472 million viewers with Women with 25-54 (0.77 rating)

You know you’re watching a daily soap opera when an episode ends with a cellphone ringing. This was quite an exciting episode for both of the main story arcs, as they both stepped up a notch and developed the story. Sam finally got into the color-coded records room of Dawn of Day, and the Justice League has begun to produce a life that will get Ryan out of hiding. It’s almost like the writers decided to level up those stories for this particular Monday episode, so that the week of GENERAL HOSPITAL episodes will end with a twist in each of the stories, as they have to continue developing, before they turn stale and become boring and a cluster for the show.

First of all, Dawn of Day has a new undercover member to give Sam some time to be a spy for Sonny and Jason. It was an intriguing little plot development, but holy cow, did Milo overstep his acting abilities a little here — if I had been Shiloh, listening to the guy screaming and pushing for help and enlightenment, I would have asked myself if the guy was a plant, because he really seemed pushy about something specific. Maybe I would not have realized it was about giving Sam time to spy, but Milo’s constant pushing was super weird and should have activated all of Shiloh’s digital alarm bells. Who knows, maybe it is time for his alarm bells to ring, because Sam gets closer and closer with each week she is part of Dawn of Day, and now she knows there is a freaking camera in the living room, and she knows that she is being trusted with “the Trust.” But here is the thing: I want the story to go both ways, which is impossible for the show to do. I want Sam to be part of the Trust, and I want her to go through the ceremony with Shiloh that ends with X-rated intimacy, but I also want for Shiloh to recognize the danger in Sam. I want him to find out that she is a plant and that she has been working against him all this time. Granted, Shiloh can’t really do much if he finds out that Sam is a plant, since I don’t think he is someone who takes deadly revenge on people who betray him (Willow betrayed him and he still thinks he can convince her to come back), which means there is more in the story of Sam going all in with Dawn of Day, but as it stands, both directions have their advantages, but sadly both can’t be taken.

Se spies with her little eyes an office full of DoD data.

In the meantime, Kristina’s disappearance rings those alarm bells for a couple of detectives, and here is a good chance that Chase and Valerie may be in danger in the very near future. That would look good for a character like Valerie who hasn’t been much of a character ever since I started watching the show, so I guess it’s time for her to be placed front and center, even if it’s just to prepare her saving Kristina’s life somehow. Chase is already connected to the Dawn of Day story through Willow, so here is to hoping that his investigation will lead her back into the fold – I am still waiting for Willow to meet with Kristina and talk to her about hat Dawn of Day becomes after someone joins the Trust. I hope the writers didn’t just forget that part of the story. By the way, there was a fun realization during the story: Margaux was secretly defending Shiloh when it was all about declaring Kristina missing, which means she sort of knows already (at least subconsciously) that Shiloh is a questionable man. She didn’t mention him because she was scared that she would be connected to the guy who may or may not be a criminal or cult leader and she could lose her job that way, and maybe even her friends. It almost looks like Margaux is about to be folded into the story as well, and not just on the back-burner. She could actually become a danger to whomever is going to go against her.

Meanwhile, Ryan Chamberlain was memorialized and the Justice League was preparing for the inevitable standoff. I loved the notion that Lulu came back from Paris because of this, and that Laura’s phone call to her daughter from a few episodes ago was one about the plan to lure Ryan out of hiding. It’s interesting that Lulu came back for this, while still grieving about Dante, but I guess it’s a great way to get your mid around a mission and forget about your emotional troubles. What a shame though that Franco wasn’t let in on the plan, as I would have loved the expansion of the Justice League from six to seven members. Like I said before, this team should consist of Ryan’s victims, and Franco definitely deserves that title and deserves to be part of the team to bring Ryan to justice or to hell. Then again, I also loved how he reacted to Kevin and Ava caressing each other and holding each other’s bodies with one arm.

This memorial is for the viewers at home only.

The idea of Kevin’s status getting a hit, because he is going out with Ava, also intrigues me. That confrontational scene with Lucy reminds me of the way Franco risked his own standing with the world and his family just to trap Ryan with his own ego, ad who knows if everything is all right with Kevin by the end of the story and if his friends can still trust him. Nevertheless, the plan of the Justice League to trap Ryan already has consequences with two of their friends, as they are most likely to alienate themselves from the team. I must ask though why Lulu decided to film absolutely everything about Ryan’s memorial, beginning with the actual memorial and continuing with the get-together at the Metro Court. Is she working towards an exclusive interview or a documentary feature?

Curtis and Jordan’s stories were okay. Curtis gets another clue, and Jordan drops to the floor, because apparently Oscar isn’t allowed to be the only one currently sick (also, there are Michael and Sasha, but now I believe that their flu was just a plot device to have Sasha inadvertently speak out about her biological relationship with Nina). Curtis pays a bunch of money to a drug user, while Jordan can’t buy a kidney with all the money in the world.

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