General Hospital (Episode 14303)

Season 57, Episode 32
Date of airing: May 15, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.101 million viewers, 1.62 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.221 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.323 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.5/5), 0.060 million viewers (0.17 rating), 0.458 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.75 rating)

The Toronto storyline is amusing to me. April decides she is going to tell the two strange people who knocked on her door about Ryan, she gets stabbed to death for her troubles, and when Laura and Curtis see her lifeless body, super detective Curtis figures she must be dead for “less than an hour,” which is probably true, because April called them less than an hour ago. Curtis is such a great private detective, I can’t believe he has made it as a homicide detective yet. He should columbo his way through the Port Charles murder scene and then put on his glasses like a cool guy while the soundtrack of the scene blurts out an excited “Yeeeeaaaah!”

I was also amused by the fact that the point of view of the mystery person who is definitely Ryan is still being used, and this time around Laura had to look scared and screaming into the camera as it closed in on her. Let’s just hope that Ryan really is a freaking good serial killer, because there is no reason for him to let Laura and Curtis live after this. He could kill them and live as a free man for a day or two, figure out a way to get out of Canada and hide some more, since the murders of April and the two fake Canadian officers would definitely waken up the police all over Canada and the US that Ryan Chamberlain is still alive. Or Ryan could use those murders to proclaim with excitement that he is back. But leaving Laura and Curtis alive would just be dumb behavior from Ryan, yet I cannot see a way those two characters get killed off with this episode, because it would be too major and too much of a show-changing twist. Here is to hoping though that the contract of the two actors was running out, because the show needs a shocker like that. What the Toronto storyline does though is bring Ryan back into the fold for good. I cannot imagine the writers continuing to keep the story on the downlow after this. Ryan is alive, and it’s time for him to continue his reign of terror.

The son can’t even

I was surprised to hear that the Nurses Ball was less than 24 hours away in the narrative. It must mean the festivities are either about to begin in the next two episodes, or they will kick off next week’s episodes and go through the entire week. I can’t wait, because I have heard and read a few things about the Nurses Ball, and how it has become a chance for GENERAL HOSPITAL to do something awesome and spectacular at the same time, while also using the opportunity to create twists and turns in the story (it would certainly give Ryan a chance to make a grande re-entry into the Port Charles narrative, maybe with a murder or two). Anyway, Sam invited Shiloh to the ball as her date, which definitely moves forward their story, and I couldn’t be more excited about that as well. Sam’s long con is going places, and I am waiting for the moment she realizes she may actually be getting brainwashed for real, or maybe even feels something for the guy and starts defending him not to break her cover, but because she truly has feelings for the villain. The fact that she is still thinking about her con though makes me think that my story will never happen, and Sam will continue to be Shiloh’s ultimate foil. But that could lead to another potentially intriguing story arc: What if Sam goes all the way with the sexual assault, but Jason is late to save her and Sam really has to have sex with Shiloh? That could add another traumatic layer to the Dawn of Day story arc and Shiloh would truly become the villain of this story while continuing to create victims.

The rest of the episode was okay. I didn’t really care about the marriage proposal in the long term memory care center, although I was slightly amused by the fact that Finn’s life was about to unravel without that ring in his hand, all while Mike is finding his happiness right now as he is annoying every sane family member around him. At least Anna’s stance on marriage was intriguing, as it could lead to a potential relationship problem with Finn in a few episodes. It shows that Finn and Anna have a communication problem and that is usually a sign for some serious cracks in their relationship, which usually leads to the end of it. Also, I caught a spoiler of someone from Finn’s past coming back to confuse him very soon, so there is a good chance his story with Anna may be over any episode now.

This friendly and helpful woman is dead for being friendly and helpful to a serial killer.

Then there was Carly’s trip to the hospital after cramps or pains, which seemed like a friendly reminder that she did the CVS test and that we never knew the results of said test. Here is an episode to fill until the beginning of the Nurses Ball, making me think it will take until the following Monday episode for the festivities to begin, as a few storylines have to be resolved until then. I must say though, I like seeing Carly and Jason hang out. The two will never be a romantically involved couple, which makes it even better — they are just best friends who have each other’s back and would go to hell and back to save the other’s life. Sometimes you don’t need to be in love to have that kind of character dynamic, and it makes this show a bit refreshing that Carly and Jason are not at all romantically interested in one another.

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