Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (“A Pressing Engagement”)

Season 1, Episode 4
Date of airing: September 9, 1993 (FOX)

Holy rusted metal Batman, Goldar ran away again after the Megazord got his mega power sword. I was already amused by Goldar’s cowardliness during the pilot episode, but when he pissed off again after the mega power sword already demolished King Sphinx, I had to laugh out loud. Four episodes in and there might already be a running joke in this television show, and I might even have the opportunity to count how often Goldar will run away screaming for his holy evilness Rita, after the Megazord called for its mega power sword. Besides that, maybe the Megazord should always call for the sword before it gets smashed left and right by either one or two monsters at once. It turns out the sword is quite the weapon to beat villains with, which is why I couldn’t understand it wasn’t used from the get-go. At least this time around Jason used his own sword during the fight with the normal-sized Goldar and King Sphinx, after the specific weapons were introduced to the Power Rangers in the previous episode. What the crystals were about though, I have no idea. Is that where the power is stored? And if Zordon could send the crystals to the place Jason was “kidnapped” to by the monsters, why couldn’t he send the other four Rangers to that place? Some weird things were going on with those crystals, but the merchandise department certainly got some new things to sell to the parents of the watching boy audience.

Kimberly has her face full of gum. Lucky for her it’s not in the hair.

Rita didn’t have such a shady plan when she said she wanted to separate Jason from his friends. After all, Jason is clearly the strongest of the Power Rangers, as well as the group’s leader, so destroying him first before the Power Rangers is a sound idea. Within this narrative though the writers managed to shuffle together a few silly excuses to bring the whole team together again for the final fight against the double team of monsters (including the crystals) and to explain why it wasn’t just possible for the four Power Rangers to join Jason by transporting themselves to his position. All in all, the pretty good idea of separating the Power Rangers didn’t pan out for Rita, and once more one of her most loyal monsters chickened out of the fight, making me wonder how long she is going to keep Goldar around when he continuously fails to deliver in his battles against the Rangers as well as their dinosaur robots.

By the way, did the Megazord do its own thing in this episode, proving some form of consciousness? When King Sphinx was doing one of his moves, the Megazord ducked to get out of the way of its staff, which according to the Rangers inside seemed like a surprise move. A few seconds later, the Megazord went back to tank mode for a few moments to counter one of King Sphinx’s attacks, and that moment sounded like it was a surprise to the Rangers as well. I am most likely reading too much into it, but the idea of a sentient Megazord is intriguing to me, and since a crapton of seasons exist in this franchise, there is a good chance a sentient Megazord will appear at one point and maybe do its thing without the Power Rangers comfortably sitting inside. It would definitely be an interesting story.

It’s crystal time!

Back at the Angel Grove marriage of a gym and a juice bar, Jason was out to crack a record and needed three times to get there. So, did Jason essentially do more than 3000 bench presses during the events of this episode? That might be a record by itself. Bulk and Skull could piss off though, as they become more annoying with each episode they show up in. Four episodes into the show and these two idiots have become more annoying than every brother character on a Disney Channel family sitcom.

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