General Hospital (Episode 14305)

Season 57, Episode 34
Date of airing: May 17, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.257 million viewers, 1.68 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.221 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.323 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.5/5), 0.060 million viewers (0.17 rating), 0.458 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.75 rating)

Is this the episode in which GENERAL HOSPITAL turns into the television show titled “Nurses Ball?” Should I be changing the posts’ titles for the coming week of episodes or not bother? After all, I cannot imagine that the titular hospital is being stepped foot in for an entire week, so there is that. It was an intriguing episode, and not just because I wasn’t expecting an entire episode set on the red carpet of the event, as I was just waiting for the festivities to start with the Monday episode, waiting for some more storylines to conclude with this episode. Oh well, no storylines were concluded at all, but it looks like all the people at the Nurses Ball will start up some storylines. Because the most intriguing part of the episode was that I completely spaced out on what is going to happen when certain characters appear at the Nurses Ball. Most notably Shiloh, whose presence should wake everyone up about how dangerous the man is, which could mean that Sam’s invitation for him has an unintended positive outcome:The guests at the Nurses Ball will get to know Shiloh, and they will get to know that he is a cult leader. In a way, the ball could be used to unite more characters against Shiloh. And besides that, it did lead to the moment that had Shiloh and Sonny look into each others’ eyes. If I remember correctly, they just met for the first time.

So much excitement!

The red carpet event looked like it wasn’t scripted at all and may have been ad-libbed all the way through. At the beginning, Nina sounded like she was spaced out after smoking a bit too much weed and Michelle Stafford may have flubbed her lines here and there, but it wasn’t the only thing about the red carpet that made me think this episode may have been filmed on the spot. It surely gave the episode and the red carpet event some authenticity, but I was kind of expecting for the entire Nurses Ball to be a scripted super event, since I see it as a chance for the writers and producers to bring some excitement into the show and won over new or lost viewers. It could be seen as the “sweeps week” of GENERAL HOSPITAL, which is probably not wrong, because maybe some viewers had to be convinced to tune into the show over the summer months.

So, the characters were all marching on the red carpet and there wasn’t really a lot to be won out of it. A few couplings here and there, a few reactions from Nina and her co-star, as well as social media reporter Maxie, who apparently did not tweet a single thing while she was on screen (does that mean she was failing at her job?). The two highlights of the red carpet were essentially the walk-ins from both Kevin and Ava, as well as Sam and Shiloh. Both couples stir up story trouble for obvious reasons, so I am very excited to see what they are going to do while “locked into” the Nurses Ball, which they probably can’t really escape from (or there will be bad press). I only would have wished for Kevin and Ava to stir a bit more trouble than just with Scott and Lucy. Considering how hated their public relationship is at the moment, I was hoping for it to be more problematic for people to look at than when Shiloh walked in. But here was Shiloh, immediately putting fear into Willow and serving a moment for Sonny to declare war between his lines of dialogue — which were both intriguing moments in their own rights.

Live television is always good for a facepalm here and there.

Because really, I wasn’t even expecting for Willow and Shiloh to see each other at the Nurses Ball. That’s maybe because I never knew whether or not Willow would go there, but here she was, but not even then did I figure that she may be in emotional trouble when she sees the guy. I hope Shiloh isn’t going to use this opportunity to force Willow back to Dawn of Day and have them repeat what they have been talking about in her classroom twice or thrice, because that would be just boring. If Shiloh’s endgame is really Sam, who looked fantastic by the way, then maybe he should focus all on her this evening and make her feel as comfortable as possible with him as her date. Because it kind of looks to me like Sam is wearing the pants in their relationship right now, and I don’t think Shiloh ever wants that.

There was still some stuff happening in Toronto, but don’t panic, the sudden hostages are probably still alive. Consider me disappointed that Ryan didn’t kill Curtis and Laura, because that was his only option, especially when he was about to be on his way to Pot Charles (tying them up would take considerably more time than just stabbing them and having them bleed to death). But yeah, I fear now that Ryan is on his way to Port Charles to make himself seen by the world — using the Nurses Ball is actually a great opportunity to wreak some havoc and maybe murder someone else, just to remind Kevin and Ava that Ryan cannot be controlled.

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