General Hospital (Episode 14306)

Season 57, Episode 35
Date of airing: May 20, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.364 million viewers, 1.79 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.332 million viewers (1.73/6 in Households), 0.359 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.55/6), 0.081 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.23 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

Wait, just two musical numbers? If I hadn’t known already that the Nurses Ball is going to be a weeklong event, I would have been quite disappointed that there were only two musical numbers, but I guess with the Nurses Ball running through the next episodes, there is a chance there will be two numbers in each episode, which pretty much results in an EP after the week has finished. And it’s an EP I would probably listen to. Chase’s number was not that bad at all, and it both fit into his character arc (his relationship with Willow being put on stage and for once it’s not being defined by her fear of Shiloh) and it was a lyrically and visually interesting number in general. It’s almost like I have to look up the original of it to put it into my playlist. Consider me surprised about the visual aspects of it, because I was definitely not expecting Chase to have about a dozen dancers on the stage with him who were not only dancing, but performing art in a way. How did Chase have the time to even rehearse and choreograph the number, considering not even a week ago he was busy looking for missing Kristina?

Teens are doing what they always do: sit at home and watch the festivities on the television.

I did however expect that most of the episode will still be filled with the current narrative of the show, and it’s great that most of the characters found the time and space to be in this episode, so their stories get advanced. Sam and Shiloh may not have had a lot of minutes on screen, but it’s obvious that their appearance is riling up some people, even leading Kristina to the Nurses Ball, which I found to be a surprise (shouldn’t she still be in the recovery phase instead of trying to go after Shiloh for being with her big sister?). It’s also a fact that I was very much surprised that Sam would even go as far as pressing Peter into telling everyone that Molly pitched a story about Dawn of Day. First of all, Sam knew about Molly’s idea, because Molly told her the last time they met. That Sam would let Shiloh hear all about this from Peter himself must mean that it’s part of Sam’s con against Shiloh, which may or may not be a good idea. It’s a good one when it’s her goal to destroy Shiloh, and an expose may do the trick or at least bring the ball into rolling, but it could be a bad idea right now, because bringing down Shiloh is not Sam’s very first goal. At the moment it’s Kristina’s pledge she has to get, but it seems like the characters and the writers kind of forgot about that and just wanted to move on to the sexual assault part of the evening, which will most likely be part of the Friday episode, considering it’s quite the major plot to bring in the middle of all the festivities.

Also available were Kevin and Ava, whose fake romance continued to rile up Scott and Lucy for some reason. I get that Kevin and Ava wouldn’t tell the two what their romance is about, but I am also surprised that Scott hasn’t figured it out by himself yet. After all, Scott was asked by Ava if he didn’t want to be her fake boyfriend to lure out Ryan Chamberlain, but Scott was one of the believers of Ryan’s deadness, so apparently he forgot all about that while looking at Ava and Kevin’s romantic advances. Meanwhile, there was a llama available for Cameron, and as soon as he started talking to the animal, I knew he would use it to see a message from Oscar in whatever he was thinking about. I do believe that Joss will make her way to the Nurses Ball at the end and perform the song she wrote with Oscar (together with Cameron), since it’s a perfect way to showcase that Joss is truly grieving, but also slowly getting over it. And since Oscar died so recently and he was very well known in the community, it’s only a given that his life would be remembered during the festivities.

They don’t just want the superhero stuff, they want the real thing.

Then there were all the romantic parts about the episode. Mike was able to celebrate his engagement even though he had to exchange the ring, and Finn finally got his back, although I really have had it up to my neck with the whole Finn/Anna/Robert triangle. Granted, it seems pretty obvious now that Robert accepts his losses and lets his ex-wife move forward with his new love, but his dickish behavior during the first few minutes of the Nurses Ball was just abhorrent. He doesn’t even explain himself to anyone, and then he made Finn accidentally throw the ring right in front of Anna’s feet. Okay, that scene was super funny – Anna’s confused face, Finn’s shocked and clueless face, and Robert’s “What the hell, Finn?” face all at once… Yes, it definitely was a laugh-out-loud moment, although I doubt that this was supposed to be such a moment. By the way, I appreciate that a back story was given to me about Robin – considering how long Anna believed that Robin wasn’t her daughter, it was about time for some of the newer audiences of GENERAL HOSPITAL to find out who this Robin person is and what she is currently doing in the world (for a second I believed she was dead). The final two and a half minutes does make me wonder though: Is ABC going to donate the proceedings they get from advertisers for this episode to charities that deal with HIV and AIDS? Is the Nurses Ball actually going to be used to do some real charity work, both by the network, as well as its cast and producers? Because it would be weird that the fictional Nurses Ball about a real-life problem would just decide to keep it scripted and fictional and not write a check to actual charities involved in combating the AIDS epidemic.

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