General Hospital (Episode 14307)

Season 57, Episode 36
Date of airing: May 21, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.271 million viewers, 1.70 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.332 million viewers (1.73/6 in Households), 0.359 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.55/6), 0.081 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.23 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

How long does it take to get from Toronto to Port Charles? The house blew up during the red carpet event of the Nurses Ball, which means Ryan must have left the house a little before that, but here he is already (or just his gloved-up hand), wreaking havoc backstage at the ball, about to congratulate Ava for a performance well done. I could imagine seeing Ryan on the floor, with his non-hand hiding behind his back (so that Ava doesn’t see at first), giving her the rose, making out with her, just for her to realize then that it’s Ryan she has been making out with and Kevin is probably nursing his wound backstage, because dead he certainly ain’t. Well, in hindsight using the Nurses Ball to return Ryan to the fold was a solid idea, as the event episodes are perfect for that kind of story development, but damn, did the writers take their sweet time. What a shame though that Kevin and Ava don’t have a chance to get even further into their fake romance — they only riled up Scott and Lucy, but I would have loved to see more people getting angry that the two were cozying it up. In the meantime, let’s not forget that Ryan is a stupid supervillain — he gets tricked by Franco into revealing himself and now he gets tricked by Kevin and Ava to return back to Port Charles, when he could have had a nice life as a dead man, maybe kill a few people here and there, if he really can’t hold himself back. But going back into the lion’s den after what he has gone through before? That’s quite ballsy for a serial killer searched for by the nation, and not even Ryan can believe he can get away with taking his revenge on Kevin and Ava.

She is finally wearing that ring!

This was a solid episode. I didn’t like the performances a lot this time around, but only because Lisa Obrecht’s was a boring number that had me transported to the 1970s, which is not really a decade I’m interested in, while Cameron’s number may have been original and fitting for his character arc, but it was also a boring teen song number you probably would have gotten to listen to when the Backstreet Boys were still young and riding the wave of their success and other boy bands were trying to copy said success. Ava’s performance was a bit more entertaining than the other two, but that was only because of the story she was in the middle of. I was waiting for Ryan to show himself with that rose in his hand, which made Ava’s entire number a period of tense waiting for a tense moment. So far, Chase’s number from the previous episode is still number one, but because I couldn’t get much out of the other ones, Ava’s number is probably second, followed by the opening number from the nurses. Obrecht and Franco’s number is dead last. Hey, I just created a list! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I did that just now.

The stories of the episode were also solid enough. The proposal was a bit weird to look at (and so was Finn when he and Anna were alone in the hotel room, enjoying their new status as husband and wife-to-be), but it’s a proposal, so let’s move on from that. More interesting was how Willow’s story developed, and how her confrontation with Nina led to Shiloh learning a little bit more about his former love. Great, thanks to the fact that Willow couldn’t shut up about her life and had to discuss her past with other people while she knew that her manipulative and dangerous ex-boyfriend was in the building as well, the writers were now forced to level up this arc and make something out of it, although at this point I’m not really trusting the writers. All it could do is probably force Willow back to Dawn of Day, but what I want to see from it is her decision to fight (her pledge be damned), while at the same time, Brad’s secret is being revealed, as I think it should be when Shiloh learned he actually fathered a child with Willow. Any other way the writers chose to stall all of these stories makes me want to consider them lazy — this is a great opportunity to have those stories come to a head and eventually conclude them, but continuing to carry them through the summer months of GENERAL HOSPITAL would really have been a terrible idea.

Some sex appeal is needed to lure out a serial killer.

I did however love Kristina’s decision to confront Shiloh. While I still don’t quite believe that she should be confrontational like this while she is still in recovery, having Sam see her in that kind of agony is perfect for that little siblings plot they have, just in case Kristina learns soon that Sam is just playing the long con and has always been out to protect her little sister. I also keep noticing that everyone around Sam who knows of her plan really wants to tell Kristina now, just to calm her down and not risk Sam’s standing with Dawn of Day. But then I remember that Sam “invited” Molly’s Invader expose straight to Shiloh in the previous episode, which means Sam is obviously interested in battling Shiloh from multiple fronts. In the meantime, Sonny can stay the hell away. His smug smile while threatening Shiloh annoyed me, like the entire character currently does. Either Sonny puts up or shuts up — constantly hearing him talk about how he is going to handle it is crumbling my cookie.

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