Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (“Power Ranger Punks”)

Season 1, Episode 10
Date of airing: September 20, 1993 (FOX)

The Super Sentai sequences of this episode went straight into THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS territory, making me think that the Japanese series might have been influenced by the horror musical, which if it really is the case would be hilarious. The way Terror Toad ate Jason and Billy just reminded me a little too much of Audrey II eating Seymour, and hat was really missing from this scene was Terror Toad spitting out something from the two Power Rangers, after it devoured them — it would have made the homage not only funnier, but also real. But what could the Terror Toad have spit out that belonged to Jason or Billy? Billy is wearing glasses, so the Terror Toad spitting those out would have been one of the most hilarious moments of television I would have experienced. Maybe Jason’s power sword or blast pistol? Maybe the entire superhero suit, or just the helmet? Something to make clear that the Terror Toad had actually eaten four of the five Power Rangers (what a diet!), but then it would have meant the Terror Toad really ate the Rangers, which would not have led to a quick reunion after Kimberly, who was the lone fighter for a hit second, blasted all of her arrows into the Terror Toad’s neck.

Bulk and Skull don’t rule the school any longer.

The episode was hilarious. It took the show only ten episodes to turn some of its characters into evil caricatures of themselves, but damn, the punk versions of Kimberly and Billy gave me so much joy. For once, MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS didn’t go with the extra cheese and silliness, and instead went straight over the top with the premise of the episode and decided not to hold back. Billy and Kimberly could have been villains as punks, but the writers decided to only have them be meanies. And I must say, I kind of liked punk-Kimberly, which I found to be a surprise, because the punk scene is so not my area of expertise (I may have listened to Avril Lavigne when she started becoming famous and mainstream, but that was it). I found it just a bit too convenient that the punk Rangers couldn’t remember that they were Power Rangers, let alone were Billy and Kimberly forgetting all about their punk experiences. And by the way, why were they described as “punks” anyway? First and foremost they were bullies, and MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS could have delivered an afterschool special episode about bullying and what to do against or about it.

Feeeeed meeee!

Meanwhile, Baboo actually had a good plan in poisoning the Power Rangers, begging the question why Rita and her monster fools couldn’t have been doing that all the time? There is probably some poison whose antidote hasn’t been discovered by Zordon yet, and it almost looked like Rita was about to celebrate a success and invade Earth after the Terror Toad swallowed another Power Ranger. Besides that, I loved the notion that this episode had Rita in the background for almost the entire episode. The only thing she ordered her fools to do was to send a monster, but other than that this as mostly Baboo’s episode. Hell, even Alpha 5 came short at the end, and he was in a real adventure, having to electrocute a bunch of Putty Patrollers. For a movie, this side plot would have been amazing, but for this episode it was a story quickly breakfasted, and maybe even quicker than the Terror Toad was able to eat four Power Rangers.

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