General Hospital (Episode 14309)

Season 57, Episode 38
Date of airing: May 23, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.371 million viewers, 1.74 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.332 million viewers, 1.73/6 in Households, 0.359 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.55/6), 0.081 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.23 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

This is the one hundredth episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL I have watched, which means a glass of champagne is in order (as well as a new cover picture of the show for this blog), although there is not much to celebrate here, considering the threat and danger all around Port Charles. The writers even cut short the Nurses Ball, which I believed was to be spaced out into a week’s worth of episodes, just so the Ryan Chamberlain arc and the Dawn of Day arc can come head-to-head with the characters that are involved with it. Sweeps week is almost over for GENERAL HOSPITAL though, which means the next episode not only has to deliver, but also create a storyline that can carry the show over the summer months. It’s almost like the Nurses Ball week was the biggest chance for the writers and producers to convince the viewers to keep watching the show, because chances are the ratings were about to go down anyway, because of summer, sun and vacation. Does it mean the show will go through its greatest storylines over the summer, just to keep viewers engaged with the show before heading to their vacation spots?

As expected, Ryan did not kill Kevin, because why would the Wednesday episode end with that twist? And of course everything is hunky-dory fine with Kevin after he woke up and now he doesn’t even feel the pain of getting clubbed and strung up by his evil twin any longer. No, he is among his friends and police now, talking about what kind of great plan it was to lure Ryan out of hiding, all while doing nothing to actually stop Ryan or maybe even find Ava. It’s almost like he was part of a dialogue scene, in which the characters were not supposed to move at all. Typical daily soap opera stuff.

Ryan loves to use knives.

I did like all of Ava’s scenes though. When Ryan marched in with knife in hand and she started talking about how much she missed him, I knew she was playing him just to stall time and give her the chance to pull out her revolver and empty all the chambers straight into his head, but even I was unsure for a hot second whether or not Ava was playing Ryan or if she was telling the truth about her affection for him. The fact that she couldn’t get a straight and believable answer out of her after Ryan asked her about his murdering Kiki, it was pretty obvious where the story would head, but until the uncertainty was there and the tension was keeping the episode alive. What a shame that Ava didn’t find the opportunity to shoot at Ryan at the end of the episode. What a great middle finger that would have been to the viewers, who just got to realize that Ryan may be a perfect kidney donor for Jordan, but a few minutes later we get to see how Ryan was being murdered. Curtis just awoke all hope when it comes to Jordan’s health, but a few minutes later that hope could have been buried again. Dammit, if I had been part of the writing staff of the show, I would have advocated so hard for that to happen — you could still get a kidney donor at random from the other side of the country, but simply for the shock and surprise value, Ryan should have been killed right after he became an option for saving Jordan. Then again, him becoming an option for saving Jordan could keep Ryan a bit longer in the show. I guess the writers were pulling all of their strings to keep one of their most popular story arcs and villain characters alive.

Meanwhile, Sam becomes part of Shiloh’s Trust and she was pretty close to being sexually assaulted. How he was able to carry her out of the house unnoticed by Jason and Sonny is a bit ridiculous though — the Corinthos clan had enough men available to hinder Kristina from escaping out of the safe house, but there were no men available to check all the side and back doors of the Dawn of Day house? How convenient for Shiloh to carry sam to the lighthouse (is it even a lighthouse? I have no clue) he was showing her back when Jason and Drew got blind and Jordan had her accident, just so Shiloh can have some privacy with Sam and rape her right there. His words did make me wonder though what his end games truly are. He talked about Sam like she was his endgame, but then again he could have told all the women he coerced into having sex with, which means Sam is no one special for Shiloh and she is just his latest obsession. On the other side of the story, Jason and Sonny were serving up some violent action in the Dawn of Day house, turning this week of episodes even more into Sweeps week for GENERAL HOSPITAL, because the last time the show got so exciting with violence was back when Sonny was shooting up some Turkish gangsters in a bazar of sorts. At least Sonny went straight into Margaux’s face when she showed up — that was another one of those tense moments of the episode, even though there isn’t really a reason for the writers to keep Margaux’s connection to Dawn of Day alive. They haven’t treated it greatly anyway, so they could easily retcon it into the land of the forgotten story arcs.

The woman of his dreams is not here to be rescued.

And finally, there were the foursome around Wylie, who are now starting to believe they will lose the baby boy for good. I am not sure that Shiloh will ever know that Wylie is his son, but as long as it’s causing havoc and emotional chaos in Brad’s mind, I will take that story and I will await his nervous breakdown right after he told everyone the truth. The way Brad has been written into oblivion about Shiloh’s actions and evilness, all while Lucas continues to connect all the dots like a super detective Curtis wishes he would be, was of course as convenient as the fact that Shiloh was able to sneak out of the house with Sam in his arms unnoticed. But now that everyone knows about Wylie, maybe the story can continue towards its hopefully inevitable conclusion, because it’s about time for that, especially when Shiloh is in the background, starting to become the real villain of the show.

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