Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (“Green with Evil”, Part 2)

Season 1, Episode 18
Date of airing: October 6, 1993 (FOX)

Oh boy, was this episode inconsistent with the established rules of the show. Then again, MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS never established rules to begin with, as the American writers never bothered to describe what the morphing grid is or what the power coins really do except giving the teens superpowers when morphed into sweet superhero costumes. I still don’t know what the power crystals do either except join the dinozords into one Megazord, but I always got the feeling you could have done that without the crystals. And this episode went even a step further with the inconsistencies. The four Power Rangers minus Jason were able to get their dinozords into the Megazord, although I have no clue how Jason’s Tyrannosaurus became part of the Megazord, since Jason’s dinozord was not called. Then again, Kimberly didn’t call her pterodactyl either and she still got it. By the way, this is the second time that I have noticed Kimberly not calling her dinozord, while the other Power Rangers were able to do it. It’s the second time Amy Jo Johnson was not given the opportunity to voice over her Pink Ranger and call for her dinozord. It’s the second time I’m thinking that the American producers didn’t like Johnson very much.

If Spider-Man ever turns up with green web shooters, consider him evil.

When I forget all about the inconsistency of Jason’s dinozord being in the action when the Red Ranger himself is out of commission, this was a fine episode. I’m kind of loving Tommy as the villain here, even though he could not get any more silly talking to his empress from a distance, because the American producers couldn’t fly in the one Japanese cast member to film a cameo here or maybe put a stunt actor into the suit, like they did with Goldar. That begs the question if the Japanese cast members and producers even allowed to be associated with the American remake of their show or if everything was peachy between the two groups of producers (who knows, maybe the Japanese hated Haim Saban for making their work more successful and a much bigger pop culture deal than the Japanese ever managed to do?). Anyway, Tommy is a big villain now, he is fully into the world of being an evil Green Ranger, and all he needs now is his own dinozord, whose reveal could have been splendid and exciting if the opening credits wouldn’t have taken away that little surprise from the viewers. And yes, I am very much surprised that Tommy is already credited during the intro — if I had been a producer of the show, I would have waited for the “Green with Envy” story to end before telling the viewers that Tommy is now a central character. Because now it kind of foretells that Tommy will be a central character, which means he will be a Power Ranger.

The chaos after the command center got trashed was solid enough. Trini and Billy were in fix-it mode, and for a few seconds Kimberly and Zack had the opportunity to be in their own little storyline, as they were absent from both Jason’s and the command center arcs. The writers could have focused a tad bit more on Kimberly’s crush on Tommy and given her an opportunity to be heartbroken over the fact that Tommy behaved like an asshole. And Zack could have been given the opportunity to be the impromptu leader of the Power Rangers, now that Jason is missing, but that didn’t happen either.

Jason shows off his biceps.

So here we are, with Jason, fighting for his life probably, because I never knew whether or not Goldar was even allowed to murder Jason and if that was one of Rita’s goals. But if Rita wanted to take over Earth, all she needed to do was kill the Power Rangers, yet Goldar was still playing around with his prize. It’s almost like the villains want the heroes to survive this round. Plus points for the American producers to get the Goldar suit and put an actor in it for interactions with Jason, even though I was amused by the fact that Goldar’s mouth wasn’t moving when he was talking. Now I must remember if his mouth moved during the Super Sentai scenes.

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