Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (“Green with Evil”, Part 3)

Season 1, Episode 19
Date of airing: October 7, 1993 (FOX)

In which Scorpina appeared for some reason other than fighting the Power Rangers for five seconds and then get overlooked by Rita to fight them again, so the evil lord sends Goldar of all monsters. At least Scorpina managed to be my favorite villain of the show yet, and it’s not just because she happens to be the second female villain. It’s mainly because she is the first minor villain not wearing a full-body costume or a mask, which makes things a little more personal and tense for the Power Rangers, because now they could look the monster they’re fighting in the eye for once. Judging by how Scorpina was treated in this episode though, chances are she still has a shot of becoming the main villain of the episode and for Rita’s magic wand to make her big. It’s about time that the Megazord is going to fight against a monster with an actual human face.

Kimberly practices her scissor leg move to become the next Black Widow.

The episode was good enough, but it had a few weird things, one of them being the crude editing during the final minutes. Scorpina was fighting against the Power Rangers, and one cut later it’s Rita we see, who is putting make-up on in front of a mirror, in which we get to see Scorpina a few seconds later. Dialogue scenes before that moment made it clear that Goldar thought Scorpina was overpowered by the Power Rangers, which is why he wanted to get her back, but that getting-her-back scene never happened. Does it mean the Power Rangers just fought about five seconds with Scorpina and she was never really able to showcase why Rita decided to get her into this battle?

Another weird thing was Goldar, who apparently is blind in the American version of the Super Sentai show. Jason was lying on the ground right before Goldar’s feet, yet Goldar still couldn’t see the teenager. Okay, there was the mist making things a little different for Goldar to see, but hell, Jason was able to see Goldar perfectly from his point of view, so it should have been possible for Goldar to hit Jason’s head with his sword and decapitate the superhero without his superhero outfit. The whole fight between Jason and Goldar in the misty dimension that had the same starlight background as the command center set (which means we know where the set was built on the MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS soundstage) was a little worrying from a creative standpoint, which is why I was quite happy that the Green Ranger showed up and wanted to take over the murdering of Jason. Which means the show just went into its first scene in which an American cast member fought against a Power Ranger from the Super Sentai show, even though Tommy was in fact in the Green Ranger suit and not his Japanese counterpart. It looks like the producers really were trying to get everything out of Jason Frank’s martial arts skills.

Even Rita just wants to look fabulous every now and then.

In fact, the characters were fighting out of their costumes quite a lot. Okay, maybe not Billy and Trini, who continued to hang out with Alpha 5 to fix the computer system, but Kimberly and Zack had something of an extended and more choreographed action scene against the Putties, which can only mean that the cast either got used to the action scenes and were trusted to do a few more of those, or the producers were pressing the cast members to do more action scenes and that is where the behind-the-scenes problems arose between the cast members and the producers. Which brings the question how long Jason Frank was able to put up with the producers’ demands, because right now I don’t even know how long he made it on MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS. By the way, let Tommy’s inability to kill Jason be a lesson to all supervillains, both fictional and real: Never laugh like you just heard a great freaking joke right before putting your sword into the hero’s body. The villain’s laughing gives the hero enough time to develop an exit strategy.

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