Liv and Maddie (“Ask Her More-a-Rooney”)

Season 3, Episode 8
Date of airing: November 22, 2015 (Disney Channel)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.108 million viewers, 0.44 rating with Adults 18-49, 0.51 rating with Adults 18-34, 0.38 rating with Adults 25-54, 1.07 rating with Females 12-17

In which another morale of the story was delivered, this time featuring Kristen Bell. I guess the writers were in the mood of delivering yet another one of those episodes of morale and high standards for the television-viewing audience, because maybe it was actually a good idea to teach the viewers certain standards that stop women from being asked about their looks, or treating them like the only noteworthy thing to talk about and with them are their looks. It worked for me, though I’m not so sure if it worked for the actual audience of the show and the Disney Channel, because I’m almost sure that teenagers won’t care about changing the conversation into something more meaningful and less about fashion — it’s the real-life reporters on the red carpet (as well as those employed by the basic cable network E!) who needed to watch this episode and be involved I the changing of the conversation, because that’s where it starts. If the E! Hollywood buttheads can’t ask you about what your biggest accomplishment is and just want you to circle around, so that the camera can catch the whole of your expensive-looking dress, then teenagers watching a Disney Channel show can’t begin changing the conversation, since the programs they were watching hasn’t been focusing on the conversation change. But it was a nice step into a right direction, though every time LIV AND MADDIE delivers an episode focused on a progressive morale, I’m surprised that the show even went into this direction. I’m totally expecting one morale-focused episode after another on GIRL MEETS WORLD, but LIV AND MADDIE is a silly family sitcom first and foremost, so seeing the show go for a grounded story is weird to say the least.

Willow has her Joey for the next five seconds.

And the silly has been depicted once more, when the writers finally decided to get into the Parker tunnels. They were established as a fun gag in the first season, and they became part of the story in the second season when Maddie got lost in the tunnels. Now the producers created an entire set (a small one though), just so the viewers can have a look into the Parker tunnels and in the meantime create a plot device for earthquakes in Wisconsin, just in case the show really needs them in a future episode. As much as I laughed when Joey and Karen were spilling their drinks on them during the “earthquake” scenes (someone please stabilize the footage because I want to see how that looked), it seems a little weird that the fate of the Rooney house hangs in the balance of one single book, when Parker could have easily shut down that one part of his tunnels, just so he can save the house from falling apart. By the way, how many Parker tunnel entrances are there now? Obviously one is behind the picture at the staircase, one is under the kitchen staircase, one is in the backyard, another one has been introduced in this episode, one is at the high school, and one is in the boys’ room. Just curious, because the number of tunnel entrances seems to be rising.

Meanwhile, Maddie’s future in college continues to be a recurring story device. I guess depicting the move from high school to college in a show that depicts characters in high school is a big thing, but I was wondering if this episode was supposed to be aired before the previous one. Maddie got her transcripts together in this episode, even though she was waiting for an acceptance letter in the previous episode. Something ain’t right here, and I blame the switch of episode airdates. Disney Channel, you screwed up again. But whatever. I kinda loved that it was Dump Truck who brought the story rolling. I like the character and I want to see a bit more of him, as well as how the writers were thinking about making fun of Italian-American New York gangster tropes.

They rule this red carpet interview!

And that the guy was also busy in Joey’s storyline. Granted, their assumption that Dump Truck was hiding a dead body in Joey’s locker was ridiculous as hell, but it was also hilarious, especially when Willow took the opportunity to stay close to Joey, because he was too scared of the situation to think about the fact that Willow was holding onto him. I can understand that there would have never been a chance for that, but I would have loved for the writers to not have finished up the story in this episode, and let Joey sweat about what was in his locker. Just to get some creepiness going.

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