Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (“Green with Evil”, Part 4)

Season 1, Episode 20
Date of airing: October 8, 1993 (FOX)

This could have been the season finale for the show, because the danger of the Power Rangers not only losing their dinozords, but also losing the ability to morph is an interesting one, and it certainly could give the writers a way to explain for an episode or two why the Power Rangers don’t have any powers anymore and the American cast has to act for an entire episode. I’m still waiting for the powerless premise to appear, but it almost looks like the writers were ready to test it out with this episode and see how the episode would turn out to be. And consider me intrigued when the Power Rangers lost their dinozords — of course, their mechanical helpers will return after the events of the next episode, but for this half hour it turned out to be a great way to bring some tension into the plot, and to make sure that MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS isn’t doing the same episode each week. Not only is this storytelling unique for the show, which the writers should try to emulate in more multi-episode story arcs, but the fact that the writers went with a five-episode epic makes the show more interesting after it went through the same imagery and jokes over the first fifteen episodes.

The Megazord always helps the transit passengers.

The Megazord was fighting against three enlarged monsters, which was also interesting, although I was a tad disappointed during the fight, because Scorpina, Goldar and the Green Ranger weren’t ganging up on the Megazord and instead just waited for it to fail because of the solar eclipse (which apparently wasn’t news in this series universe, but it certainly was for the audience). One of the monsters could have kicked the hell out of the Megazord like a boxer, while another could have stood behind the Megazord to pummel it from in front and behind. Besides that, I was also disappointed that enlarged Scorpina was in a full-body costume, which means MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS is still waiting for the first monster to have a real face when enlarged and battling the Megazord, but now I’m assuming this may have been a non-negotiable rule of the Super Sentai series, because there is a chance the audience would have to suspend all disbelief when seeing an actual human in enlarged form, instead of a monster in a costume.

Meanwhile back at the command center, the characters continued to try and fix the computer system, so they can get Zordon back, which only gives you one answer of how to prevent this from ever happening again: Get Zordon into this dimension, so he can act as the Power Rangers’ boss in flesh and blood, with his own office and maybe even his own story. After all, did the writers ever explain where Zordon actually is and why he can’t just manifest? Rita seems to be perfectly capable of changing dimensions, since she locked Jason in one to get murdered by either Goldar or Tommy two episodes ago, and Madame Woe once sent the Power Rangers into her own sub-dimension, so I don’t think that travelling dimensions is a huge problem in this series universe. Do I think way too much about it or is this considered proper nitpicking?

After being helpful to the bus, the Megazord decided to take a trip into Earth’s solarium.

At the same time, Goldar was pretty much ruining the entire city of Angel Grove, which means the next episode better establishes how many people were killed or that the city should look like it just went through the battle of the monster titans, similar to how the world was burning and destroyed at the end of GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. But of course, the show won’t get into that because it’s not kid-friendly to depict the deaths of thousands, if not tens of thousands of citizens, after Goldar laid waste to an entire city.

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