Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (“Itsy Bitsy Spider”)

Season 1, Episode 23
Date of airing: October 12, 1993 (FOX)

The Japanese version of Spider-Man should have been in this episode for shits and giggles, and it would have been the best episode of all time. The spider monster’s ability to shoot out webs and trap the Megazord alone was one of the hilarious aspects of this half hour of television, and I would have loved it if the spider monster had gotten a little more screentime or would not have been destroyed at the end, just to give me hope that it might turn up in a later episode (I’m still hoping for Scorpina to make a return at one point). Meanwhile, this episode was actually good enough to have its young viewers face fears of insects. I was one of those kids who didn’t have fun being around spiders and moths and mini mosquitoes (all while playing with ants or ladybugs and crushing the former under my shoe), so this episode may have helped me to at least see spiders as lethal beings of Earth who could also be fun to look at, because they were being beaten by the Megadragonzord. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Sony’s Spiderverse ever get to adapting Man-Spider, it better be looking like the monster in this episode, although a little less like a man in a suit and more menacing.

Not my Miles Morales.

The American producers were still putting a lot of effort into making the talents of their cast shine, with Zack doing his hip hop kido class, while Tommy was doing a weird thing with his sword in the middle of the woods, obviously not being seen by anyone, because why would he want to teach martial arts to the youth in Angel Grove? Of course, when Walter Jones and Jason Frank have some quick-feet talents, the producers should use them, but at least the writers could have stuck them into actual classes or courses, just so MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS can function as a bit of an educational half hour of television, considering some of the characters are also teaching self-defense to kids and teenagers. It’s something viewers could have tried at home as well, and that would mean MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS was not a violent kids television show any longer. Anyway, what I want to say is, put Tommy as an instructor into a martial arts class and make use of his character, when the Green Ranger is already not fighting with the other Power Rangers.

The Megazord is trapped in a web of intrigue.

The show needs another multi-episode arc at this point. The single stand-alone episode with a big monster and a Megazord fight are getting boring now, and after I was treated like a king with the five-episode “Green with Evil” arc, what I’m missing now is that kind of events which gives way to a story continuation, instead of having to find an ending after 19 minutes, while also trying to find a way to bring Bulk and Skull in, so they can do something dumb and think they can make me laugh. Now, if Bulk and Skull would turn into Laurel and Hardy, maybe the two could be more useful to the show, but after 23 episodes they haven’t gotten a lot of character moments yet. In fact, they got none.

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