The End of the F***ing World (Episode 3)

Series 1, Episode 3
Date of release: October 24, 2017 (All 4)

James finally killed a person, so he will learn what it feels like to be a murderer in the next episode. That could lead him away from wanting to kill Alyssa, making it a little easier to fall in love with the girl, now that he actually saved a life and most likely realized he is not a psychopath after all. Maybe he is just an idiot who doesn’t know a lot and doesn’t think about consequences, but seemingly not a psychopath. This could actually turn out to be an important episode for James. He started seeing something different in Alyssa than his first (or after he killed the owner of the house, second) victim, and this could pretty much reboot his character and turn him towards the good side, maybe even starting to become more… mainstream. And as long as he manages to get his hair cut and look a little less like Dylann Roof, that would be even more splendid.

Two teenagers are having fun dancing.

There isn’t much to say about this episode, since James prepared himself to become the lifesaver, and Alyssa went through thoughts of needing to have sex during this episode, although it was unclear whether she just wanted to have sex or if she felt like she had to have sex, as it’s part of any 17-year-old girl’s life, according to the world views of men. I have no idea why either she or James could have put the picture of the owner somewhere else, so that the image wouldn’t creep up on James while he is getting blown, but for some reason Alyssa took it personal. The character must be so disturbed in her mind that she can’t even figure out a request (of putting the framed picture somewhere else, or to make life even easier, just face down) and instead storms off to look for a new boyfriend of the night. After all the psychology lessons I took via scripted TV drama, I’m starting to wonder though if Alyssa is in fact a virgin and maybe was (sexually) abused in her childhood, meaning she is a virgin when it comes to consented sex, but broken and abused when it comes to her childhood innocence. There must be something of a reason why she just wants to bone it off with someone, forcing herself to fall in love with James (even trying to make him jealous by taking Topher home) — yeah, she didn’t need to be raped by her stepfather for that to be her dramatic character arc, but there had to be some physical or emotional abuse in her past, and not just the power and dominance that comes from her stepfather, as depicted during the previous episode’s phone call, which would logically and understandably make her a bit of a crazy person.

In death, you lie in your heart-shaped pool of blood.

The episode had a WTF moment though, when James found the pictures and video of all the abused and raped (and maybe murdered?) girls and women. Suddenly I don’t wonder any longer why the owner wasn’t interested in protecting his house and didn’t even seem too shocked that a girl was sleeping in his bed. That guy’s mind must have immediately wandered from stranger to next victim in a split second, which makes him evil as hell. I celebrated James for killing him off the way he did. For a moment it reminded me of HARD CANDY — the polaroids and video James found couldn’t have been the only memorabilia of the guy’s victims. The house was huge, it’s imaginable there was an entire room of memorabilia like that, and knowing the French movie MARTYRS, there might have even been a victim in the house, maybe still alive, waiting for rescue or death. All the stuff I have watched, and all of it coming straight into my head while watching this episode. I’m almost as traumatized as James and Alyssa most likely won’t be after this incident. It’s probable they will define themselves as Bonnie and Clyde-type characters after this episode, which means THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD finally found something of a direction after three episodes. Which is cool.

Also, notice how Topher was so not into feminism, when he bitch-called Alyssa, and said to her that because she didn’t want sex, it’s unfair to him and himself only. That should have warranted a kick in the balls. It’s probably a good thing that Alyssa doesn’t seem to be the violent type.

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