Liv and Maddie: Cali Style (“Sing it Louder!!-a-Rooney”)

Season 4, Episode 4
Date of airing: November 18, 2016 (Disney Channel)
Nielsen ratings information: 1.122 million viewers, 0.25 rating with Adults 18-49, 0.26 rating with Adults 18-34, 0.57 rating with Females 12-34, 0.22 rating with Adults 25-54

For some reason I wanna watch the Sing It Loud! franchise, because now that the writers have delivered a premise of the show-within-a-show, it sounded intriguing enough to be turned into an actual show. GLEE at a boarding school for misbehaving teenagers — that’s a good-enough tagline to at least warrant a Disney Channel TV movie, which I would totally watch. Though maybe not, because I haven’t even watched the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL franchise yet, though there were a couple of minutes since its inception that I was interested in watching it. Now more so than ever because of Disney+ and the sorta-spinoff mockumentary series.

It’s the finale of a long night of essay writing, prepare for a maddening twist!

It was a pretty good episode, though once more I could have wiped my butt with the Joey/Parker storyline. After four episodes, the story is still just Joey continuing his Falcon persona, and Parker hating Joey’s Falcon fame, and Joey bathing in his success, and Parker creating schemes to show Joey that his ruse can crush at any second. It’s the same old story and the season hasn’t even been on for that long. And of course Parker will fail every time he tried to destroy Joey, which makes this entire story a long running joke which is running out of jokes. The gags haven’t been funny at all in this episode, and in addition to the missing comedy, it destroys the potential of having at least some true high school moments for Parker and Joey, who for once do something together at school, without the show having to interrupt their stories with something Liv and Maddie are doing. By the way, why would the writers only focus on boys at BOOMS and not on Maddie’s freshman year at college? One might think that putting a character in college is more intriguing for a TV writer than depicting the senior year of a high school student. When characters are in college on a Disney Channel sitcoms, does that automatically spell less screentime for them?

Liv’s storyline was good, though as soon as Gemma (hell to the yeah to her return!) mentioned that the production needed a 10-year-old Sasha, I knew that Ruby would be it, before she even delivered her living room performance of Sasha exclusively to Liv. I liked the idea of Ruby and Liv working together on Sing It Louder!!, because maybe the show will continue to depict show-within-a-show performances and scenes, and fluff up the fourth season of LIV AND MADDIE with musical numbers a little bit. The season finale of Skyvolt looked intriguing in the third season finale, and I must say, I dug “Second Chances” during this episode, and not just because the show-within-a-show felt like part of an actual musical (though the producers could have worked on a better and more eventful choreography). I would almost hope that the writers would give Dove Cameron more time to portray Liv, just so there will be more musical elements in LIV AND MADDIE. You might know that I have a soft spot for musicals, just not GLEE — I still haven’t gotten through the second season, and since Mark Salling was charged with child pornography, I will most likely never watch the show ever again. Cancel culture, y’all!

Auditions for a Disney Channel show are the hardest.

Meanwhile, Maddie had something to do in the episode as well, and it was okay, though entirely forgettable. I liked the idea of her being a klutz, and it was obvious that Aunt Dena would ruse Maddie in letting her believe that her Mother Earth magic saved her laptop (though how could it have been functioning after drying out? Maddie spilled pineapple juice on it, and that probably had a high level of sugar, making the laptop unusable forever). But yeah, a few more actual college storylines, and I would have been happy about Maddie’s arc. Even more so if Maddie’s storyline would take away from the terrible high school storyline that makes me cringe every time Joey opens his mouth.

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