Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (“Gung Ho!”)

Season 1, Episode 26
Date of airing: October 25, 1993 (FOX Kids)

In which Jason and Tommy were sequestered to a test of teamwork in this episode, all while their Power Rangers friends were battling against supercharged putties that could have killed them, meaning Zordon sent his two greatest fighters into their meaningless adventure during one of Rita’s latest attacks. If I had been a teenager with attitude in 1993 or 1994 and Zordon would have sent me hiking up a slope to get some weapons while my best friends were getting pummelled left and right, I would not have been so accepting about Zordon’s little ruse like Jason and Tommy apparently were, but maybe the two fighters didn’t have time to be angry at Zordon for this little stunt, since they were right about to start the Ninja competition. It’s funny though how the retrieval of the weapons was just an exercise and Zordon just dropped the line of Titanius being a “valuable ally and friend.” Zordon is a major douche, but then again, the writers just made the decision to have Jason and Tommy go through this team-up trouble for this episode, even though the two seemed perfectly fine working together in previous episode, making me ask the question why the two needed to learn how to be a team.

It’s ninja time on the super karate television show!

I was a little surprised that the fight against the super putties was so damn short. I was eating my dinner while watching this episode and I usually take only half the running time to much it all down, but I was still chewing during Rita’s “They give me such a headache” scene, signalling the end of the battle of the episode, which in MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS terms means it’s about to be the end of the episode. Consider me surprised that I wasn’t finished with my dinner and the episode was telling me it was about to end. Turns out the American writers and producers were more interested in the competition at the end, which five minutes (a quarter of the episode) were spent on, still making me ask when the first episode will come that only has American-produced footage and zero seconds Japanese Super Sentai stuff. It’s quite obvious that MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS wanted to showcase their two greatest assets in the cast and have them fight for four minutes, but here I am, thinking that the producers must have contemplated for a long time to just have Jason and Tommy in an episode, doing their thing, and save on Super Sentai footage for an additional episode. Then again, maybe the Super Sentai footage needed to be used to cut down on money and time for the production of the American episodes, and producing an entirely American episode was a no-no for the studio and network who just wanted the sweet, sweet advertising cash?

The Red Ranger will now carry the shield for an incredibly boring mission.

Meanwhile, Rita’s ideas of sending the Power Rangers into the afterlife become more boring with each episode. While I’m happy that the super putties she mined from a previous episode finally made an appearance here, she could have answered that attack with a super putty monster, because really, if you want the Power Rangers to die, maybe they should be killed by supersized monsters. Rita thinking that her super putties were able to do the job show once more that she does not have the brain power for total world domination.

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