The End of the F***ing World (Episode 6)

Series 1, Episode 6
Date of release: October 24, 2017 (All 4)

The detective inspectors got some answers, Alyssa and James have been turned into full-on criminals now, and their parents have come to realize they either won’t ever see their kids again, or they will, but only with metal bars between them. I was glad about the fact that Eunice and Teri learned about Clive’s evil hobby and that they considered manslaughter charges for the teens, which might make things a little more easier when the police catches up James and Alyssa. Which hopefully happens quickly, otherwise Alyssa and James are irredeemable, considering all the other little and medium-sized crimes they have committed up to this point, and probably will commit during the next two episodes. This becoming the THELMA AND LOUISE-type story though makes my heart a little happy, despite the fact that Alyssa and James only killed one rapist and locked one annoying woman in the washroom. Maybe another evil entity in England should get the boost to Hell through James and Alyssa’s criminal and murderous activities, and maybe I get the show I wished for after all — two killers cruising through the country, offing bad people (mostly rapists, because that would make things easier), falling in love with each other, getting chased by the police, and the drama and thriller aspect climbs and climbs until the inevitable climax of the storyline. There is still a chance for THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD to get there, but the question is when — during the season finale or in the second season?

The message is sent — will the evil boss receive?

This episode felt more like a road trip like any other. This time around, the two teens were driving, and sometimes they were looking out the window of their stolen car, admiring the cheap British view. What a shame they still didn’t talk a lot to and about each other, although I still understand that neither James nor Alyssa are chatty kitties, so there won’t be a lot of talk between them. The story even dropped the sexual tension between Alyssa and James, which became super obvious when Alyssa was mostly interested in looking out the window and having a nap instead of … I don’t know, giving James roadhead. It might be just a little bit weird that it’s all about the journey for the two teens now, when they started off their adventure by stripping half naked and having some intimate moments in closed quarters. I guess that is part of Alyssa’s character arc — giving sex to the men in front of her to get around a problem is probably a tactic she employed quite easily (even to her stepfather?), but now that she doesn’t have to, and she sees something more in James than just another male person who can be “paid off” in sexual favors, she gets a chance to live her own life, without the fear of having to sell herself to get what she wants. Yeah, that seems like the most obvious character development, so I’ll take it.

It has become noticeable though that James hasn’t gotten through much of development since Clive got a piece of James’ knife in his neck. The one thing he realized (that he is not a psychopath) was obviously the only thing unresolved about his character, and now the only thing he does is assisting Alyssa in living her version of a mindless life, and driving her to her father. In a way, he is there for her all the way and he kind of stopped living for himself, whether he actually has fun being with Alyssa on the road, or craves his own little adventure of sorts.

Cool people drive in ugly old cars.

By the way, I was happy that Frodo didn’t become part of the road trip. I was highly amused by his no-shits-given attitude, as he was … smashing the gas station, but I probably would have done the same like James and Alyssa: run away from him, and quickly so. This guy really wasn’t interested in any of the bullshit from his boss-mother any longer. Probably because his parents gave him a crap name, and he was working a crap job with a crap boss. I’m surprised he didn’t turn into a psychopath himself and became James’ best friend from here on.

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