Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Getting Over Jeff”)

Season 3, Episode 7
Date of airing: December 8, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.629 million viewers, 0.4/1 in Households, 0.24/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.3/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.2/1 with Adults 25-054

In which Rebecca started navigating life after her diagnosis, and trying to find what kind of life she wants to live with a bipolar personality disorder. It’s great to see that Rebecca is still allowed to be crazy even after the diagnosis and that she ins’t being trapped into a world in which she can’t be herself, let alone make a ton of mistakes on her road to self-loving and wellbeing. I would consider her trip to Buffalo as something no one in therapy should do, because I can imagine that drinking and being friends with someone who likes to point loaded shotguns on people is one of the bad things to do while in therapy, but for some reason it helped Rebecca realize an important lesson about living life. Meanwhile, she also realized what I have realized about a year ago when it comes to blonde USA Miss Pageant winners on conservative news networks. Someone needs to do a study on this topic, because I do believe that it’s part of the problem with conservative news networks and the fact that they are never really interested in doing real journalism. But that’s topic for a political blog.

This was a solid episode, although the writers were somewhat stuck in-between premises, like Rebecca was living in that in-between space, with could either be a meta reference to how this episode was broken in the writers room, or the writers really did not know how to gracefully get into the post-diagnosis episodes of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND and reshuffle all the characters and premises to make the show work as well as it did when Rebecca wasn’t diagnosed, still in love with Josh, and working at the law firm. I guess the writers were still reshuffling a few things, since this in-between episode with the in-between character was giving me in-between feelings.

Let’s shoot this crazy old man making out with his daughter and her BFF!

Still, the trip to Buffalo worked for me. Seeing Rebecca happy without the potential of her heart getting broken was great, and I really loved that cliches were circumvented by not making Rebecca a sloppy or slutty drunk after all the vodka shots she took with Bob. Sure, she couldn’t throw darts (I can’t either), but the entire trip was good for her and there was not one single instant of an emotional problem during these few days. Hell, even Paula used this opportunity to bump into Jeff, rekindle whatever they had in the past and get over it the way Rebecca should have gotten over Josh in the second episode of the show (but then we wouldn’t have had CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND). Rebecca had fun with Paula’s father, and Paula had fun chasing this life she could have had, only to realize that she is the complete opposite of her best friend, which is a realization that may have been necessary for Paula, even if it’s just to get her back home and tell her husband that she loves him. And here I was, thinking that Paula taking care of Rebecca would distance her from Scott and her two kids again, but now it looks like that ain’t happening — another crisis averted, another cliche circumvented.

Meanwhile, Josh is in-between two different lives as well, which gives this episode a strong theme that I wasn’t really able to care for, despite the fact that I am living an in-between life as well (I guess this in-between life is actually my life now? I think I need therapy myself to find out what I am actually doing right now). Anyway, Josh has a new job and with it he is hopefully deciding to grow up a little and be more than the big boy he was screaming to be while emulating Tom Cruise from COCKTAIL. It was a super fun story for the episode, albeit partially disgusting with the ooze form the pimple landing in a cocktail glass like it was cum that couldn’t fly straight through the room after ejaculation. The reaction from the bar patrons was especially hilarious — not only was I impressed that everybody was following Josh’s moves, but that they were also heavily invested in what is going to happen with the pimple, and if Dr. Pimple Popper is’t gonna show up by surprise, because CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND does like to do the cameo thing every once in a while. But yeah, I’m seriously hoping that Josh and Rebecca won’t be in this in-between phase for long. I also hope that the new character dynamic between Josh and heather as co-workers is useful for the narrative of the show, especially when it means Heather is getting some meaningful screentime in the new future.

It’s the sauce of dead life popping right out of your skin.

And finally, it’s all over for White Josh and Darryl (rest in peace, romance), which I am sad about. Hats off to Madison arranging this break-up scenery, because she couldn’t stand that these two adults were so childish about their failing relationship. The fact that White Josh and Darryl were still hanging after their break-up and witnessing the doom that was Josh’s pimple means there is a chance for the two to get back together after a while. All White Josh needs is a character arc, during which he comes to the realization that he really wants kids, and all Darryl needs is a partner who really wants kids with him. Darryl is almost there already, but White Josh has a bit of a way to go, and that could be a solid storyline. Then again, it could have been a storyline ever since Darryl realized he wanted another kid, and White Josh hasn’t changed at all in that time.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Josh Is Irrelevant”)

Season 3, Episode 6
Date of airing: November 17, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.657 million viewers, 0.4/1 in Households, 0.21/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.2/1 with Adults 25-54

This is a musical comedy drama which almost made me cry multiple times during this episode. It’s a first for CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, and it must be proof that I have finally connected with the characters of the show, I feel for them and what they go through, and maybe the stories have gotten a lot more realistic and grounded, now that Rebecca is officially and certified crazy. In fact, Rebecca has not been this uptight and awful during these past two episodes, but only because she was busy thinking about killing herself, and being scared that she will end up on a hospital bed again, because the doctors have described even more medication this time around. Now that she has her diagnosis and she knows it’s the real diagnosis, things can only get better from here on, right? Therapy sessions, Rebecca realizing that she is doing that borderline thing again and stopping herself from going too far next time, her friends reacting much more differently around her now, and Rebecca finally doing something to get better… Do things not only get better, but do they also change? CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND has a certified crazy woman front and center, so the premise has kind of changed.

Crazy people are always buried in drugs.

In a way, Rebecca was in-between stages of life throughout this episode. She came back from almost having died in the beginning of the episode, she was angry and crazy about the diagnosis she didn’t want, she came to the realization that she has always been like that, and at the end of the hour she actually got excited about therapy. At least I think she did — who knows, maybe she will get a few more new friends in therapy, as it has to be part of the season’s narrative now, or otherwise the whole deal about Rebecca’s borderline personality disorder diagnosis that has been finding its way into the show for the past five episodes, would be kind of a waste. I would have liked to know how the season had looked like when Rebecca didn’t get the diagnosis immediately and she had to actually wait to get that label on her pill bottle, she had to go through a few more conversations with her doctor first, maybe one or two therapy sessions, for everyone to learn that she has BPD. Then again, there probably would not have been this kind of episode then, in which Rebecca went through the many stages of someone who was just diagnosed with a mental illness, which wasn’t just easily fixable with a few pills here and there. Are there something like the five stages of grief, but for mental patients right after their diagnosis?

With Rebecca having realized that her diagnosis is real, that Josh may not even have been a factor in it, and the potential desire to get better, it essentially changes the show’s premise. She might not even be interested in romantic relationships any longer, and that may kill about 50 percent of the show right here, considering Rebecca was all about getting love and affection from the men in her life. Paula and Rebecca’s friendship may also slightly change, now that the former really is a mother figure to the latter and could spend more time with Rebecca, simply just to keep her grounded and calm when the time calls for it. Instead of pushing Rebecca to her dream scenario with a man, Paula is now a mother, a nurse and a therapist for Rebecca, which could collide with her duties back at home. Then there are Valencia and Heather, who were somewhat involved in this whole mess, but they didn’t really look like they were purposefully put into Rebecca’s story. Valencia was only part of her joke story of constipation, and Heather has been somewhat useless lately, which the writers obviously realized as well or they wouldn’t have coupled her up with Hector. The question remains how Josh plays into all of this: Is he going to keep his distance to not ruin Rebecca’s path to health and wellness, or is he actually going to be happy (or even disappointed?) that he was not responsible for Rebecca’s suicide attempt?

It’s a rather emotional family meeting.

I also loved that a suicide attempt was depicted from the opposite point of view, from the friend or family member who may have lost someone because of it. That Nathaniel had this kind of back story was a complete surprise, and it may have been dropped into this episode for convenience, but the scene with his parents, and his pleas for them to speak truth about what happened when he was ten years old, was a powerful scene. Not unlike the actual suicide attempt at the end of the previous episode, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND became a serious drama show again, taking its characters for real, as if they just jumped out of a HBO drama series. It was also a story making Nathaniel a real character for once. I’ve had my difficulties liking the guy through his season-two appearances, but now he has gotten depth and suddenly I’m kind of shipping him and Rebecca getting together, even though I would prefer there to be no romance at all, simply just the writers could focus on the mental illness part of Rebecca’s currently complex life and not get rid of it again in the next episode by having her hook up with whomever.

So, lives are about to change now, right? Rebecca is working on getting better, while the lives of her friends may go sideways. White Josh and Darryl are at risk of breaking up, Heather is trying to find out what the life of an adult is like, now that she is not a student any longer, and like I said, Paula is about to distance herself from her family. Again.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“I Never Want to See Josh Again”)

Season 3, Episode 5
Date of airing: November 10, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.661 million viewers, 0.4/1 in Households, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.3/1 with Adults 25-54

Thank the heavens for the producers of this show realizing that the end credits music would have been fully and horribly misplaced after the suicide attempt scene. Ending the episode with music-less end credits was the right choice, although I also would have accepted a continuation of the slow and emotionally sad piano music that accompanied Rebecca’s suicide attempt, just to signal that things weren’t ending with those credits, but still continued, only we get to see the end credits and not what happens after Rebecca’s told the flight attendant that she needed help. Besides that, the final scene was really hard to watch. Finally, the show went into the dramatic corner as I hoped it would do at one point, and finally the writers were ready for the suicide theme to be part of Rebecca’s arc, after it has been teased multiple times via the lyrics of the musical numbers. And finally, something about the show was fully serious and made me uncomfortable (only because of the suicidal theme, which is a stigma, although I would love to talk about it one day), proving that CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND can be a full-fledged drama, too. It’s something I wanted from the show since its beginning. It’s something the show has earned to deliver now.

This pool party has gone emotionally south.

That the suicide attempt would happen at one point this season has been pretty obvious ever since “Where is Rebecca Bunch?”, after the lyrics “my reason for living has abandoned me” showed up during Rebecca’s part of the song. She was in the middle of an emotional breakdown all through the previous episodes after Josh left her at the altar and she failed feeling good by taking revenge. The first musical number of the season saw Rebecca forcing herself to transform, just to survive the confrontation with her friends after the failure that was her wedding, and that transformation did not help her. It’s almost like she fully gave up on life after she alienated her friends and the entire episode was essentially one long suicide attempt — you slowly say goodbye to life by forgetting that your friends ever existed, then you slowly sleep through the days, so that life even forgets you exist, all while in the meantime you figure out how to kill yourself. It’s almost like the writers had some experience with the topic (or just researched extremely well), because Rebecca’s journey through the episode felt very realistic and like something a real person would do when contemplating suicide. And then it actually happens — on an airplane. The way Rebecca downed the pills was one of the most painful things to watch, because she didn’t just swallow the pills all in one go, she had to do it four times. Four times she made the decision to kill herself during that scene. Four times she realized that no one was here to help her, and that the easy way out is just to fall asleep and never wake up. Four times this scene played in front of the network executives and Standards & Practices, who may have been worried about the depiction of this suicide attempt, especially when 13 REASONS WHY came with an equally brutal suicide attempt, which Netflix had to retract two years later and remove said scene from the first season finale of the teenage drama series.

Before the suicide attempt, the episode still had enough time to depict what life is like in West Covina without Rebecca. I always come back to the song “I Have Friends” from the first season, and this episode is just another example of how she does not even know that people love and miss her and just want her back, so they can talk to her and she can either listen or not. But they know that she cares about them, yet she doesn’t know they care about her, too. Turns out her friends are as miserable as Rebecca is when she is not around — they function as much as Rebecca does when she is absent, showcasing how much of an impact she has created with her arrival. Granted, half of the people that have been impacted by her are only recurring characters, so they aren’t that meaningful to Rebecca’s character arc, but it’s still a picture of hope. When Rebecca gets better and back to West Covina, a world is waiting for her with people who do give a damn.

Rebecca is the loneliest one on this plane ride.

Okay, those people really are crazy though. It almost looked like Jim, Maya, Darryl and Nathaniel didn’t have any friends either, so losing Rebecca was a huge blow to them. The fact that they didn’t realize they could have started a support group together made me think that either the writers forgot to include that joke into the episode or that the entire story in West Covina was just there to create a balance with the tragedy slowly forming on the East Coast, which means it was essentially a plot device. The entire episode was not supposed to be dark and moody and like a prime cable television drama, this still had to be CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, which means awkwardness ensued when Cornelia was dealing with all of Rebecca’s friend. Awkwardness also ensued with me, because every time she started speaking I was hearing Vanessa Bayer – it was confusing all the way through the episode. It made me wonder what the episode and this character would have looked like with Bayer’s straight-woman character she always played so weirdly good on SNL.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy”)

Season 3, Episode 4
Date of airing: November 3, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.654 million viewers, 0.4/1 in Households, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.2/1 with Adults 25-54

In which Rebecca lost almost all sense of herself and went on a rampage, destroying every relationship she has built over the past two years, almost quitting on life entirely, because she has come to the wrong realization that life is not giving her what she wants. It only took the show 35 episodes to get to this point, and now it was up to the writers whether they were interested in upending the original premise of the show and remove Josh from Rebecca’s life or if there is still hope for the two, right after Rebecca has gotten help and feels ready for a real relationship. Until then though, there is a lot of time for Rebecca to find out what her actual problems are, a lot of time to deal with those, and even more time to get better as a person, to learn how to live a normal life or maybe reboot your life. She already tried it when she moved to West Covina. Okay, that didn’t quite work out for her, but still, when she knows that everything is wrong with her, is it going to be the perfect opportunity to reboot her life again like it’s the Spider-Man franchise under Sony’s guidance?

The titular character goes for an audition in the inevitable Scream reboot.

This episode proved that the producers couldn’t do the show without the musical numbers. In a way there weren’t any in this episode, as I don’t consider “Scary Scary Sex Lady” a musical number (it was just a Bond opening credits parody mixing it up with the “Starring” segment from Screenjunkies’ Honest Trailers, which DEADPOOL also used), and “The End of the Movie” wasn’t much of a performance (and also had to be forced to be one with Josh Groban walking alongside Rebecca to sing to her). This episode could have been better without the musical numbers, and it does make me wonder if the writers and producers were arguing over that topic in the writers room — would they be able to go against the run of the show and not deliver a single song for this very important episode, or do they have to get a song into it, because it’s part of the show’s DNA, and besides that it makes some extra money? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for those discussions in the writers room, because I am almost sure they really happened.

The episode was quite unique. It felt different from the rest of the show, as it turned into a horror parody during its first half and then transformed into a story about a crazy woman on a rampage which only has one victim (the crazy woman herself) for the remainder of the hour, which is stuff the show hasn’t gone into before this episode. It must have been an hour hard to write, or maybe it was fun poking fun of a movie genre this time around, after it has been parodying various musical genres over the past two seasons. It’s almost like Rachel Bloom’s love for musical theater got lost for this very episode and she decided to turn to movie parodies. It was definitely an hour of television trying very hard to tell the audience that this show won’t ride on its initial premise for all of the episodes and that you will get to see some unexpected stuff. If CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is about to reinvent itself after this episode though is unknown.

Josh can’t sleep because he is in a Scream scenario.

So, Rebecca went on a war path with her friends, and all of them came out with fresh wounds. Paula was seen as someone different after Rebecca told everyone what she did, Heather came to the realization that she is indeed something of a lazy person, White Josh and Darryl’s relationship is close to over after both found out that there won’t be a kid in this romance, and even Valencia learned a hard truth she may not have realized she has been suppressing. I don’t know if it is a cliche of the genre, but it was a little convenient that crazy Rebecca would not want to listen to her friends’ pleas for help and instead come with truth bombs, just to shock them into getting out of her way. It was convenient that no one could find Rebecca, when everybody kind of knew that she would probably go after Josh and that they might want to check up on him. It was convenient that Josh went through the horror movie tropes all by himself, when there could have been more drama in this episode if he had called his friends and if he had asked them to help him tell Rebecca to stay the hell away. It was also convenient to know that Rebecca would never do anything bad and evil to Josh or his mother, which means the whole confrontation between Josh and Rebecca at the fair was screaming for Rebecca to realize that she has been doing something awful, turning the whole story rather predictable.

But the thing is, Rebecca is finally allowed to be crazy, and certifiably so. Paula knew that Rebecca would be rock-bottom at the end of her journey, which means the next episode is going to begin with the most hurt and depressed and miserable and awful version of Rebecca the writers were able to create — from here on the question remains how long she will be in this state, and how much it will play into the mental illness premise of the show and Rebecca’s character arc. And how much her friends will stand behind her during all of this and who might even consider leaving her. Josh’s stance was pretty clear by the end, but people like Valencia and Nathaniel might think twice or thrice whether or not they want to stick with Rebecca and stay friends. Or whether they should also stick with Paula, after her dark secrets were revealed during the episode-opening delivery of destructive truth bombs.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Josh is a Liar”)

Season 3, Episode 3
Date of airing: October 27, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.560 million viewers, 0.4/1 in Households, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.2/1 with Adults 25-54

In which Rebecca’s back story is finally revealed, and for once she might be in actual trouble — both with her friends and mentally. Putting that premise three episodes into the season is quite stunning, but then I realized that the new intro song has been teasing Rebecca’s craziness for two episodes now and it might even be the greater story arc of the season. What if CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND finally gets into the “crazy” part of the title and outs its spin on mental illness, which I have been waiting for two seasons now? What if the suicidal tendencies come to light with the next episode, which have already been teased during the previous season finale, when Rebecca almost fainted down the cliff? What if this season is actually going down the dark and emotional route, becoming less comedic and more serious? This episode had signs of being more serious than comedic, beginning with the rather boring songs that didn’t say much about the characters involved in them (“The Moment is Me” was only defined by Heather’s disgust of singing the song, and “I Go to the Zoo” was an attempt at reminding the audience that song parodies are still part of the show and this was another attempt at putting Drake or Justin Bieber music videos through the parody grinder), and ending with the fact that not even the writers could figure out how to put the funny into Rebecca’s extended mental breakdown during this episode.

Past and present are here to annoy each other.

Both Josh and Paula were quite serious and worried (and freaked out) about what was happening to Rebecca and what is going to happen to her, and you can’t just dress that in the comedy format of the show — this thing needs to be handled with a little more subtlety and grace, and if Rebecca really wants to continue and be part of her friends’ lives, then her friends will have to take action and help Rebecca to get better, instead of trying to find a way to show Rebecca how awful she is as a person and how she needs to be taught a lesson. It’s that, as well as all the good criticism CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND has gotten when it comes to the depiction of mental illness of the show, so it sounds like it’s about to get serious for Rebecca. And besides that, it’s time for Rebecca to go through a major change in her character arc. He stalked Josh, she made him fall in love with her, she was planning to exact revenge — for Rebecca it was almost always about her love life with Josh and maybe Greg, so it’s time that something else is going to keep her character busy for a few episodes, just to keep the series fresh and continuously engaging. And then there is this: When Rebecca realizes that her friends want to help her and not leave her, it could be good for her recovery, and it could prove that she has definitely all the friends. Heather was there, Paula showed up, and Valencia and Darryl were there as well — at least these four friends must care enough about her to force her to get better.

Of course, West Covina isn’t really smart itself, after they let themselves being manipulated into believing everything that was said and written about Josh Chan, the most Trump-like version of himself that could have never been true in a million years. It shows that the town can easily get sucked into a lie, which means they all must be Trump voters. Or maybe the entire thing was just a convenient plot device to have that scene in Home Base, during which Josh gets destroyed by the lie Rebecca created, all while Rebecca seemingly feels less and less happy about what she created or who she has become. That could become the first step towards realization that something is deeply wrong with Rebecca.

Does she really have to finish this inspirational musical theatre song?

Meanwhile, Nathaniel had his own little obsession to deal with and it was a solid story. It’s probably a good thing that George was involved in the plot as well, as this whole “firing and rehiring” gag has turned into a running joke, which means Nathaniel and George have an understanding, an unbreakable bond now. It’s almost like they are friends now, which could bode well for both men and maybe even some more characters from Plimpton, Plimpton and Plimpton, now that George and Maya have turned themselves into recurring characters with meaningful appearances both in story and in musical numbers. It was noticeable though how distant the story was from the other events of this episode and how it could almost be forgettable all on its own, since the show is one step removed from becoming more serious about a premise it has been trying to attempt from tackling since the beginning of the show. That feeling isn’t helped by the fact that Nathaniel doesn’t even know what is going on with Rebecca at the moment, and probably won’t know for weeks to come, since Nathaniel and Rebecca haven’t doe the “friend” thing yet, so he shouldn’t be involved in her story for the next episode.

And finally, consider me disappointed that Josh is leaving priest school already. What a shame, the writers weren’t ready for that, and it was only used as a plot device to get Josh into hiding after dumping Rebecca at the altar. And I really would not have minded seeing how a fictional character in a television show becomes a priest over the course of a few years. I stopped watching 7TH HEAVEN back then, but how did those writers handle Lucy’s wish to step into her father’s footsteps, which I believe she announced doing so in that show’s one-hundredth episode? Maybe I should go back to that show just to find the answer to this very specific question.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“To Josh, with Love”)

Season 3, Episode 2
Date of airing: October 20, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.597 million viewers, 0.20/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.2/1 with Adults 25-54

One song was the title song of the season, the other was a reprise from a first-season song, but it has to be mentioned that the end credits list five songs, which I think is a record. It’s almost like the producers just decided to add Tim’s story to the mix, not just to up this episode to the standard 42 minutes, but to also beat their own record for most credited songs in an episode, just for the hell of it. Back when GLEE was a hit for FOX, the producers overdid it with the musical numbers and it quickly became a show I couldn’t switch out of fast enough (to this day I have never finished the second season, let alone the rest of the show, and I say that as someone who was obsessed with the first season). I sort of have the same fear about CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND now. Maybe the (song) writers and producers have come to realize that the viewers tune in for the musical comedy numbers, so packing in one more would mean an extra dollar for the studio, every time someone bought the songs off of iTunes.

It’s the infamous upside-down kiss of everyone’s fantasy.

The episode was pretty good. I have no idea whether or not the lawsuit against Josh is history now (it was mentioned by Rebecca as an idea that didn’t make her happy, so I assume it was dropped), but that confrontation in the church was pretty awesome. Not only did both Rebecca and Josh feel weirdly freed after that number (maybe not Rebecca, who realized she opened up way too much), but that story could quickly lead to an end to the obsession of hating Josh, meaning Rebecca would not have to go through this entire charade for an entire season, while the writers could focus on something else. Planning to ruin Josh’s life for 13 episodes would be a little lame after a while, so here is to me hoping that the premise really is over and done with, even if I said before that a lawsuit against Josh was a good idea. It still is and I kind of want to still see it, but it would also mean Rebecca is stuck in her revenge life and that would stop her from developing as a character — which would be fatal, especially now that she has established something of a relationship with Nathaniel.

By the way, the writers were way too much into the masquerade thing, and having it define Rebecca and Nathaniel’s relationship. It partially reminded me of EYES WIDE SHUT, and if this show would have been on Showtime, chances are it would have turned into an orgy scene somewhere here, but the whole thing looked like fantasy to me. Here was Nathaniel, who led Rebecca to a masquerade, in which he meets three men who could easily destroy Josh by going after his family — convenient, definitely, but a little weird as well, in spite of the convenience of it all helping Rebecca and Nathaniel along and into bed, so they can finally have intercourse together. I do love though how this relationship is turning into something both need right now: Nathaniel sees in Rebecca a woman who puts up with his crap and probably uses him like he has used his previous relationships (most likely), and Rebecca just needs the hate sex to get all her feelings for Josh out of her system, which works better if she is getting spanked left and right, and Nathaniel is doing more to her than just tap that ass. “50 Shades of Grey” was mentioned, so there is a chance that the two will go through a kinky phase like the characters in the novel did. I don’t know anything about psychiatry, but it might be an effort to lose that love she has been feeling for Josh over the past two seasons.

Josh would like to have all of your money.

Meanwhile, for some reason the writers thought that Tim deserved a story — I guess going with a story for each of the Plimpton, Plimpton and Plimpton lawyers, paralegals and secretaries is something of a good idea, but Tim’s story seemed like it was dropped out of necessity, because the writers couldn’t come up with anything else, or maybe because the show’s budget was stripped down, which means some of the regulars had to sit out for a few episodes (Darryl, Valencia and Heather were nowhere to be found, and they weren’t even credited for this episode) and that usually means their stories were unavailable for certain episodes, needing to be replaced by stories for the recurring cast members. At least Tim’s story was somewhat useful for the watching audience, as the idea of women faking orgasms to please the men they are sleeping with is definitely an issue in failing marriages. Like Paula said, Tm and his wife had some serious communication issues, and when that begins in bed and goes on for more than a decade, then maybe there is a serious problem here that needs to be talked about. I don’t even know who to blame here — Tim for not realizing he is not making his wife orgasm, or his wife for not bothering to tell her husband about his misgivings?

And then there was Josh, who was in the middle of the writers making their decision whether or not to go along with priest school. At first it looked like Josh took this opportunity to hide from his own misdeeds, but then again he seemed to have been having a true connection to the spirit of Jesus Christ. I guess the next episode will tell if Josh feels reprieve, and if the writers were serious with making Josh a priest. Will the show drop this story two episodes after they created it? It’s a mystery in a need of solving during the next hour.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (“Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge”)

Season 3, Episode 1
Date of airing: October 13, 2017 (The CW)
Nielsen ratings information: 0.624 million viewers, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-49, 0.2/1 with Adults 18-34, 0.3/1 with Adults 25-54

In which Rebecca turns into the villain of her own story. She would insist she is still the protagonist, her soul was definitely up for sale in this episode, as she has decided to not only send poop pancakes to Josh, but also sue him, which could be an ongoing storyline in this episode. It’s a story I would love to see, just so Rebecca and Josh can be more alienated from each other, which the writers could use as a plot device to end this thing with Josh and have Rebecca move on to the next guy or story. Besides that, it may help for the audience to feel sorry for Josh, considering the way “Let’s Generalize About Men” really did its title justice. If the women figured that all men are garbage and need to be burned to death like Daenerys Targaryen always wanted to do, it could come as a shocking surprise to those women, when Josh is being plucked like a chicken, tortured until he has no more clothes, just because a group of women thought it was cool to take revenge on him for a decision those women haven’t even fully understood yet. It’s also a premise that would help Rebecca and Josh make peace at the end of that story, if they don’t get back together.

Jaws are dropped after Rebecca’s Miranda Priestly revelation.

This was a solid season premiere, and damn, was it a good choice to open this new batch of episodes with a big musical number that created a bit of a mystery, even if it was a waste of a mystery, since Rebecca turned up before the credits finished rolling. I am going to blame the fact that The CW ordered a shortened season again, because if the third season would have had more than 13 episodes, chances are the writers would have played with the premise of a missing Rebecca just a little bit, and maybe put some emphasis on the fact that she may have been staying at the hotel for all this time, lying in bed all this time, wallowing in her own self-pity and emotion and daddy issues, with occasional guest appearances of all the men that have left her behind. I was in fact hoping that the episode would focus on the time after Josh did not show up to the wedding, since Rebecca’s emotional state after this destructive event could have developed her mental illnesses and maybe even could have dumped her into a black hole of emotion from which there is no escape except from the roof of the hotel building.

But here we are, Rebecca turned into the devil who probably wears Prada and a pretentious scarf, and her friends quickly joined her in generating a plan for action to take revenge on Josh, since the show’s initial premise still has to take hold of the characters’ lives: Josh is always on their minds, whether as love interest or as the guy they hate. Damn, I’m already feeling sorry for Josh, because he is about to get the wrath of four women, with one of them potentially not giving a crap, so it’s basically just three. The sex tape idea was pretty neat and I loved the British version of Josh Chan, as well as how that joke was carried throughout the entire episode. Colin Crowley’s entrance into the audition could not have been more obvious a part of a variety sketch show and the way the joke was carried all the way through probably made it funnier — besides that, Colin’s look was also to die for, which make things a little sad right before the shoot of the sex tape, because I would have loved seeing how Rebecca, as the lead of the sex tape, would have handled a more punk version of Josh, with that hair and that beard. But at the end of the day even British Josh had to look like Filipino Josh, because it was all about the sex tape business, which Rebecca didn’t go through with anyway. It was kind of the proper decision not to go through with it, but unfortunately I would have loved seeing how far this would have gone and how ruinous Rebecca would have been, if the sex tape really had destroyed Josh’s chances at priesthood.

Having fun while generalizing about men.

Meanwhile, Paula was the second lead of this episode, as she was dealing with the rekindling of her marriage and finding a kink in the progress. I almost felt sad for Scott, because it seemed like he had no shot getting back with Paula, who herself couldn’t figure out if she still loved Scott enough to be his wife (all that happened to be an intriguing story and it’s kind of wasted for a comedy series, when it could have been major stuff for a drama). But then this whole “Call me Tanya” business came out of nowhere and suddenly Paula and Scott had the best sex of their marriage, which could be a good ora bad thing. Now I am wondering if the writers were going to follow the whole kink thing for the season, letting this be Paula’s character arc for the year, after her previous year was all about being serious with her life, growing a distance from Rebecca and getting through law school. Side note: It’s great to see an active and visual relationship of a fictional couple, whose cast members aren’t considered models. I loved seeing the intimate stuff between senior people back on PARENTHOOD, and while not senior, Paula and Scott are definitely not characters who would normally get into intimate scenes on other shows, but this is CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, where they get to be an intimate couple.

And then there were White Josh and Darryl, who were going through some relationship trouble as well. It looks to me like the writers were ready to either hang the nail on that one or go one or two steps further by bringing a kid into the story. It could go either way, and while I’m more interested in the latter story, I do believe the former is easier to write, and considering the fact that CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND is already a difficult show to write with all the musical comedy numbers, chances are the writers were taking the easy route every once in a while.