General Hospital (Episode 14309)

Season 57, Episode 38
Date of airing: May 23, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.371 million viewers, 1.74 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.332 million viewers, 1.73/6 in Households, 0.359 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.55/6), 0.081 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.23 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

This is the one hundredth episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL I have watched, which means a glass of champagne is in order (as well as a new cover picture of the show for this blog), although there is not much to celebrate here, considering the threat and danger all around Port Charles. The writers even cut short the Nurses Ball, which I believed was to be spaced out into a week’s worth of episodes, just so the Ryan Chamberlain arc and the Dawn of Day arc can come head-to-head with the characters that are involved with it. Sweeps week is almost over for GENERAL HOSPITAL though, which means the next episode not only has to deliver, but also create a storyline that can carry the show over the summer months. It’s almost like the Nurses Ball week was the biggest chance for the writers and producers to convince the viewers to keep watching the show, because chances are the ratings were about to go down anyway, because of summer, sun and vacation. Does it mean the show will go through its greatest storylines over the summer, just to keep viewers engaged with the show before heading to their vacation spots?

As expected, Ryan did not kill Kevin, because why would the Wednesday episode end with that twist? And of course everything is hunky-dory fine with Kevin after he woke up and now he doesn’t even feel the pain of getting clubbed and strung up by his evil twin any longer. No, he is among his friends and police now, talking about what kind of great plan it was to lure Ryan out of hiding, all while doing nothing to actually stop Ryan or maybe even find Ava. It’s almost like he was part of a dialogue scene, in which the characters were not supposed to move at all. Typical daily soap opera stuff.

Ryan loves to use knives.

I did like all of Ava’s scenes though. When Ryan marched in with knife in hand and she started talking about how much she missed him, I knew she was playing him just to stall time and give her the chance to pull out her revolver and empty all the chambers straight into his head, but even I was unsure for a hot second whether or not Ava was playing Ryan or if she was telling the truth about her affection for him. The fact that she couldn’t get a straight and believable answer out of her after Ryan asked her about his murdering Kiki, it was pretty obvious where the story would head, but until the uncertainty was there and the tension was keeping the episode alive. What a shame that Ava didn’t find the opportunity to shoot at Ryan at the end of the episode. What a great middle finger that would have been to the viewers, who just got to realize that Ryan may be a perfect kidney donor for Jordan, but a few minutes later we get to see how Ryan was being murdered. Curtis just awoke all hope when it comes to Jordan’s health, but a few minutes later that hope could have been buried again. Dammit, if I had been part of the writing staff of the show, I would have advocated so hard for that to happen — you could still get a kidney donor at random from the other side of the country, but simply for the shock and surprise value, Ryan should have been killed right after he became an option for saving Jordan. Then again, him becoming an option for saving Jordan could keep Ryan a bit longer in the show. I guess the writers were pulling all of their strings to keep one of their most popular story arcs and villain characters alive.

Meanwhile, Sam becomes part of Shiloh’s Trust and she was pretty close to being sexually assaulted. How he was able to carry her out of the house unnoticed by Jason and Sonny is a bit ridiculous though — the Corinthos clan had enough men available to hinder Kristina from escaping out of the safe house, but there were no men available to check all the side and back doors of the Dawn of Day house? How convenient for Shiloh to carry sam to the lighthouse (is it even a lighthouse? I have no clue) he was showing her back when Jason and Drew got blind and Jordan had her accident, just so Shiloh can have some privacy with Sam and rape her right there. His words did make me wonder though what his end games truly are. He talked about Sam like she was his endgame, but then again he could have told all the women he coerced into having sex with, which means Sam is no one special for Shiloh and she is just his latest obsession. On the other side of the story, Jason and Sonny were serving up some violent action in the Dawn of Day house, turning this week of episodes even more into Sweeps week for GENERAL HOSPITAL, because the last time the show got so exciting with violence was back when Sonny was shooting up some Turkish gangsters in a bazar of sorts. At least Sonny went straight into Margaux’s face when she showed up — that was another one of those tense moments of the episode, even though there isn’t really a reason for the writers to keep Margaux’s connection to Dawn of Day alive. They haven’t treated it greatly anyway, so they could easily retcon it into the land of the forgotten story arcs.

The woman of his dreams is not here to be rescued.

And finally, there were the foursome around Wylie, who are now starting to believe they will lose the baby boy for good. I am not sure that Shiloh will ever know that Wylie is his son, but as long as it’s causing havoc and emotional chaos in Brad’s mind, I will take that story and I will await his nervous breakdown right after he told everyone the truth. The way Brad has been written into oblivion about Shiloh’s actions and evilness, all while Lucas continues to connect all the dots like a super detective Curtis wishes he would be, was of course as convenient as the fact that Shiloh was able to sneak out of the house with Sam in his arms unnoticed. But now that everyone knows about Wylie, maybe the story can continue towards its hopefully inevitable conclusion, because it’s about time for that, especially when Shiloh is in the background, starting to become the real villain of the show.

General Hospital (Episode 14308)

Season 57, Episode 37
Date of airing: May 22, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.314 million viewers, 1.73 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.332 million viewers (1.73/6 in Households), 0.359 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.55/6), 0.081 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.23 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

In which Ryan Chamberlain made his face public to the entire world (at least those who are watching GENERAL HOSPITAL) and the Ryan 2.0 arc has finally begun. About freaking time. Now he can get to the killing of Port Charles, thin out the pool of characters, but the way I have gotten to know the show at this point, no one really dies at Ryan’s hands. Except maybe for the nurse who was so gracious enough to help him, because April is the only one Ryan actually has killed (as far as the viewers and characters know), since I have been watching the show. He tried to kill Lulu twice and he failed. He tried to kill Franco and he failed. He tried to kill Carly and he failed. He tried to kill himself with Ava and he failed on both accounts. He tried to kill Laura and Curtis and he failed yet again. He probably didn’t try to kill Scott, but what a shame that Scott isn’t dead, because the guy has been annoying to be. The question of course is whether or not Kevin is dead – I don’t believe it, but you never know when there is a twist in the garden. By the way, does it mean the Nurses Ball is over and done with and there won’t be a closing number? Judging by the way Kevin got strung up and how the hotel was being surrounded by police, chances are the guests won’t be able to leave at this very second, and knowing there is a serial killer on the loose, they probably won’t be able to have fun either.

This is how men react when they learn they are a father.

I was surprised about how much I liked that defining scene between Willow and Shiloh. It’s almost like she is about to lose that fight against him, and it looks like he is coming after her with everything he’s got (which is only the pledge), but damn, Shiloh has been a real character for the first time and it looked kind of intriguing. For the first time it felt like he was having a panic attack, or truly didn’t know what he was supposed to do now, and for the first time it looks like he is actually scared. Shiloh has been the villain for so long, but now I’m wondering if it’s time for him to be a character. He has been manipulating women and brainwashing other people, but what could he be if he learns that he could have been someone he was not allowed to be? All this time he took the life and decision-making process away from people, but now it has been taken from him for the first time. This should change any person, and it better change Shiloh as a character. He could either become more villainous from here on, or it could be the origin to his redemption arc (oh god, I hope that one isn’t coming). The fact that he thinks he needs Sam in the Trust must mean he is about to lose control, and that could be a good thing for Sam. What if she starts to manipulate Shiloh into having a few more panic attacks? What if she uses the information of Shiloh’s child against him? I’m more interested in that than anything else right now, as the writers have finally created a story arc they could truly play with. But knowing almost five months of GENERAL HOSPITAL, that won’t happen.

Valentin and Joss’s numbers were excellent. First of all, I was surprised to find out that Valentin is actually a good singer, and I needed the internet to find out that James Patrick Stuart is a professional musician, not unlike William Lipton, which is probably why their characters have been depicted playing their instruments, to showcase their talents. The thing is, Valentin’s number made him a little more sympathetic as a character, even though he is a complete fool in believing that he could keep Nina after his secret is revealed (it should be soon — it has been a while since Michael learned of Sasha’s secret). Maybe I could buy all his antiques when it’s revealed he did all the deceiving and lying, because he was in love with Nina way too hard and did not want to lose her. That makes me get interested how the character will turn out to be when Nina calls it quits with him. Meanwhile, Joss had her final goodbye with Oscar, and from here on the writers had to make a choice: Either Joss was supposed to go down a dark path of grieving, or she is going to move on and live her life as promised. The fact that she performed must mean she is on the right path. Because if she joins the dark side, then Carly and Jax are truly terrible parents for failing to stop her spiralling down.

Ryan really reached out his hand to reintroduce himself.

And finally, I must say I am impressed that Lucas connected all the dots just by looking at Shiloh and Willow’s faces. Now that he knows who Wylie’s birth parents are, chances are that he will come to learn soon about Brad’s deception, which should push them forward not only as characters, but it should also push their story arc straight into the spotlight of the show, maybe even taking the A story spot in a few episodes. After all, Willow and Shiloh are now involved in that story, and they both should learn and deal with the fact that their baby never made it. How about a DNA test now, or is Brad going to fake that one, too, like he most likely did Sasha’s?

General Hospital (Episode 14307)

Season 57, Episode 36
Date of airing: May 21, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.271 million viewers, 1.70 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.332 million viewers (1.73/6 in Households), 0.359 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.55/6), 0.081 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.23 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

How long does it take to get from Toronto to Port Charles? The house blew up during the red carpet event of the Nurses Ball, which means Ryan must have left the house a little before that, but here he is already (or just his gloved-up hand), wreaking havoc backstage at the ball, about to congratulate Ava for a performance well done. I could imagine seeing Ryan on the floor, with his non-hand hiding behind his back (so that Ava doesn’t see at first), giving her the rose, making out with her, just for her to realize then that it’s Ryan she has been making out with and Kevin is probably nursing his wound backstage, because dead he certainly ain’t. Well, in hindsight using the Nurses Ball to return Ryan to the fold was a solid idea, as the event episodes are perfect for that kind of story development, but damn, did the writers take their sweet time. What a shame though that Kevin and Ava don’t have a chance to get even further into their fake romance — they only riled up Scott and Lucy, but I would have loved to see more people getting angry that the two were cozying it up. In the meantime, let’s not forget that Ryan is a stupid supervillain — he gets tricked by Franco into revealing himself and now he gets tricked by Kevin and Ava to return back to Port Charles, when he could have had a nice life as a dead man, maybe kill a few people here and there, if he really can’t hold himself back. But going back into the lion’s den after what he has gone through before? That’s quite ballsy for a serial killer searched for by the nation, and not even Ryan can believe he can get away with taking his revenge on Kevin and Ava.

She is finally wearing that ring!

This was a solid episode. I didn’t like the performances a lot this time around, but only because Lisa Obrecht’s was a boring number that had me transported to the 1970s, which is not really a decade I’m interested in, while Cameron’s number may have been original and fitting for his character arc, but it was also a boring teen song number you probably would have gotten to listen to when the Backstreet Boys were still young and riding the wave of their success and other boy bands were trying to copy said success. Ava’s performance was a bit more entertaining than the other two, but that was only because of the story she was in the middle of. I was waiting for Ryan to show himself with that rose in his hand, which made Ava’s entire number a period of tense waiting for a tense moment. So far, Chase’s number from the previous episode is still number one, but because I couldn’t get much out of the other ones, Ava’s number is probably second, followed by the opening number from the nurses. Obrecht and Franco’s number is dead last. Hey, I just created a list! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I did that just now.

The stories of the episode were also solid enough. The proposal was a bit weird to look at (and so was Finn when he and Anna were alone in the hotel room, enjoying their new status as husband and wife-to-be), but it’s a proposal, so let’s move on from that. More interesting was how Willow’s story developed, and how her confrontation with Nina led to Shiloh learning a little bit more about his former love. Great, thanks to the fact that Willow couldn’t shut up about her life and had to discuss her past with other people while she knew that her manipulative and dangerous ex-boyfriend was in the building as well, the writers were now forced to level up this arc and make something out of it, although at this point I’m not really trusting the writers. All it could do is probably force Willow back to Dawn of Day, but what I want to see from it is her decision to fight (her pledge be damned), while at the same time, Brad’s secret is being revealed, as I think it should be when Shiloh learned he actually fathered a child with Willow. Any other way the writers chose to stall all of these stories makes me want to consider them lazy — this is a great opportunity to have those stories come to a head and eventually conclude them, but continuing to carry them through the summer months of GENERAL HOSPITAL would really have been a terrible idea.

Some sex appeal is needed to lure out a serial killer.

I did however love Kristina’s decision to confront Shiloh. While I still don’t quite believe that she should be confrontational like this while she is still in recovery, having Sam see her in that kind of agony is perfect for that little siblings plot they have, just in case Kristina learns soon that Sam is just playing the long con and has always been out to protect her little sister. I also keep noticing that everyone around Sam who knows of her plan really wants to tell Kristina now, just to calm her down and not risk Sam’s standing with Dawn of Day. But then I remember that Sam “invited” Molly’s Invader expose straight to Shiloh in the previous episode, which means Sam is obviously interested in battling Shiloh from multiple fronts. In the meantime, Sonny can stay the hell away. His smug smile while threatening Shiloh annoyed me, like the entire character currently does. Either Sonny puts up or shuts up — constantly hearing him talk about how he is going to handle it is crumbling my cookie.

General Hospital (Episode 14306)

Season 57, Episode 35
Date of airing: May 20, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.364 million viewers, 1.79 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.332 million viewers (1.73/6 in Households), 0.359 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.55/6), 0.081 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.23 rating), 0.491 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.80 rating)

Wait, just two musical numbers? If I hadn’t known already that the Nurses Ball is going to be a weeklong event, I would have been quite disappointed that there were only two musical numbers, but I guess with the Nurses Ball running through the next episodes, there is a chance there will be two numbers in each episode, which pretty much results in an EP after the week has finished. And it’s an EP I would probably listen to. Chase’s number was not that bad at all, and it both fit into his character arc (his relationship with Willow being put on stage and for once it’s not being defined by her fear of Shiloh) and it was a lyrically and visually interesting number in general. It’s almost like I have to look up the original of it to put it into my playlist. Consider me surprised about the visual aspects of it, because I was definitely not expecting Chase to have about a dozen dancers on the stage with him who were not only dancing, but performing art in a way. How did Chase have the time to even rehearse and choreograph the number, considering not even a week ago he was busy looking for missing Kristina?

Teens are doing what they always do: sit at home and watch the festivities on the television.

I did however expect that most of the episode will still be filled with the current narrative of the show, and it’s great that most of the characters found the time and space to be in this episode, so their stories get advanced. Sam and Shiloh may not have had a lot of minutes on screen, but it’s obvious that their appearance is riling up some people, even leading Kristina to the Nurses Ball, which I found to be a surprise (shouldn’t she still be in the recovery phase instead of trying to go after Shiloh for being with her big sister?). It’s also a fact that I was very much surprised that Sam would even go as far as pressing Peter into telling everyone that Molly pitched a story about Dawn of Day. First of all, Sam knew about Molly’s idea, because Molly told her the last time they met. That Sam would let Shiloh hear all about this from Peter himself must mean that it’s part of Sam’s con against Shiloh, which may or may not be a good idea. It’s a good one when it’s her goal to destroy Shiloh, and an expose may do the trick or at least bring the ball into rolling, but it could be a bad idea right now, because bringing down Shiloh is not Sam’s very first goal. At the moment it’s Kristina’s pledge she has to get, but it seems like the characters and the writers kind of forgot about that and just wanted to move on to the sexual assault part of the evening, which will most likely be part of the Friday episode, considering it’s quite the major plot to bring in the middle of all the festivities.

Also available were Kevin and Ava, whose fake romance continued to rile up Scott and Lucy for some reason. I get that Kevin and Ava wouldn’t tell the two what their romance is about, but I am also surprised that Scott hasn’t figured it out by himself yet. After all, Scott was asked by Ava if he didn’t want to be her fake boyfriend to lure out Ryan Chamberlain, but Scott was one of the believers of Ryan’s deadness, so apparently he forgot all about that while looking at Ava and Kevin’s romantic advances. Meanwhile, there was a llama available for Cameron, and as soon as he started talking to the animal, I knew he would use it to see a message from Oscar in whatever he was thinking about. I do believe that Joss will make her way to the Nurses Ball at the end and perform the song she wrote with Oscar (together with Cameron), since it’s a perfect way to showcase that Joss is truly grieving, but also slowly getting over it. And since Oscar died so recently and he was very well known in the community, it’s only a given that his life would be remembered during the festivities.

They don’t just want the superhero stuff, they want the real thing.

Then there were all the romantic parts about the episode. Mike was able to celebrate his engagement even though he had to exchange the ring, and Finn finally got his back, although I really have had it up to my neck with the whole Finn/Anna/Robert triangle. Granted, it seems pretty obvious now that Robert accepts his losses and lets his ex-wife move forward with his new love, but his dickish behavior during the first few minutes of the Nurses Ball was just abhorrent. He doesn’t even explain himself to anyone, and then he made Finn accidentally throw the ring right in front of Anna’s feet. Okay, that scene was super funny – Anna’s confused face, Finn’s shocked and clueless face, and Robert’s “What the hell, Finn?” face all at once… Yes, it definitely was a laugh-out-loud moment, although I doubt that this was supposed to be such a moment. By the way, I appreciate that a back story was given to me about Robin – considering how long Anna believed that Robin wasn’t her daughter, it was about time for some of the newer audiences of GENERAL HOSPITAL to find out who this Robin person is and what she is currently doing in the world (for a second I believed she was dead). The final two and a half minutes does make me wonder though: Is ABC going to donate the proceedings they get from advertisers for this episode to charities that deal with HIV and AIDS? Is the Nurses Ball actually going to be used to do some real charity work, both by the network, as well as its cast and producers? Because it would be weird that the fictional Nurses Ball about a real-life problem would just decide to keep it scripted and fictional and not write a check to actual charities involved in combating the AIDS epidemic.

General Hospital (Episode 14305)

Season 57, Episode 34
Date of airing: May 17, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.257 million viewers, 1.68 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.221 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.323 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.5/5), 0.060 million viewers (0.17 rating), 0.458 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.75 rating)

Is this the episode in which GENERAL HOSPITAL turns into the television show titled “Nurses Ball?” Should I be changing the posts’ titles for the coming week of episodes or not bother? After all, I cannot imagine that the titular hospital is being stepped foot in for an entire week, so there is that. It was an intriguing episode, and not just because I wasn’t expecting an entire episode set on the red carpet of the event, as I was just waiting for the festivities to start with the Monday episode, waiting for some more storylines to conclude with this episode. Oh well, no storylines were concluded at all, but it looks like all the people at the Nurses Ball will start up some storylines. Because the most intriguing part of the episode was that I completely spaced out on what is going to happen when certain characters appear at the Nurses Ball. Most notably Shiloh, whose presence should wake everyone up about how dangerous the man is, which could mean that Sam’s invitation for him has an unintended positive outcome:The guests at the Nurses Ball will get to know Shiloh, and they will get to know that he is a cult leader. In a way, the ball could be used to unite more characters against Shiloh. And besides that, it did lead to the moment that had Shiloh and Sonny look into each others’ eyes. If I remember correctly, they just met for the first time.

So much excitement!

The red carpet event looked like it wasn’t scripted at all and may have been ad-libbed all the way through. At the beginning, Nina sounded like she was spaced out after smoking a bit too much weed and Michelle Stafford may have flubbed her lines here and there, but it wasn’t the only thing about the red carpet that made me think this episode may have been filmed on the spot. It surely gave the episode and the red carpet event some authenticity, but I was kind of expecting for the entire Nurses Ball to be a scripted super event, since I see it as a chance for the writers and producers to bring some excitement into the show and won over new or lost viewers. It could be seen as the “sweeps week” of GENERAL HOSPITAL, which is probably not wrong, because maybe some viewers had to be convinced to tune into the show over the summer months.

So, the characters were all marching on the red carpet and there wasn’t really a lot to be won out of it. A few couplings here and there, a few reactions from Nina and her co-star, as well as social media reporter Maxie, who apparently did not tweet a single thing while she was on screen (does that mean she was failing at her job?). The two highlights of the red carpet were essentially the walk-ins from both Kevin and Ava, as well as Sam and Shiloh. Both couples stir up story trouble for obvious reasons, so I am very excited to see what they are going to do while “locked into” the Nurses Ball, which they probably can’t really escape from (or there will be bad press). I only would have wished for Kevin and Ava to stir a bit more trouble than just with Scott and Lucy. Considering how hated their public relationship is at the moment, I was hoping for it to be more problematic for people to look at than when Shiloh walked in. But here was Shiloh, immediately putting fear into Willow and serving a moment for Sonny to declare war between his lines of dialogue — which were both intriguing moments in their own rights.

Live television is always good for a facepalm here and there.

Because really, I wasn’t even expecting for Willow and Shiloh to see each other at the Nurses Ball. That’s maybe because I never knew whether or not Willow would go there, but here she was, but not even then did I figure that she may be in emotional trouble when she sees the guy. I hope Shiloh isn’t going to use this opportunity to force Willow back to Dawn of Day and have them repeat what they have been talking about in her classroom twice or thrice, because that would be just boring. If Shiloh’s endgame is really Sam, who looked fantastic by the way, then maybe he should focus all on her this evening and make her feel as comfortable as possible with him as her date. Because it kind of looks to me like Sam is wearing the pants in their relationship right now, and I don’t think Shiloh ever wants that.

There was still some stuff happening in Toronto, but don’t panic, the sudden hostages are probably still alive. Consider me disappointed that Ryan didn’t kill Curtis and Laura, because that was his only option, especially when he was about to be on his way to Pot Charles (tying them up would take considerably more time than just stabbing them and having them bleed to death). But yeah, I fear now that Ryan is on his way to Port Charles to make himself seen by the world — using the Nurses Ball is actually a great opportunity to wreak some havoc and maybe murder someone else, just to remind Kevin and Ava that Ryan cannot be controlled.

General Hospital (Episode 14304)

Season 57, Episode 33
Date of airing: May 16, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.134 million viewers, 1.62 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.221 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.323 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.5/5), 0.060 million viewers (0.17 rating), 0.458 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.75 rating)

It’s the day of the Nurses Ball and everyone is talking about going there, yet I still don’t think it will happen in the next episode, and that the festivities will be relocated to the beginning of the Monday episode. I can’t believe how excited I am about next week’s episodes, because like Neil, I am a first-timer, although unlike Neil, I am actually interested in it, having the hots on the musical numbers that may or may not happen, or whatever kind of performance the cast members could come up with. In a way, the Nurses Ball is going to help me make a decision whether or not to stick with GENERAL HOSPITAL in the long run. Not that I was planning to give up the show (the only story that is super annoying right now is Anna’s memory transfer crap, and that one hasn’t been touched for a few hours), but the Nurses Ball is like Sweeps week for any other primetime television series, and the writers were probably using next week’s episodes to twist things along and to move story arcs forward more than one or two notches.

Sisters by chance, a reunion hug by choice.

This episode seemed like preparation for things to come during the Nurses Ball. Molly set herself up in the Dawn of Day story and puts pressure under Sam’s butt, who has to perform and get Shiloh behind bars before the Invader comes out with the story. Granted, it’s a little stupid that Molly’s story would threaten Sam, since it should be Peter’s duty to not only listen to the story and publish it, but only after extensive verification, and that should take a few weeks, but it’s still an added layer to the Dawn of Day story, which is getting more complex with each week. I’m almost thankful that Kristina has been removed from it, because with her still in it, things would get a little confusing. But yeah, I am really hoping things are happening — whether it’s Sam actively and purposely victimizing herself to portray Shiloh in a criminal predatory light or Molly getting Kristina in danger, because chances are when the story shows up in the Invader, Shiloh sees grounds to release her pledge and that could mean freaking trouble for anyone involved.

Meanwhile, the writers have unearthed how the Dawn of Day story began in the first place: with Sam’s back story of how she conned Shiloh’s father. I feared that the writers may have forgotten all about it, but with its reemergence and the theory that Sam may have been Shiloh’s endgame all this time, the story could swing back to its origins and get to the closing stage a lot sooner than expected, especially before the Dawn of Day story gets completely out of hand and the writers were losing control of it. In fact, toning it down by making it all about Sam might even be a good idea, as it will focus the Dawn of Day story on just one thing, instead of every thing the writers probably came up with. Besides that, it would help that the story arc develops a fight between two characters on opposite sides. Who knows, maybe a weapon will be involved in the near future and it’s Sam who pulls the trigger or draws the dagger.

Raise your cupcakes in celebration of this newly engaged couple.

The rest of the episode was okay. Consider me bored during the engagement party at Turning Woods, and consider my eyes popping out of the back of my skull when Sonny conveniently brought the engagement ring to everyone’s attention and remind us all that Mike stole it and that no one trust a senile old man to drive to Brooklyn and buy an engagement ring. By the way, if Mike is able to create a story about where he got the ring, the progression of his disease must not be that far along. I would love to know if it’s even possible for Alzheimer’s patients to concoct a lie and remember that they have created this lie, because they would know the truth would hurt people. And what I would also love to know if how long it’s going to take for the ring to land back in Finn’s hands and on Anna’s finger, although I do have to appreciate how Anna and Finn’s weirdness has transferred over to the Corinthos family and how trouble is brewing over there.

On the other side of town, people were planning for the Nurses Ball or going to climb the Kilimanjaro, which were storylines to fill this episode with, except for Drew and Kim’s idea to scatter Oscar’s ashes on the mountain that may or may not be the gateway to heaven. There isn’t much to take out of either of these stories, but one can only hope that Robert is turning into history as soon as Anna has that serious talk with him, because I would love to see her happy (so I don’t have to go through the memory transfer story ever again) and engaged, and maybe there is an idea hereto have a strange man show up at the Nurses Ball whom Lulu falls in love with. This way she won’t be fighting for her marriage with a guy who is half a world away and may stay half a world away for a long time (or until the contract issues with the cast are resolved), and if Dante happens to come back, he will have to battle it out with another guy. I volunteer as tribute for the inception of this story, because it would be an entertaining one.

General Hospital (Episode 14303)

Season 57, Episode 32
Date of airing: May 15, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.101 million viewers, 1.62 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.221 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.323 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.5/5), 0.060 million viewers (0.17 rating), 0.458 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.75 rating)

The Toronto storyline is amusing to me. April decides she is going to tell the two strange people who knocked on her door about Ryan, she gets stabbed to death for her troubles, and when Laura and Curtis see her lifeless body, super detective Curtis figures she must be dead for “less than an hour,” which is probably true, because April called them less than an hour ago. Curtis is such a great private detective, I can’t believe he has made it as a homicide detective yet. He should columbo his way through the Port Charles murder scene and then put on his glasses like a cool guy while the soundtrack of the scene blurts out an excited “Yeeeeaaaah!”

I was also amused by the fact that the point of view of the mystery person who is definitely Ryan is still being used, and this time around Laura had to look scared and screaming into the camera as it closed in on her. Let’s just hope that Ryan really is a freaking good serial killer, because there is no reason for him to let Laura and Curtis live after this. He could kill them and live as a free man for a day or two, figure out a way to get out of Canada and hide some more, since the murders of April and the two fake Canadian officers would definitely waken up the police all over Canada and the US that Ryan Chamberlain is still alive. Or Ryan could use those murders to proclaim with excitement that he is back. But leaving Laura and Curtis alive would just be dumb behavior from Ryan, yet I cannot see a way those two characters get killed off with this episode, because it would be too major and too much of a show-changing twist. Here is to hoping though that the contract of the two actors was running out, because the show needs a shocker like that. What the Toronto storyline does though is bring Ryan back into the fold for good. I cannot imagine the writers continuing to keep the story on the downlow after this. Ryan is alive, and it’s time for him to continue his reign of terror.

The son can’t even

I was surprised to hear that the Nurses Ball was less than 24 hours away in the narrative. It must mean the festivities are either about to begin in the next two episodes, or they will kick off next week’s episodes and go through the entire week. I can’t wait, because I have heard and read a few things about the Nurses Ball, and how it has become a chance for GENERAL HOSPITAL to do something awesome and spectacular at the same time, while also using the opportunity to create twists and turns in the story (it would certainly give Ryan a chance to make a grande re-entry into the Port Charles narrative, maybe with a murder or two). Anyway, Sam invited Shiloh to the ball as her date, which definitely moves forward their story, and I couldn’t be more excited about that as well. Sam’s long con is going places, and I am waiting for the moment she realizes she may actually be getting brainwashed for real, or maybe even feels something for the guy and starts defending him not to break her cover, but because she truly has feelings for the villain. The fact that she is still thinking about her con though makes me think that my story will never happen, and Sam will continue to be Shiloh’s ultimate foil. But that could lead to another potentially intriguing story arc: What if Sam goes all the way with the sexual assault, but Jason is late to save her and Sam really has to have sex with Shiloh? That could add another traumatic layer to the Dawn of Day story arc and Shiloh would truly become the villain of this story while continuing to create victims.

The rest of the episode was okay. I didn’t really care about the marriage proposal in the long term memory care center, although I was slightly amused by the fact that Finn’s life was about to unravel without that ring in his hand, all while Mike is finding his happiness right now as he is annoying every sane family member around him. At least Anna’s stance on marriage was intriguing, as it could lead to a potential relationship problem with Finn in a few episodes. It shows that Finn and Anna have a communication problem and that is usually a sign for some serious cracks in their relationship, which usually leads to the end of it. Also, I caught a spoiler of someone from Finn’s past coming back to confuse him very soon, so there is a good chance his story with Anna may be over any episode now.

This friendly and helpful woman is dead for being friendly and helpful to a serial killer.

Then there was Carly’s trip to the hospital after cramps or pains, which seemed like a friendly reminder that she did the CVS test and that we never knew the results of said test. Here is an episode to fill until the beginning of the Nurses Ball, making me think it will take until the following Monday episode for the festivities to begin, as a few storylines have to be resolved until then. I must say though, I like seeing Carly and Jason hang out. The two will never be a romantically involved couple, which makes it even better — they are just best friends who have each other’s back and would go to hell and back to save the other’s life. Sometimes you don’t need to be in love to have that kind of character dynamic, and it makes this show a bit refreshing that Carly and Jason are not at all romantically interested in one another.