General Hospital (Episode 14302)

Season 57, Episode 31
Date of airing: May 14, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.211 million viewers, 1.66 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.221 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.323 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.5/5), 0.060 million viewers (0.17 rating), 0.458 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.75 rating)

I am seriously wondering, was the final moment of the episode supposed to be a funny visual joke or were the writers serious with the image of a knife through the picture of Ava and Kevin? I could only laugh about the silliness of it, but damn, if the scene itself wasn’t super serious and almost dangerous, then I don’t know. Also, if we could stop depicting Ryan from his point of view, that would be nice. It’s the third time this happened — once at Charlie’s many a weeks ago, the last time two episodes ago when Curtis and Laura came up to the house and someone was looking through the window. Shouldn’t we all know by now that it’s Ryan who is about to come back and haunt the characters or were the writers planning for a whole different reveal and it’s another lost twin sibling, one I don’t know anything about? At least we got to see who the mysterious nurse is who may or may not have helped Ryan. We know her name (April), we know that she looks quite attractive to be the right-hand man of a serial killer, but then again it’s nothing new that one of Ryan’s talents is manipulating and brainwashing women – I still remember the dream he once had about Ava being his killing machine and I always wondered what that would look like if it weren’t just a dream.

Anna can’t even believe what she is seeing.

The episode seemed okay enough. There was a parent/teacher meeting at the elementary school, which Willow both won and lost, there was a conversation between Michael and Sasha and apparently he fully believes that Nina is not her biological mother (I assume he doesn’t give much of a damn about Nina, in addition to caring a lot about Sasha, so of course he won’t spill the beans), there was a panicked Robert who was looking for a ring and an even more panicked Hamilton Finn who was waiting for a ring, and then there was that double “date” thing in a Toronto hotel suite, making things especially awkward for the people involved in it. But there was also Ava and Kevin in the park, who couldn’t keep their lips away from each other because they figured it was a good idea to get Julian all riled up and stuff. And believe me when I say I only heard Julian with his loud and angry voice once before, but that was a fleeting moment. Every time ever since I started watching the show the guy was speaking in a low-tone, almost soft and quiet, as if it was his whispering voice. But this episode had him all volumed up for some reason and suddenly I’m watching a whole new character blossom. It’s a good thing that this story wasn’t just about Julian and that Ava and Kevin levelled up their relationship and got the police involved. The idea of Kevin pressing charges is kind of hilarious, and it reminds me of how Ryan was manipulating Franco into prison to be his fall guy. One can only hope Julian gets all the apologies as much as Franco did after he was released.

In the meantime, the story in the Toronto hotel suite was weird. I didn’t know whether or not both Peter and Maxie were unsure about the relationship, but they couldn’t keep each other’s lips away from each other on the plane, as well as two episodes ago, before Maxie decided to buy lingerie, which she obviously did not buy, or she would have undressed to make Peter’s eyes pop out of his skull. One can only hope the two have decided to be an item right here, because I can’t stand any more of this back and forth. I already had to go through similar stuff with Anna and her theories about which memories weren’t her’s, and going through another story that will take weeks to advance is going to me murderous for me.

Page 5 is also available for serial killers residing in Canada.

The parent/teacher conference was a little more entertaining in comparison, but only because Nina apparently went out of her way to protect freedom of censorship by driving a metaphorical dagger of progressivism into the parents who did not like that their kid was reading a book with gay parents in it, but Nina did that by still telling Willow she hates her guts and that she would love to see her getting fired. Well, it turns out Nina is about to get her wish, but Willow not being asked back for the next school year could lead to an additional story for Willow to go through over the coming months. She could sue for wrongful termination, she could realize that most of her students’ parents actually like the teacher and decide to go out on a limb for her, or maybe Willow could find a new job and rule it from within (maybe she should take over for Sonny, because why the hell not?). Fact is, Willow is about to lose her job mostly for letting her students read about gay parents, so there is definitely a level of progressivism here the writers planned to employ. Maybe it can be fired off at the same time Aidan realizes his sexuality (apparently for some kids it doesn’t take this long?), just to get double the amount of gay into the show, especially since we’re not getting any with Brad and Lucas, who don’t even kiss.

The rest of the episode was okay enough. I’m flabbergasted that Robert thinks he could fool Finn with a different ring, and I’m even more flabbergasted that Robert still had the ring box, even though he lost that thing, too. After all, Alzheimer Mike had to open the box to see a ring inside it, making me wonder why Robert had an empty ring box in his pocket. Or are we dealing here with a plot hole? Meanwhile, consider me amused that Valentin was once more in the right place at the right time, when he overheard Michael and Sasha talking about what she was saying in delirium. How convenient that they guy is always around and could do whatever he wishes to keep his secret six feet under, but every time he thinks he has the lie under control, something else picks up and makes problems for him again.

General Hospital (Episode 14301)

Season 57, Episode 30
Date of airing: May 13, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.401 million viewers, 1.82 rating in Households
Nielsen ratings information, weekly average: 2.221 million viewers (1.68/6 in Households), 0.323 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.5/5), 0.060 million viewers (0.17 rating), 0.458 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.75 rating)

I wasn’t even expecting a memorial episode, but here we are, getting an entire hour’s worth of people remembering Oscar. I guess that’s a way to say goodbye to a main character of a daily soap opera, but I find it just a little weird that he has essentially gotten two episodes to say goodbye during, and those were two episodes that did not make use of any other story, as well as brought together at least half of the current main cast. Then again, getting two episodes with only one story arc, in which most of the main characters get together? Yeah, I’ll take those any day over anything else GENERAL HOSPITAL delivers, because it does show the community of Port Charles, let alone the fact that all the people we’ve been following on this show know each other, even though sometimes it seems they are the only people inhabiting Port Charles. Besides that though, it is slightly interesting who was invited to the memorial, and which characters apparently did not have a lot of contact with Oscar. To me it shows who is actually part of the infamous Quartermaine family of the show and who isn’t. It kind of helps me, the new viewer, to understand who is who, even though I’m going to forget most of the family connections anyway after this episode.

Getting together to plant a seed in the name of a teenager.

This episode was solid enough. I loved the idea of a memorial and I liked the stories Michael, Cameron, Joss and Drew were telling, besides the fact that this episode took the time to dive into four separate stories and memories of what Oscar meant to these people. Those monologues also happened to be acted quite well by the cast members, which brings me to ask how hard it must be for them to learn all those lines while also not forgetting that they are part of a television show and they are playing other people. And I don’t even know how hard it must be when the entire episode has the same story arc (which means the same cast members are used to produce more minutes of television), or how complex it might be to get half of the cast available for an episode to shoot. Granted, it’s their job to be on the call sheet when needed, but I also see being part of a soap opera as a 9-to-5 job, and sometimes you want to take a day off for whatever reason, or sometimes the business of television gives you certain perks contract-wise that may prevent you from appearing in a special episode. So, respect for pulling off these two Oscar-centric episodes, and may they be the only two, because Oscar pushing away other story arcs for more of his death-centric episodes would be a little too bossy.

The episode did not completely forgot to include a few more stories. For one, there was the thing between Cameron and Franco, who still try to connect, although a wall has been erected between them and apparently it’s hard for a teenager to see that the reformed serial killer is trying to become a better person, while it’s also hard for Franco to behave like an actual father figure and not like Cam’s best friend. In addition, I noticed that little hand-holding moment between Sam and Jason, as if they are having a secret relationship, hiding it from everyone who may be connected to Shiloh in one way or another, reminding me once more that the two are supposed to be broken up for the sake of her undercover work at Dawn of Day. Let’s just hope no one at the memorial saw that hand-holding moment and also belongs to Dawn of Day, because that would be a twist worthy of a daily soap opera.

Kim has a last look at her son before hopefully moving on.

And once more this episode reminded us of how hard it will be for some of Oscar’s family and friends to get over his death. I am still expecting for Joss to get through some emotional trouble in an ongoing character arc, and I even expect for Cameron to use this opportunity and behave like a troubled teenager, one whose attitude has come out to shine, because he doesn’t like that he just lost his best friend and that his mother is married to a reformed serial killer who puts effort into being buddy-buddy with Cameron. I’m actually interested to know where those grieving storylines will go in the long run: Is it just gonna be all about the grieving part, or will another element capture the character arcs? Something like a drug or alcohol addiction, or Cameron becoming more alienating as a person (getting more aggressive and stuff like that, because now he doesn’t have Oscar to hold him back). Any of that should come out of Oscar’s death, just so it is not going to become meaningless after a month or two and it’s forgotten and rarely mentioned again like Nathan’s death — a character I never knew, because he gave up his life before I started watching GENERAL HOSPITAL.

General Hospital (Episode 14300)

Season 57, Episode 29
Date of airing: May 10, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.187 million viewers, 1.66 rating in Households
Nielsen Ratings information, weekly average: 2.266 million viewers (1.7/6 in Households), 0.353 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.54/6), 0.066 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.19 rating), 0.471 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.77 rating)

All this time I believed that Maxie and Peter were in Paris and suddenly Curtis and Laura walked through the door and I was flabbergasted why the two investigators would go to Paris this quickly and how they must have been teleported to Paris. Then I saw the fake snow out of the window and realized that the two love birds were in fact in Toronto. Maybe I missed a line of dialogue that established the two went to Toronto, but damn did I get confused for a little while. Of course, Laura and Curtis’s arrival as cockblocks proves that Maxie is not quite ready for this relationship yet. She may like Peter really much and maybe she really escaped out of the hotel room to buy some lingerie (come on, you only need to get naked to make a man happy, not show up in lingerie — although if you do, take a page from Jennifer Garner in the ALIAS episode “Phase One”), but the fact that she brought with her a couple of strays currently walking around Toronto on the search for a serial killer and his assistant who may or may not be a female nurse proves that Maxie has not gotten over Nathan yet and that she probably won’t be for quite a while. Which is fine with me, because it would potentially free Peter from Maxie, so he has time to get busy with Anna and solve the problem of whether or not he is Anna’s son (and if not, whether or not he is Faison’s son).

Selfie romance time!

The episode was okay. I sort of liked how Kristina came out of the Dawn of Day experience after the exit therapy, although there could have been opportunities to portray the situation in a more dramatic fashion. The writers (and Lexi Ainsworth) should have gone all in with the story and turn Shiloh into a drug for Kristina — it’s hard to stay away from the charming and secretly conniving guy, but as soon as you get some distance to him, you are taking a few big breathers and are happy that you were not persuaded by your own mind to take a sniff. Who knows, maybe Kristina turned Shiloh into a sexual assaulter, which helps keeping her away from him, but that also means she a) does not see Shiloh as a drug, which makes her exit therapy story a little easier to write these days, and b) she obviously took everything Willow said to heart and questioned absolutely nothing about what she said. Kristina is very easily convincible, which might explain why she got involved with Dawn of Day in the first place.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Ava went through some stuff and all of it may define how fake or real their romance will be for the cameras. I loved that Ava decided to track along with Kevin, when he was hoping to become an organ donor for Jordan, but then I was rolling my eyes when she confused the real Kevin for the false Kevin she fell in love with, and decided to kiss him. For a moment I hoped that this situation might be the beginning of Ava and Kevin realizing they have to go all in to lure Ryan out, but then again, Kevin is a trustful man and he wouldn’t do that to Laura — which is a shame, because I was hoping for his marriage to be troubled because of the fake romance. There is something tragic in the premise of a person giving away their love of the life to another person, so they can play roles in a fake relationship that is designed to be a trap for yet someone else. And it’s even more tragic when that love really gets lost on the way. Besides that, if Ava learns to love again, maybe she will find a way out of the mess created by Ryan Chamberlain and be her own character again.

Taking a big breather after facing her future rapist.

Curtis and Laura’s trip through the soundstages of Toronto seemed okay, but another eyesroll event came upon me when they stumbled upon the seemingly abandoned house with the overfilling mailbox and Laura decided to take that name off the list, because the letters in the mailbox go as far back as the time Ryan was in Port Charles already. I didn’t even know the two amateur detectives were working with a time table here, or assuming that Ryan couldn’t have had help when he was in Port Charles — if he had a nurse helping him to fix up his hand after he fell from the bridge, the maybe he already had a helper before that accident. The fact that super detective Curtis hasn’t even been thinking about that shows the expertise and experience he does not have for the business. Jordan should have hired Veronica Mars to find Ryan Chamberlain. Then his ass would have been found after one or two episodes.

General Hospital (Episode 14299)

Season 57, Episode 28
Date of airing: May 9, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.272 million viewers, 1.72 rating in Households
Nielsen Ratings information, weekly average: 2.266 million viewers (1.7/6 in Households), 0.353 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.54/6), 0.066 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.19 rating), 0.471 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.77 rating)

Brad had some major restraints not just mentioning Willow’s name in front of Shiloh and having the charming yet cunning Dawn of Day leader’s brain suddenly go into overload. The way this scene was written made it clear that Shiloh wasn’t supposed to know yet that Willow’s baby was indeed born and has been adopted by a current Dawn of Day member, but it’s clear where the story is heading from here on and that Shiloh doesn’t necessarily have to be involved in it. The writers did have a choice though about which way to go. One, they could use this story to reveal Brad’s baby switcheroo, which could also lead to Willow learning that Wylie isn’t her son — that could lead to heartbreak for her at first, but then she should be relieved, since Shiloh won’t be able to do anything legally about a baby that isn’t his. Besides that, the reveal of the baby switcheroo would also break apart Lucas and Brad, and I wouldn’t mind having a marriage trouble related premise on GENERAL HOSPITAL for a few weeks. Two, the writers could let Shiloh learn about Wylie being Willow’s and the whole custody thing could be played out, pressuring Brad into continuing to keep his secrets until a simple paternity test could blow him up completely (except of course he finds a way to falsify said paternity test just to cover his ass). It would move parts of the Dawn of Day story into the courtroom which could be interesting. Whichever way the writers were thinking of going, Brad is in some serious trouble and I don’t think his marriage will survive it.

Take a load off and join Dawn of Day with this working physical therapy.

Meanwhile, Shiloh thinks he may have control over his situation again. It seems like he suckered Brad into Dawn of Day and if Brad comes along with Wylie’s birth mother, Shiloh may even have the next unsuspecting victim whose bank account can be cleared for classes. In addition, Kim seemed like she was into some of Dawn of Day while she was talking to Shiloh. She said that the house was a little too zen for her taste, but everything involving Dawn of Day starts with Shiloh and when Shiloh is able to make an impression, there are unsuspecting victims. Kim seems to be turning into another victim, and here is where Julian comes into play and making things a bit more interesting. He is dealing with Brad’s secret and now he knows that Brad is involved with Dawn of Day. Julian also learned that the organization is a cult, and with Kim having found appreciation towards Shiloh, he may become a little more protective from here on. And let’s not forget what could happen when Kristina comes back into Julian’s life and recaps him on what happened to her. The information Julian essentially has captures the beginning, the middle, the end and the conflict after the end of someone’s involvement with Dawn of Day (the beginning being Kim, the middle being Brad, the end being Kristina, the conflict after the end being Willow), and he could rhyme himself some things together. I don’t think that is a coincidence at all, and maybe Julian will turn into a bigger threat to Shiloh than Jason ever will be. After all, Jason is only fighting Shiloh because of Kristina and Sam. But Julian has a few more people to fight for than Jason does

The writers could start finishing off Anna and her storylines though. I am starting to hate Robert and I am starting to despise the whole back and forth about Anna’s story of the memory transplant and whether or not she is in fact [insert one of her kids]’s biological mother. The thing with Peter may only become interesting when it’s revealed that he may not even be Faison’s son. The way I got it, Anna believes she made a kid with Faison, who seems to be the biggest and most dangerous villain GENERAL HOSPITAL has ever seen, but if Peter isn’t even Anna’s son and instead Alex’s, there is a chance that Alex did it with a whole different guy to make and bake Peter inside her (not according to Robert though, who used Peter being Faison’s son as his point of argument with Anna). It would be kind of a weird way to reveal that who you thought was your father was never your father at all, but it would also give Peter a potential story for the future — what if he meets his real father (assuming Anna is right with her theory and Alex is his biological mother) and what if Peter throws a huge party when he hears he isn’t Faison’s son? But yeah, get freaking rid of Robert, because he is about to become unbearable. He still has Finn’s engagement ring for Anna and then the screw-up actually left it at a counter table, making him even more stupid than he already was (and giving Mike an opportunity to become a thief in his old Alzheimer’s age). He thinks that it’s idiotic of Anna not to get involved in Alex’s past (I think it’s a rather refreshing idea) and he believes that he has more stake in the whole thing than Anna does. Robert seems to be conveniently forgetting that his memories weren’t transferred to another person and that he doesn’t have to deal with the fact that a kid might in fact not be his kid.

It’s hug time!

Then there is Mike, who returned for another episode. He is still forgetful, the writers haven’t forgotten the Alzheimer’s plot, but with the exception of Mike taking the ring at the end, there didn’t seem to have been a lot that made the story worthwhile for the episode. Same goes for Kristina staying at Alexis’ while she continues healing and transforming. With the exception of the twist ending that had her standing in front of Shiloh, there wasn’t much to the story, making me think that the writers included those two characters for their own conversational pieces, just so their final scenes of the episode can hammer in some surprise and tension. At least we had Sam, who was sane enough to figure out that Kristina’s pledge was still a problem. Jason saying that it doesn’t matter anymore was just stupid, as the pledge could still cause trouble for Sonny. I don’t even know why Jason thought that it doesn’t matter anymore. Sam’s whole plan to get into Dawn of Day was to a) save Kristina, and b) get her pledge — just because one mission has been successfully executed, it doesn’t mean the other doesn’t have to be finished any longer. Did the writers just want to drop the whole thing entirely, so they can focus on forcing Shiloh to commit a sexual assault?

General Hospital (Episode 14298)

Season 57, Episode 27
Date of airing: May 8, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.218 million viewers, 1.68 rating in Households
Nielsen Ratings information, weekly average: 2.266 million viewers (1.7/6 in Households), 0.353 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.54/6), 0.066 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.19 rating), 0.471 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.77 rating)

I don’t know how Sonny could think that “Shilo was only safe as long as Kristina was around.” I have no idea why everyone but Kristina is forgetting all about her pledge, and I really have no clue why the first thing that came out of Jason’s mouth after getting back to Sonny was that he took home blank pledges and not that Sam decided to stay with Shiloh for whatever reason (also, Jason could have checked if the pledges were actually on the paper before he took them home?) I don’t know why Sonny thinks he is in a path of war with Shiloh now, after Kristina’s exit therapy had a satisfactory conclusion. Granted, Sonny still thinks that Kristina’s pledge is all about him, and the pledge may in fact become a plot device over the next course of episodes, with Kristina probably thinking about how to get it back from Shiloh, but the ending was still weird. Then again, with Kristina safe, maybe Sonny is finally able to get his muscles into action (not his own muscles, but his strong helpers who like carrying guns more than Sonny ever did) and go against Shiloh for a little revenge. Does it mean Shiloh really is in danger?

The father has returned to give the daughter some peace.

He already got his head smashed in by Jason, so chances are he will get to feel the pain in the coming episodes. It would be nice to see how the character looks like when threatened from all directions, instead of being the charming bastard and asshole he has been over the past three, four months. Shiloh always thought he had control over everything, but now it seems like he is getting trouble himself and he will have to get down to the bottom to fight his way up again, which is a position the character has never been in before. The Dawn of Day story arc could almost become a little more interesting again when this happens, because of that new character dynamic. And as long as Sonny gets involved in the fight against Shiloh directly, instead of standing on the sidelines and directing his goons (mainly Jason) to swing the fists for him, then it could even be an exciting storyline for Sonny. But I wouldn’t bet my money on it – GENERAL HOSPITAL is known for repeating storylines (Anna and the memory transfer, and we’re about to hit the Ryan Chamberlain 2.0 story arc) ever since I started watching, so I wouldn’t take it away from the writers to fail me and just rehash what they already did, which in this case would involve Kristina somehow getting sucked back into Dawn of Day as soon as she tries to get her pledge out of there and Shiloh wins her over again.

But it also looks like Shiloh and Dawn of Day will remain busy even if he doesn’t even have screentime. Willow gets involved with Brad and Lucas over the former’s decision to take Wylie to Dawn of Day, and now it almost looks like Shiloh will have an opportunity to welcome Kim to his organization, if she happens to be more interested in what the organization does and not what Oscar was doing when he was living at Dawn of Day (by the way, how did he ever get out of the cult? Did he just live in the house and was not at all involved with the classes and stuff?). When it comes to Brad’s troubles, the fact that Willow as yelling at him could lead to his own little secret being exposed to Lucas, and that could kickstart its own little storyline about the baby exchange, as well as the fact that Wylie is in fact not Willow’s baby at all (how will she react when she hears that her baby died?), and who knows how Kim will react when she meets with Shiloh to have conversation about Oscar? And that question is genuine, because right now I have no idea whether he is going to talk honestly and genuinely about Oscar’s stay at Dawn of Day (so he can help a grieving mother) or he will use this opportunity to lure Kim into Dawn of Day.

It’s time for Chase to show his chest while Willow is depressed.

Meanwhile, Jax continues his return to the show and has smalltalk with Sonny, which I did not care about, while Drew and Curtis had a bit of an understanding about what to do next in their lives, which I barely cared about as well. It’s like the Dawn of Day story took the upper hand in this episode and every other story had to bow down like Dawn of Day was Godzilla. It’s a sign of how focused the writers have been on the Dawn of Day arc, which could spell trouble in the near future, as I cannot imagine how both Dawn of Day and Ryan Chamberlain 2.0 are going to interact with each other, if they happen to be frontrunning storylines in the same episode. And then there is the Nurses Ball, which is coming up soon (I’m still excited about it – I read that it is a week-long endeavour for the show and isn’t just part of a single episode), so that could be biting as well.

So, where are we after this episode? Sam stays with Shiloh, Chase knows about Wylie, Lucas and Brad have a fight over Dawn of Day, Kristina acquires about the legal side of her pledge (it’s a definite sign that she is indeed reformed and won’t be going back to Shiloh to warn him of his impending doom), and Curtis should be on his way to Canada, as he told us he would do two episodes ago. Seriously, why hasn’t he left town yet?

General Hospital (Episode 14297)

Season 57, Episode 26
Date of airing: May 7, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.255 million viewers, 1.68 rating in Households
Nielsen Ratings information, weekly average: 2.266 million viewers (1.7/6 in Households), 0.353 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.54/6), 0.066 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.19 rating), 0.471 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.77 rating)

Jason looks too cool with that pistol at his ass (because he doesn’t seem to have a holster for the gun he legally has, which we found out he do when he got arrested after assaulting Shiloh), and I’m almost sure he didn’t have as much action by kicking in Shiloh’s door as when he was looking for Carly at the Niagara Falls. Jason also looked hilarious in that final moment, and it reminded me once more how cheap and silly GENERAL HOSPITAL can be sometimes and how this may have been one of the elements that kept me with the show in the first place — every once in a while I just want to be amused by the unintended hilarity of serious moments, and the way Jason holstered his gun was one of those
moments. The guy looks so much like a gangster, he is probably about to use his gun against Shiloh.

So, Kristina seems to be “healed,” which I don’t believe for a second. First of all, I don’t buy that she changed her opinion about Shiloh just because she listened to a story about whether or not Shiloh is a rapist. Secondly, I was thinking that Kristina would do anything to get out of the safe house, which is why she decided to play along. I wouldn’t be surprised if she lands back at the Dawn of Day house in a week or two and we will go through this entire drama all over again. At least this time around it’s getting more serious, because if Kristina is still with Dawn of Day, she will tell Shiloh everything and that might mean war. But if Kristina really changed and she is now a reformed young person, then I must say it could not have happened under more ridiculous circumstances. One can only hope that the therapy sessions aren’t over yet and that Kristina will continue to work to stay away from Shiloh. Maybe the writers were turning it into a parable of drug addiction, which is a less interesting story than seeing Kristina walk back to Shiloh and ally with him to take revenge against her family.

Father and daughter are back together — but for how long?

Besides that, if Kristina really has changed, the story is far from over. Sam is in the middle of all this stuff, and I don’t think that she will also exit Dawn of Day. Removing two of the central characters from Dawn of Day at the same time should be considered a writing mistake, so Sam may stay on, either because she is about to be brainwashed herself, or maybe because she feels the need to continue her job and spy on Shiloh for as long as it takes to take down the entire organization. Let’s just remember that her mission to become part of the Trust began with finding Kristina’s pledge, and that story didn’t just stop because Kristina is now supposedly reformed. Sonny still wants to know if Kristina’s pledge is going to hurt him, and if Shiloh believes he lost Kristina for good, he can still release her pledge and bring trouble to Alexis. Which means the story turns from Kristina to Alexis, which is one way to keep it floating. Also, I would love to continue seeing Sam with Dawn of Day. It would keep her away form Jason a lot longer, and there is definitely some tension in that arc, with Sam’s long con and Shiloh’s weird obsession with Sam that had him pretty much breaking all the rules by doing her initiation himself. Is he really this horny for her?

The rest of the episode was okay. I have no idea who Jax is, since this is his first episode for me, but I guess the guy has relations with Carly and Alexis, so things will probably get weird. Let’s hope that his reason for returning to Port Charles will actually have screentime — I wouldn’t mind seeing some father/daughter bonding time with Joss, especially since that premise hasn’t been finding time at all in the show ever since I started watching. In the meantime, Peter and Maxie are flying a plane to Paris and it could not have been more boring. Great, they love each other now and make out, but holy cow, was I annoyed that Peter thought his first date with Maxie should be a ride on a private plane. To freaking Paris. Can’t they be a normal blue collar couple, for heave’s sake? Then there were Willow and Michael, who still had a talk about some stuff, making me think that she may in fact be falling in love with him, which could cause trouble for Michael and Sasha. But the I realized it would be a weird story, and it could turn into a hilarious one when Sasha and Chase are suddenly together for some reason and fall in love with each other. Just in case the writers of GENERAL HOSPITAL ever planned to have a polygamy storyline, here is one currently being prepped.

Making out on the plane to Paris.

And finally, Anna comes to a realization about Peter and all I could do was close my eyes and sink my head into the pam of my hand. Great, we are really going through this crap again, and Anna believes once more that one of her kids is actually Alex’s, and it’s that memory which was transferred from one twin to the other. The fact that Anna talked about it like it was fact worried me, but then Finn had to be my hero and he had to ask Anna for medical proof and evidence. And if Anna really wants to know whether or not Peter is her son, and if the writers really want this to be an established back story, then they better be going into the story. I still can’t believe that it had to be Robert who kickstarted that thought into Anna’s head in the previous episode, like all of this was part of the GENERAL HOSPITAL adaptation of Chris Nolan’s INCEPTION. By the way, did Robert ever give Finn back the engagement ring?

General Hospital (Episode 14296)

Season 57, Episode 25
Date of airing: May 6, 2019 (ABC)
Nielsen ratings information: 2.397 million viewers, 1.78 rating in Households
Nielsen Ratings information, weekly average: 2.266 million viewers (1.7/6 in Households), 0.353 million viewers with Women 18-49 (0.54/6), 0.066 million viewers with Women 18-34 (0.19 rating), 0.471 million viewers with Women 25-54 (0.77 rating)

I was not expecting for Neil to open the door at the end of the episode and give Kristina a choice to either go back to Shiloh or stay with her family. Either this is an important step in the exit therapy and Neil is following the book here, with Kristina’s potential exit out of the house being stopped by Milo and Max, which means exit therapy will be extended with the next episode, or Neil is actually taking a risk here by letting Kristina choose, so he knows where he stands in general with his therapy. It seems pretty obvious that Kristina won’t be leaving the house one way or the other, but for the first time since she got kidnapped out of the Dawn of Day house, she was being given a choice, and that should help greatly for her character arc. I almost wish for Kristina to walk out and back to Dawn of Day, just so she can confront Shiloh about what she heard from Willow. That would not only mean a huge conflict between Kristina and Shiloh that he will lose, but it would also mean a huge conflict between Shilo and Willow that he will also lose. Willow goes sort of into this as a person who doesn’t care what happens, as long as she has Chase with her, Michael behind her, and she is able to help Kristina, but Shiloh has some things to lose, and the biggest of them all is the control over his members.

They are witnessing the strange development of a romantic courtship.

I was a bit curious by Willow’s back story delivery though. First of all, consider me happy that the writers brought all of this into the episode in the first place, but I don’t know why she decided to remove some of the events at Dawn of Day and with Shiloh and not tell Kristina about them. I get the feeling the pregnancy and birth of Willow’s kid is an entirely different chapter in her life with Dawn of Day that may have been worthy to be talked about during the exit therapy, and even Willow’s mother came in very short during her story. I guess the writers didn’t have enough time in this episode to get into all of Willow’s time at Dawn of Day, and how both Shiloh and her mother pretty much destroyed her, but I believe the writers should have made the time. It was necessary for Kristina to hear the entire story, and not just what would have happened at her initiation.

Elsewhere, characters were talking about love or coupling together, which was essentially the theme of the episode. Robert decided he will hang in Port Charles for a little longer, because maybe it’s helpful for him to destroy both Anna and Laura’s relationships with their men. Kevin and Ava continue the ruse of being friendly and flirty toward each other and it is already making a few people mad and crazy, although Kevin did get assurance that their plan is working after Lucy loudly wondered why Kevin and Ava needed to proclaim to the rest of the world that they are an item. Then there were Maxie and Peter, who finally decided to go on a date and let’s hope that it won’t be a bad date, because I am starting to like seeing them together — there isn’t much and I will turn into a shipper, especially since the two dating could prove healthy for their individual character arcs. For one, Maxie could free herself from the tragic end of her previous long-term romance, while Peter could prove to himself that he is not the villain he wants to be seen as. It would also help put the two love birds into a story arc, as they haven’t been in a lot of action lately. The only story they were basically in since I started watching GENERAL HOSPITAL was trying to blow up Valentin’s big secret and disappointing Nina in the process.

Partners on their way to Canada.

I sighed a lot though when Robert asked the question whether Peter might be Alex’s son and not Anna’s. For heaven’s sake, we just got through this story with Robin and it took the writers and characters seemingly weeks to climb that mountain and jettison off it with a parachute. I don’t really want to go through the same drama and bullcrap with Peter potentially not being Anna’s son, as it will not only be a repeat of the storyline that had Robin in that back story, but it would also continue the now ridiculous storyline of Alex and Anna having exchanged memories and only Alex knows the truth behind all of it. Twice the writers have attempted the story and twice they chickened out of it by having Anna learn the truth she hoped she would learn. Do we really have to go through the same crap a third time?

Meanwhile, Curtis is on his way back to Canada to investigate Ryan Chamberlain and his new partner is the Mayor of Port Charles, who obviously has enough free time on her hand to leave the town and even the country to chase a serial killer. I understand her motives though — Laura doesn’t want to lose any more time with Kevin, so the faster Ryan is either captured or found dead, the quicker she can go back to Kevin and rekindle their marriage. Who knows, maybe Laura made that decision after meeting Robert (do these two share a romantic past or something?) and she figured she needs to do something to expedite the entire Ryan saga, but all of it still doesn’t make sense. She is the Mayor of the town. Does she not have any mayoral duties? That Kevin would turn out to be a potential kidney donor to Jordan is kind of intriguing, although I am questioning the sudden reveal of that plot. There is probably something fishy coming pretty soon, because giving Jordan this much hope that quickly is a daily soap opera no-no.